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ACC Build 4

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Echo_29, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Son

    Son Hardcore Simmer

    Glad to hear we'll get improvements before the next update. Got to say, this update has been my favourite so far, I can truly begin to appreciate what this game will be like by the time the 2019 DLC releases, we get new cars and by then the game should hopefully be perfect :D

    Just a small question, any chance we'll get the next hotfix before Christmas? Would love to do some Christmas day racing!
  2. While we're at a developer Q&A just a question to add:
    After the iRacing Indy Car pitstop video (looks awesome immersiv) I'm wondering about the animated pitcrew in ACC is able to to something similar?

    Greets After_Midnight
  3. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    As already answered they are working on a hotfix.
    No need to push any further.
  4. Son

    Son Hardcore Simmer

    I was just hoping for a Christmas present, that is all.
    PLebre likes this.
  5. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Well, I feel gifted enough being part of this public testing phase growing ever further.
    Granted it’s not like AC1 ea journey, but still worth the time.
    So, happy camper here.
    mikendrix likes this.
  6. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Pit stops are already animated...you need to park in designated area turn off engine and your pit crew starts working on the car.

    MathMilitary and After_Midnight like this.
  7. I know mate :) But what I'm talking about is the kind of immersion in comparsion of the iRacing animation. Maybe it's just a different kind of pitstop. Or just the lollipop guy in front of you ;)
    D.Jankovic likes this.
  8. mikendrix

    mikendrix Simracer

    I still can’t believe some guys still whining because there is some bugs...
    I mean, while buying it is already supposed to be buggy, it’s the deal, period.
    It’s still in EA and we already have VR and MP, we should not complain... Even after the official release there will some bugs and hotfixes, it’s just how it works..
    I’ve just had a « Fatal error » in qualification in MP. OK, whatever, maybe it’s time to improve my PC and CC in a hotsint session ?

    Also... complaining about the colors of the game ?
    There is a Saturation color option : set it to 70
    engine.ini : add r.Color.Mid=0.8 (default 0.5). It will be brighter, like AC.
    And we can still create a profile on our screens...
    reidz, jaxx_za and luxxx797 like this.
  9. Fernandito

    Fernandito Racer

    you don't help yourself being an smartass too, just like the many other pumpinks around sporting samne attitude.

    I do agree that this guy may have come as a little aggressive hornet, but as said some of you really like to push attitudes like that, because many of you simply behave like a bunch of asshats.

    Imo, humble opinion and as valid as yours, all those of you that are not either on triple monitor setups or virtual reality and keep complaining about the graphics, are either out of your mind or just smoking some real bad stuff. Graphic settings have really improved since the first version, and the temporal antialiasing high preset has been fixed, improving visuals a great deal while getting rid of the blur.

    If you have a decent rig and don't use triple or VR you can not be trust by devs anymore when complaining about graphics, and oh well.., saying that ac1 looks better than acc simply makes for some epic laughs, that I hope you can hear from there.
  10. PLebre

    PLebre Hardcore Simmer

    Look dude.
    Agressive hornet?
    I said pictures pls. Pls means to be an
    abbreviation of please.
    Ace Pumpkin, After_Midnight and Son like this.
  11. Turk

    Turk Alien

    As far as I know iRacing animated pit stops is only available on some race series. ACC looked on par with videos I've seen of iRacing pit stops and it's only half implemented.
    jaxx_za and After_Midnight like this.
  12. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    I think Fernandito mix something up here.
  13. Max Doubt

    Max Doubt Racer

    No, no you don't. Dumbass(hat).
  14. Adastros

    Adastros Racer

    Well I wait for the pitstop of the porsche to see if the guy will get on the car for the fuel and then I will judge lol
    Son likes this.
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