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AC on XB1: The Good, the Bad, and the Not So Pretty

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by FordGuy, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. FordGuy

    FordGuy Rookie

    As someone new to AC, but with hundreds of hours on Forza, PGR etc., I thought I'd post my thoughts on the game.

    The Good

    1. As expected, the physics and handling is outstanding. Each car feels unique and presents a different challenge. Driving the Lotus Type 49 around Brands Hatch is pure joy.

    2. The graphics are fine. They're not up to Forza 6 standards, which is to be expected given the resources available to Turn 10 as a first party developer. Nonetheless, the graphics are perfectly OK.

    3. The engine sounds are great.

    The Bad

    1. The difficulty level is inconsistent. On some career events I get Gold far too easily, but on others I have to fight really hard for Bronze (even with the AI set as Easy).

    2. On a related point, some of the Special Events are ridiculously hard. I don't mind a challenge (I got the achievement for all Platinum medals on PGR 3) , but I honestly can't see me passing some of the events even on Bronze.

    3. No Leaderboards for Time Attack and Hot Lap. The decision to omit leaderboards is baffling. As has been said elsewhere, AC is at its best as a time attack/hot lap game, but this just doesn't work without leaderboards.

    The Not So Pretty

    1. The framerate on Xbox is massively inconsistent. At times, it's fine. However, in some settings it stutters very badly. Moreover, during the same event (even just on time attack) the framerate will change from lap to lap. I understand there is a patch due next week to address this issue. That's great, but the developers have got a lot of fixing to do on this issue.

    So, as it stands, AC on Xbox 1 is a great simulator, but is not such a great game. I understand it's been constantly updated on PC, so I'm happy to stick with the game and give the developers the chance to build upon what is a great core experience (physics and handling).

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  3. Rex

    Rex Racer

    Totally agree on Special Events difficulty and absence of leaderboards. I've been trying to do the special events for more than a year. I have most done but some are impossible. For some I got gold in 1-2 laps and for some I've been driving for months. Also leaderboards would be a reason to keep playing, to improve yourself compared to players from all over the world. I can't drive JUST "for fun", that doesn't work for me, I need "something" to drive for!
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  4. breyzipp

    breyzipp Gamer

    Well about that difficulty, we are all so used to play console racing games like Gran Turismo 6 & Forza 6 where we rank up gold medals by the dozens in just one day, we just mow through singleplayer content at high speeds, devouring everything in our path We unlock every achievement and every medal without a sweat. Don't like that you even need to try twice to win that race? No worries, just lower the AI difficulty level to crawling speeds so that you can still have that next gold medal within 10 minutes even if you spin off the track 2 times per lap.

    The above is the mindset us console racers have been shoved down our throats by industry giants like Microsoft and Sony and their in-house developers. I am very well been part of it as well and quite frankly, I'm lately soo fed up with it. Medals or achievements in such games have nothing to do with skill anymore, it is ONLY a representation of how much time you can sink into a particular game.

    I started playing Assetto Corsa with all assists off @ medium difficulty and early in the career mode I have bumped into races against the AI where it feels impossible at the moment to finish in 1st place and get that gold medal. Part of me refuses to play on "easy" or with assists on since that for me means I'm giving in to what I'm supposed to be. For now I will continue as far as I can go with those settings that I feel is the way I want to play the game.

    But, should AC be another one of those games where everyone can easily earn all gold medals? Suppose there are 100 medals to earn in career mode, if the entire community can earn those 100 gold medals then what's the point of that? Wouldn't it be cool if earning 100 medals would mean you are an outstanding sim racer which only a handful of racers from the community could achieve? What if for example I race the best I can and I earn let's say 68 gold medals out of those 100. I could compare my total with that of friends, actually the number of medals would have a meaning (it lost it's meaning in GT and FM long time ago already other than just the part of climbing the e-peen achievement charts).

    Ask yourself those question, are you supposed to gain all gold medals easily? Do you want gold medals easily achievable so everyone in the community can get them?

    I haven't played enough of this game yet to state my own opinion on the difficulty level but I see some big potential here in finally having some meaning in medals again other than they just being there for everyone to obtain without a sweat.
  5. FordGuy

    FordGuy Rookie

    I'm not asking for a game that gives out Golds too easily. In fact, I agree with your points about having to earn the top medals, and perhaps even accepting that you'll never get some. What I'm asking for is consistency in difficulty levels. At the moment, that consistency seems to be missing from AC on XB1.
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  6. breyzipp

    breyzipp Gamer

    Yeah sorry I certainly didn't want to imply that you wanted gold medals too easily, just wanted to post that we are all so used to having gold medals offered on a silver platter :) without a sweat, myself very well so included as well since I played a lot of Forza before too and let's face it, it's far too easy there to unlock all medals and 95% of the achievements.

    As for the inconsistencey I'm experiencing the same thing, when I do time attacks I easily earn gold medals because the way that works is that it compares to your previous laps. So when you just jump into a car you didn't drive before you start to improve your time lap after lap, especially for a mediocre driver as myself with a lot of errors and seconds left on track. :) So I get gold quite easily. When I do races against the AI in the same tier of the career mode it's MUCH harder to earn even a silver or bronze medal. When you say it's inconsistent, is that what you mean?
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  7. FordGuy

    FordGuy Rookie

    That's exactly my point. The Golds are too easy on Time Attack, yet bronze is very tricky in the races. We need some balance.

    As for Forza; I still love the game, and it's a very polished experience, but I agree that progression has become too easy. My biggest complaint is that in the last two versions (5 & 6) there was little to differentiate between finishing first, second or third. Also, unlocking cars was too easy. I have fond memories of working hard to unlock the top cars in PGR2.
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  8. liakjim

    liakjim Alien

    That's true that some special events are impossible to beat.
    The reason is that the specific car/cars , have become slower sometime during development but the events have stayed the same. Sometimes the opposite like the lotus 49 at monza 66 which was really hard and now it's very easy.
    There is somewhere a thread with problematic events. Devs are aware of this.

    Στάλθηκε από το m2 note μου χρησιμοποιώντας Tapatalk
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  9. Rex

    Rex Racer

    @breyzipp Your point is fine, it's just that some events are straight broken-hard (impossible) and they need to be fixed. I'm saying this after 580 hours in AC and 352/442 achievements done.
  10. FordGuy

    FordGuy Rookie

    Thanks for the update. The Lotus 49 event is the one I've managed to do. I really like the premise of the Special Events (like the Showcases on Forza), I just hope the Devs do adjust them a little.
  11. mrk1001

    mrk1001 Gamer

    This is not surprising, special events with AI inconsistencies are present in the PC version since forever. You can beat several races easily on Alien dificulties while on other events on the easiest skill the AI goes like 5 seconds faster per lap.
    As a completionist/achievement hunter I find this frustrating but I just dealt with it and moved on from this portion of the game.
  12. Raikku

    Raikku Racer

    Too simplified options/settings possibilities are big con too. That's the reason for sims, that you can adjust everything. In example there's no calibration for controllers or rotation, you can't map your
    controllers how you like them to be and some other things too. I don't think that pCars presentation on consoles was best possible but they show that you can have all the same bells and
    whistles on console as you got on pc's side.
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  13. DemonDenfer

    DemonDenfer Rookie

    I'm Agree with all tells, and I want to add the importance of having possibilities to setting-up our Wheel.No possibilitie to adjust the angle of rotation, it's a problem with cars like Formule 1, which have in real, a low amount of rotation...In a second Time, can you create a "board of time", where we can compare our time with others players.
    Finally, can you Balanced the I.A cars during races.
    Some are to easy, and others to hard...
    However, this game is a pure Simulation, and for that, for the virtual pilotes like me, I want to thank you.


    XBOX ONE Player with Thrustmaster 458 TX Wheel
  14. Hammerpgh

    Hammerpgh Hardcore Simmer

    A small group of us are looking to set up some Time Trial events so so why don't you check it out here and join us http://consoleracing.boards.net/board/66/assetto-corsa.

    We have no leaderboards in the game at present but with a bit of thought and some work on our part we can still have a fun challenge between a group of like-minded virtual racers.
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  15. The TVR!!!!! PGR2 so needs a HD remake.

    Agree with your OP completely. Physics are great, graphics plenty good enough. You take what's there and add some proper leaderboards and a good custom lobby system then they'll truly have something that can compete for a chunk of the Forza market and I'm sure the GT market on the PS side.

    Right now, two of the biggest subsets of the xbox sim racing community have nothing to do. The hotlappers can't hotlap. And unless I'm missing something, it looks impossible for leagues or racing series like IFCA etc to set up the game for them.
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  16. I feel the game looks ok in single player but the problems start online on my xbox. As soon as I go to mp race the frame rate drops terribly. So bad that you just can't drive for too long. 10 laps is a drain on my eyes with awfully slowdown and it really looks nothing like it does on single player.
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  17. jump_ace

    jump_ace Rookie

    Time Attack Golds are easy, the AI is preventing some accumulation of Golds in the Races, but some of the Hotlaps seem to seroiusly tough to even get Bronze? Likehte McLaren MP4 @ Catalunya, even with soft tires and tcs I haven't managed a bronze yet???

  18. Rayco

    Rayco Rookie

    totally agree, even after patch the dives FPS are still there, but when they fix it...this game, this simulator is massive!

    this evening i enjoyed 5-6 laps in tourist nordschleife with randoms that in fact were so really cool people and we were making some crazy laps, waiting for each other when a crash came in, making drift in the park area, i'm really enyoing the game at the moment, but please kunos fix the FPS please please!!

    also the most i'm enyoing is solo laps, with F40, Alfa 155, Evoras... in mugello or imola is crazy when you get to the cars without assists. The sounds are great you just get inmerse in a whole way.

    But, yes, we need the times, we need fix the carrer mode, and add private lobbies, luckily you'll get 1 of 5 good race in public lobbies with randoms, nonetheless there is a lot of 'clean' drivers that enjoy the game and know how to race
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  19. MonK3Y

    MonK3Y Rookie

    Totally agree with your opinion and share your hopes for the future of the game on Xbox.

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