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ACC and T300RS

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by antonpaco, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. antonpaco

    antonpaco Rookie

    Hello everybody, any idea about setting T300RS on ACC and PS4? I don't feel good sensation. Can you share your T300 setup?


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  3. Senna94f1

    Senna94f1 Racer

    Make sure you have latest firmware updates.

    I also think that in previous game ASSETTO CORSA we had the option to turn off the ( under steer enhancement button off )

    ASSETTO CORSA COMPETIZIONE there is no button to turn off the under steer enhancement effect.

    That's why the wheel goes from plenty of good FFB feeling to almost too light.

    I know its suppose to show loss of grip. But that's one thing I always prefer to turn off. .
  4. Jbpd

    Jbpd Rookie

    I’m using in a Ferrari’s and mclaren

    Gain 60
    Min force 1%
    Dynamic damping 100%
    Road effects 45

    Steer lock 480
  5. Senterian

    Senterian Rookie

    Make sure you are running the latest firmware.
  6. neonostra

    neonostra Rookie

    I had the same probleem, very bad FFB. Nothing like the old AC.
    Then I updated my wheel for the first time ( t300 rs ) and it's even better then the old AC.
    Also Pcars/F1/Dirt, there all feeling much better.

    So really; update your wheel!
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  7. foggie

    foggie Rookie

    how update my wheel on acc ps4?
  8. neonostra

    neonostra Rookie

    Google it. It takes only 5 minutes to update. Follow the instructions and you’ll see it very easy
  9. Steering lock 540 and the rest maxed.
  10. Bruiser71

    Bruiser71 Rookie

    I started with the following and then made my own changes to the gain and steering lock in the game.

    Also make sure you have the latest firmware which you will need to do through a PC.
    Link: https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/t300rs-en/

    Thrustmaster T300 Force Feedback Settings
    Thrustmaster do a great job of creating a smooth racing wheel for a reasonable price. This makes it a popular choice to race in Assetto Corsa Competizione.

    Kunos have come forward with some recommendations when it comes to avoiding clipping with a Thrustmaster wheel. And these recommendations have been implemented in the custom settings below.

    If you prefer stronger force feedback, you can increase the overall strength to around 75% in the Thrustmaster settings. We prefer the lower 65% for a smoother overall experience.

    Thrustmaster Gain Settings
    • Overall strength of all forces: 65%
    • Constant: 90%
    • Periodic: 100%
    • Spring: 20%
    • Damper: 100%
    • Auto-Center: By the game
    Assetto Corsa Competizione Settings:
    • Steer lock: 900
    • Gain: 75
    • Min force: 0
    • Dynamic Damping: 100
    • Road Effects: 9
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  11. wnw65

    wnw65 Rookie

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