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ACC and early access

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Rehooja, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Rehooja

    Rehooja Simracer

    *Takes out his Kunos Simulazioni white-knight cape and puts it on*

    Plain and simple: Stop the fking whining and focus on giving constructive and supportive feedback.

    Too many posts in every thread claiming that game is utter sh1t and Kunos ****d up and everything is so much better in earlier version blah blah blah. Can't you people comprehend that this is Early Access? You are supposed to TEST and TRY out the features that are JUST BEING IMPLEMENTED for the FIRST TIME.

    There are 100% surely A LOT of bugs and **** brake and something don't work, game don't start, controls glitch, graphics look buggy and FPS lag. That's the inherent property of an ALPHA version of the game. Stuff get implemented NOT fixed. Fixing bugs are (mostly) BETA phase. Some critical issues get fixed in alpha. So, if someone posts a workaround then all means use that if it gets it working for you since it's going to be the best thing you will likely get for a while. AND IMPORTANTLY help other simmers with their questions. Kunos already pointed out they love us (their supportive community) so let's keep it that way!

    Now. Not to put down anyone who has hard feelings involved but really: Try to contain that eager to type useless whining and namecalling over these forums. Focus on reporting what problems you run into and hope that the devs have time to fix it.

    ALSO: Search the forums and read what others post and have written. There are many duplicate posts out there that could have been avoided if the posters would have just done some background research first. Most of the common issues (like no controls in VR) have likely been reported already. READ THE FORUMS.

    Stop whining. You are a TESTER. Keep the feedback constructive and supportive. This is alpha, NOT beta. Also read and search the forums.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018

  2. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    well written. 100% d'accord!
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  3. esox71

    esox71 Alien

  4. jaxx_za

    jaxx_za Hardcore Simmer

    Was just trying to figure out what is it about the gaming community that brings out this type of response? It has been clarified on numerous occasions that this is EA, and not every feature will be complete or work 100% in each release.

    It seems that Kuno's has adopted an Agile / Scrum approach, releasing a minimum viable product on a monthly basis, with the intention of getting new features into our hands as early as possible. Of course each feature will not be in it's final state, but it will get there.

    I was just surprised to see some of the more senior / long time posters here also adopting the same attitude, when we should've known better from kunos's comms on the EA process.

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  5. Rehooja

    Rehooja Simracer

    This surprised me too..
  6. aotto1977

    aotto1977 Hardcore Simmer

    So much this. To put it in technical terms: The signal to noise ratio in the forums has become rather bad, which implies the danger of really constructive feedback being unheard due to the yelling crowd.
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  7. Alex2

    Alex2 Gamer

    Well a lot of us sim-freaks doesn‘t see or feel improvements or addition 0.1->0.2. It could be so easy to give the folk main improvements like graphic, performans or controller settings but when it comes to those terms nothing happened IMHO.
  8. Tigerteeth

    Tigerteeth Simracer

    Kudos to the OP and well said.

    People should have a sense of perspective. The full game will not be released for another six months at the minimum. A lot will happen in that time, content will be added and bugs will be ironed out.

    It's a long process and the least we can do is respect Kunos and offer them constructive feedback so any problems can be addressed. AC had it's issues to begin with, but over time it developed into something special. Just be patient guys and let the developers work.
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  9. Redoxs

    Redoxs Rookie

    I would like to add that criticism is a good thing if you keep it constructive (read. devs can draw conclusions from your opinion).
    Nevertheless, if u are crying about your disappointment without pointing specific thing that should be changed it is just useless, characterized by emotions hate.
    So keep in mind:
    * devs are actually ppl not robots working 24/7.
    * You are not alone playing this game (not everything will go in your favor).
    * Complaining without pointing reason or pointing unrealistic/illogical reason is rather harmful and demotivating.
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  10. Genius69

    Genius69 Gamer

    They confused a game in early access with crowdfunding where people are aware
    that will have to return the feedback to contribute to the decisive collective development ...

    Having 50 years, I was able to contribute to several early access and crowdfunding, and that comment was somehow a self-criticism for having re-entered .... I am confident in ACC, even if I did not like it as a beginning.

    Having seen the Roadmap I was hoping for more defined and working VERSIONS not in PATCH where you have to hope that maybe they work and give feedback to fix them
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  11. Typer

    Typer Simracer

    Well Kunos posted the release notes for 0.2 when it was released, what more do you want?

    Oh I see, you wanted the specific things you care about to be addressed. I’m sorry, but that’s pretty self-entitled.
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  12. Alex2

    Alex2 Gamer

    Oh I see, you wanted the specific things you care about to be addressed. I’m sorry, but that’s pretty self-entitled.[/QUOTE]

    Why are you „sorry“? Were are you? Another fanboy or stuff member?
    Yes, my bucks and my life. I‘m fixed to my self and the easiest things for a positiv game experience wasn‘t fix. That‘s the sound of disapoint humans so I‘m bugged and out till next year. Cheers brother
  13. Rehooja

    Rehooja Simracer

    Alex2 the point is that you should report stuff that are missing and let the devs know how to possibly reproduce it. Not whine around calling them out for not doing something you wished they should have done.
  14. Alex2

    Alex2 Gamer

    a none playable computergame is a bug. The reasons why I‘m/we‘re controller-guys not able to taste the game was mentioned a lot. Again: We need a proper setup menue for pads/ controller also with a real deadzone = 0 (zero)!
  15. Rehooja

    Rehooja Simracer

    Yes. You are right with this but please try to be more patient. That's all. If something don't get fixed right away then try pumping the bug report in the support section to get attention from the devs and wait for the next patch. Getting upset about these problems is not going to help.

    Meanwhile you can try look for workarounds. Like some apps that might let you remap the controller, ect. Do some research if you can get it working somehow.
  16. Kincade

    Kincade Gamer

    the forum is mostly like: mimimi, when the sun goes down, i can not see anything anymore. The sun has to be removed. She does not even warm my face. crap game.

    Go play Forza. :rolleyes:

    Incredible that kunos do not just stop the ea. with all that whining. o_O
    Then we can all race in the next year. :eek:

    Thanks for the reminder, Rehooja.
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  17. Typer

    Typer Simracer

    Yeah sorry about that, I’m English, we habitually apologise even when the other guy is the one being the bell end. I think it’s genetic.

    Oh, yeah graphics and performance, the easiest things to fix.

    Hey Lord Kunos, could you just flip those “better graphics” and “faster performance” build switches, thanks.

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  18. mkotechno

    mkotechno Simracer

    See you then, no one is going to miss your toxicity.
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  19. Alex2

    Alex2 Gamer

    think big my brother! Graphics and performance are forbidden to improve cause we should buy new hardware ( especially Geforce cards); That‘s so lucent. But why do the KUNOS guys didn‘t include the controller simmers with a proper setup-menue? Greetings 2u my brexit racer.
  20. Blamer

    Blamer Hardcore Simmer

    Are you fine now?

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