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ACC Build 4

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Echo_29, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. isma_c_r

    isma_c_r Gamer

    Absolutely agree. I first noticed it in Misano, in turn 2. In 0.3 you could do it barely in 2nd gear, with revs falling almost too much, however now it's so agile and eager to turn that you still do it in 2nd gear, but at much higher revs. It goes off the turn like a rocket. Also in the slowest turns in Nurburgring you can definitely feel the difference. Haven't tried yet the bentley and the bmw, I hope their understeer has also been reduced accordingly
  2. br444m

    br444m Rookie

    What I meant was what others here described better than I did. The snap oversteer is gone because of the better responsiveness. Try taking the last corner of the NBR tight, touching the curb. It would oversteer right away in 0.3.5, now it is much more linear with inputs.
  3. steevee

    steevee Racer

    Couple of things I've noticed, in VR, at the server list, I'm longer able to input text into the 'Search' box...... also when trying to save a setup, again I'm not able to input text.... anyone else have the same issue?

    The multiplayer race start screen the field are free to start even though you're still trying to edit the setup...
  4. Mathieu Labbé

    Mathieu Labbé Hardcore Simmer

    Another probable bug:

    - When setting TC and TC2 at 0 in the 488, I can hear the engine cutting off badly, as if TC was on (from the definition, should be TC2). But when I use the in car control to change it to 1 I feel like the TC is less intrusive, and then back to 0 it now feels full off. It happened in free practice I believe, will check again in a few.

    Other than that I second pretty much everything thats been said so far. I cant say Ive driven it a lot before, certainly at least a few laps every update though, but the lambo is so much better now. FFB, physics, I dont know what it is exactly but it feels alive now.

    Love the new driver profile page, makes me want to get better fo real. Competition is something wonderful :)
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  5. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    what's the exact function for TC2 anyways?
  6. Fernandito

    Fernandito Racer

    I think Lambos increase in responsiveness you are noticing arerelated to the camber angle increase the car got by default. Yesterday I went checking its value just out of curiosity, and in the front wheels I saw the surreal mark of -4'6. Rear of just about -3'4--3'6. Before 0.4 you mightn't be noticing this oversteer increase because of the fron't wheel camber being way less brutal angle of -4'6. It value was way lower and more closer to its rear, which made the car understeer more. I mean, increasing rear camber always leads to more understeer and a more manageable car, but if you continue to increase the front wheels negative camber, the car begins to oversteer more again.

    I know nothing about real race cars real setups, but something tells me that a value of 4'6 may be like a bit over the top. And on rears too with very few exceptions like the old Bentley, which If I recall well had in real life an angle value of just about -3'2º too on it's outmost aggressive setups (with laughably crazy negative camber on the front too of about -3'5-3'6 too). But 4'6 really?, I hope Aris can come and bring some light on this.

    The car is definitely harder for me to control now, maybe due to this oversteer increase in a car with the always dreaded and hated pirellis...(heck I hate these GT3 tyres. They are the devil).., or maybe not. And no I'm not saying tyres got worse. They actually got better as far as I can feel.

    I think it is time to go serious with the dumpers stuff, something I always don't give a damn about. I see Aris posted its own section on this topic too, but even after his explanations I see myself lost when setting them all overall, and usually never make changes on this setup tab even in spite I make suspensions changes, usually by stiffening springs, reducing car rear by a couple of clicks when low on fuel for sprint action; and depending on the track the rear wing one click down too, even on default aggressise setups (my issue might be here too, but i see it as necessary for more top speed regardñess these cars are so aero dependant).

    TC must be set tooo for the lowest value as possible, which combined with the lower rear wings angles, the again dreaded pirellis, and the negative camber increase by default, might be the reasons why I'm having more toruble now. But I feel like I must go that way to stand a chance winning on a GT3. I mean perhaps going against the nature (low aero and low TC) might be what' actuallys killing my driving on the Lambo.

    Perhaps I need to waiting on further physics refinements until coming to conclusions
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
  7. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    Nope, I’m using the same setup that I used with 0.3.5, so no change in camber.

    I could go as far as saying that the changes made to the tyre model have a repercussion in how FFB is felt, but some may say I’m reaching to far, and they can even be right.
    Still, if I’m not imagining things, I would say that with 0.4.0 the front grip (or lack of it) is more noticeable than in 0.3.5. At least it seems it is for me with the Lambo.

    Didn’t drive neither the BMW nor the Bentley yet to have a better judgment of the effect is in those two cars, although, coming to ACC only with v0.3, I have a limited time with any of those. Plus, having frequently chosen the Lambo as the car of choice, probably I wouldn’t notice any change as clearly as with the Lambo, to be able to say anything worthwhile about it.
  8. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    The TC off remaining... ahemm... on is a bug we are investigating, check support/physics subforum

    The TC2 function: As you know the main TC function is to understand if the wheels are spinning and subsequently cut the engine. Precisely it first lowers the timing on the ignition and then if that is not enough, it starts cutting ignition. For other cars, each map of TC has a specific strategy of timing and ignition cut for different amounts of wheel spin and slide. All simulated.
    The Ferrari 488 GT3 has the usual amounts but also lets the driver to decide how much the timing and or cut will be.
    So immagine this; The main TC decides it needs to cut power, but the TC2 is set in a level that cuts only a tiny bit of engine power so that you gain a bit of slide from the wheels, then going over the permitted slide, it starts cutting properly ignition to save you. But the initial reaction is more permissive (or vice versa).
    Driver and engineers feedback suggest that you go on par for both TCs. i.e. TC1 @3 and TC2@3 +/- 1 . Don't try exaggerated values like TC1=2 and TC2=10. It will be confusing and won't work as intended.

    Personal note. I'm still not 100% happy with our implementation. Tons of stuff is happening behind it, but I believe that in a future release we will improve this feature even more.
  9. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Pancake review, bc I haven’t felt the need to dive into VR with Competitione just yet.
    I really like what I see so far. (Almost, bc of that visual wheel thingy, which should not hold me up.)
    After my worst dreaded track was made one of my favorites, Hungaroring follows closely. It’s a hell lot of fun to on this track. Got a hang of it very quickly.
    The 488, well wut can I say? It’s marvelous. My favorite so far.
    Physics seem to have gotten a notch better, and FFB is already superb. Leave it this way, and I’m happy. The new industry standard I must say, complex yet informative; precise yet playful. Loving it!
    Pancake performance on my potato is unexpectedly good, VR I will bother with when Kunos implement a more refined version.

    So yeah, so far so good.

    PS: to all those fearing ACC will only shine on highest end PCs, I remember GTR2 took almost 5 years to look good on average computers. And in those days gains per generation where immense compared to nowadays.
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  10. henri

    henri Hardcore Simmer

    Yesterday I did hotlaps (10 to 20 laps) with all four cars around Hungaroring. Aggressive presets with little changes. Ferrari and Lambo 1:43.4 BMW 1:43.5 and Bentley 1:44.1

    Sure every lap can be improved but really surprised Bentley is so much closer to BMW vs Paul Ricard. Also funny how close I end up with other cars after similar short runs, despite how different they feel. IMO Lambo has more understeer than ever. Overall I can't get any grip with that thing. Just floating all over the place, but good lap can be a fast one. Ferrari has a lot "kerb of death" type of issues when I hit inside kerbs. Sometimes kerbs just pull the front in very unpleasant way. BMW does that too, but it's easier to subsist.
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  11. tlsmikey

    tlsmikey Simracer

    Overall feedback on the first four releases:

    -Sounds are amazing in this game. Next level stuff
    -Cars are very distinct and have their own characteristics
    -Tracks are modeled beautifully with excellent detail

    Areas for improvement:
    -Braking is a non-event for me. I just mash the pedal and it responds. The cars don't dance around under braking and there's no real drama. I feel like there should at least be some feedback that lets me trail brake more precisely or rewards more precise braking. iRacing is a benchmark here in terms of braking feel/physics.
    -Graphics still don't inspire confidence. I run triple screens so I need support there, but the performance is ~80FPS with my three screens and everything on med with AA on Ultra. Not the performance I expected from this "amazing" engine. VR is even worse. Graphics aren't sharp nor does it run at high frame rates. Hopefully, this is an optimization thing....but i'm starting to get worried this UE4 engine was a poor choice.
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  12. lionbest

    lionbest Racer

    Anyone else noticed how the stewards are waving red flags all the time in races?
  13. Gopher04

    Gopher04 Simracer

    The Ferrari 488 is nicely model inside and out like all the driveable cars we have, and it feels good to chuck around, but I tend to find there is not enough feel on the front end of any of the cars, it felt better in AC and sharper.
    Hungaroring as mentioned already is really well done, atleast it doesn't have the shimmering blue/red lines going round it..
    I do like the overall feel and look of ACC but there are still alot of improvements to do, or I hope there is.

    As for me and performance considering my specs are getting on now, averaging 89/125 fps during the day on my own, and 70/90 with full field I can't moan to much, performance and the averaging fps around a lap of a track has equaled out more now but there is still room for performance, night driving is good but the center beam from the lights that project on the road surface just don't project far enough in front, there fine left and right, but up front there weak, and if you haven't got endurance lights the road surface is just none existent, it's like doing rally course at night with a handful of torches..
  14. mikendrix

    mikendrix Simracer

  15. mikendrix

    mikendrix Simracer

    I did the 30 min Hotstint on the Hungaroring with the Ferrari.
    I stopped on the pit, they changed my tyres but didn't refilled the fuel (I set 40L instead of 60L).
    Did I miss something ?
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  16. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    a couple more, still Hungaroring and Ferrari, hotlap mode:
    - i went to pits after some laps. the crew did refuel and tyre change, but during the tyre change my car was rotated like 90° (backwards to pits) or even more, i was like over against the course. during this happened the crew finished the tyre change, it was weird :)
    - the track limits are a little bit too forgiving at some places in my opinion. for example at T4 and the chicane exit you can cut the inside with no invalidated lap. but on the corner exits the limits were perfect, much better and more real as in R3E for example!
  17. fabT

    fabT Alien

    Tried a few MP sessions tonight, but there are a lot of issues again.
    Very high lag, warping cars and game crashes.

    Just got 4 ( 5, actually ) crashes in a row.
    Basically unplayable, sadly.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
  18. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    Post the AC2.log files after you get crashes, in separate threads, so the devs can see what went wrong.
  19. fabT

    fabT Alien

    Done already ;)
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  20. Build 4 - very well done. But in online racing, crashes a lot.
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