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ACC Build 4

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Echo_29, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. LukFry

    LukFry Racer

    it is early access dude
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    LATE4APEX Alien

    You should have waited for it to be released to the general public.
  3. mikendrix

    mikendrix Simracer

    You just bought an Early Access game. Do you really think it will stay like that ?
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  4. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    What is a joke is how some still behave in multiplayer, but hey, there is always either offline AI or future closed online league championship;)
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  5. henkjansmits

    henkjansmits Simracer

    I had a great race in MP in the sunset with a good fight in the beginning and then threatening little lights behind me coming closer. I think ACC has great potential! For example hop-in endurance racing where you are just paired with someone random from the internet at about your level.
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  6. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    You know what early access means?
    You know how to post issues properly?
    You know what a log file is?
    You know what on every threads top and bottom is claimed?

    If not, please take your time to 1. Read properly, and 2. think about your formulations before hitting that button please.
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  7. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    . . . I think he already RAGE QUIT!:p:D
  8. Echo_29

    Echo_29 Hardcore Simmer

    Where is spectator mode? I'm in an online lobby, done my qually lap and want to watch others go around the track, I dont see any option for it in the menu? Am I missing something?
  9. Oberonone

    Oberonone Gamer

    You can use Shift and arrows keys I think.. I chanced upon it by accident whilst trying to set my hud in VR.

    The spectator mode thing is a separate app, which is more geared towards streamers, esports and leagues I guess. From what I understand it's just barebones and up to the community to develop tools for it. So you cant access it in-game.
  10. luxxx797

    luxxx797 Simracer

    Spectator mode is not enabled yet. we got Broadcasting mode with 0.4
  11. th3o

    th3o Hardcore Simmer

    wow...90% positive reviews on steam, everyone celebrating the game for its supreme physics, graphics coming along too and looking better ever build, extraordinary sounds. and you cry just because multiplayer server on an alpha version game don't work 100% and call the game "garbage". you do know that no one will take you seriously, right?
    this is not a full release polished game yet mate.
  12. F1Aussie

    F1Aussie Racer

    As anyone else noticed that when you use the bonnet cam that when it rains no rain hits the car? As a matter of fact even in the replay it only shows rain drops on the windows and not the body?
  13. sirgaric

    sirgaric Hardcore Simmer

    The only money and time wasted was the money and time your parents spent on your education.
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  14. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Care to elaborate in a polite way?
  15. PLebre

    PLebre Hardcore Simmer

    You don't need multiplayer. What you need is a good holiday from this forum because your offensive and disrespect language.
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  16. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Time to get back on the topic. :)
  17. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Simracer

    What's the topic? It's broke? Well , it's broke! Not much more to talk about. Is there? New car, new track, it's broke!
  18. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Expecting to see new thread on steam soon...devs banned me from forums no reason idk why :D
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  19. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Looking at your activity and way of reporting in on this EA, I'm not sure why you're here at all.

    Never had any freezeup till 0.4, so I guess some video settings and/or recent drivers are messing up.
    Still not convinced by the VR-outta the box-experience, but I went back to give it a drive on a single monitor, where it's pretty good.
    Holidays and one more update will do good I'm sure :)
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  20. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    For a long time resident on this forum your reply is most dumb, sorry.
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