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AC Updates

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Nov 9, 2013.

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  1. F430_458_F12

    F430_458_F12 Alien

    And iRacing. They are kicking themselves all the way to the bathroom.
  2. eagleFMJ

    eagleFMJ Rookie

    Don't forget pCars, here's to locking everyone one out that missed the signup! How ya like me now SM Studios?

    AC is so awesome!
  3. F430_458_F12

    F430_458_F12 Alien

    Dude, I like your style. Bugged me when they did that, totally alienating their fan base IMHO. From what I've seen of their physics, their game looks more like fool's gold than a real simulation.
  4. Toykilla!

    Toykilla! Racer

    Absolutely right !AC feels a lot better and realistic, but we need Antialiasing here :D

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk
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  5. alex bonner

    alex bonner Racer

    Firstly hats off to you AC is a real credit to yourselves

    Is there a page or can someone post a link showing the update notes or build release notes?

    I have Pcars also I bounced from 1 to the other yesterday trying to notice the differences. 1 plays much better while the other looks much better. Im sure you can work out for yourself which is which.
  6. PATR10T

    PATR10T Gamer

    hey guys :)

    there was a update today? steam downloaded 4,1mb
  7. Alexease

    Alexease Gamer

    "Awesome tech support! multiple patches on a weekend??"

    Yes, Kunos The King! :)
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  8. Jos_theboss

    Jos_theboss Hardcore Simmer

    I think so yes, because when i went to bed i couldnt play the game, and now i can, WOOT! :D
  9. Had a missing file error yesterday even though I could still play. Gone today seamlessly.

    Nice work.
  10. Akis Kev

    Akis Kev Alien

    Yes, I believe we are going to see a changelog soon!
  11. AugGust

    AugGust Racer

    Hey can i request that when there are annoucements like that (such as this one about the "second update going live") to contain the version number? Mine is now at 0.1.2 and i am not sure i have received this update yet. It would be nice if future updates contain the version numbers for clarification purposes! Thanks!
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  12. Roby

    Roby Racer

    Seems like today (here is about 14 PM) i've downloaded 3 small patches!
    Never seen a similar support and attention to users opinion.
    A little example about a little bug: i've reported that in the showroom with the Ferrari 458 wasnt possible to enter in the car.
    Some hour later the problem was fixed after an automatic patch download.

    Kunos is an example, for what kind of simulator has given us and for the support!
  13. VRG_tommy86

    VRG_tommy86 Rookie

    Agree, that is definitely a good behavior for game development ;)
  14. Derek Speare

    Derek Speare Gamer

    I'd like to request (or know) that we have the ability to know if we have received updates to AC. I'm quite new to Steam and have found no way to discern if I am receiving updates or not. I have the updating to "High Priority", but can't tell if anything is updating. It's very transparent right now.
  15. VRG_tommy86

    VRG_tommy86 Rookie

    I set it to "keep game always updated" and it will update it just after launching steam or closing the game. This works fine for me.
    I think that maybe Kunos need to add some kind of update notes, but I think they will add it later.
  16. Danny Irving

    Danny Irving Racer

    Please fix AA & then i'll love you forever :)
  17. Zeną

    Zeną Gamer

    I had an average-sized penis yesterday, but when I got up this morning, man, it is soo huge now! And the wife is crying histerically in the bathroom now that she's seen it! Thank you, Kunos! :)
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  18. F1Racer

    F1Racer Racer

    Then you woke up.... This is TMI to be telling to a forum full of guys.
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  19. Mauserrifle

    Mauserrifle Racer

    Haha ok. Another way of saying thanks.

    AC is great so far. Thanks for updates.
  20. Donga120

    Donga120 Gamer

    Is it possible to create a Change log to see what these updates are fixing? Makes it easier for us early testers to test things/bugs again.
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