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ACC Build 4

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Echo_29, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    Has there been any word, rumour or outright theory as to if the multiplayer experience will be extended with the coming build this week?
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  2. th3o

    th3o Hardcore Simmer

    I am most excited about technical improvements because they impact core gameplay and i care about that more than about cars and tracks in a development progress :)
    I also hope that the cars get sort of improved shaders or reflections because, i can't put my finger on it, but i feel that the cars in AC look more realistic model and detail wise from the outside than in ACC and i suspect that it's not about the model itself but about the way how materials, reflections and shaders work at the moment with the UE4.

    GRFOCO Alien

    Absolutely this also for me.
    Very noticeable for me expecially in sunny conditions, every time i follow the 3Y Bmw, i see that white rear end total "flat". It's just an example, but in realty i see all cars's liveries and colors too much flat, without any kind of depth. They don't seem have common steel bodyworks, it seems some kind of plastic...or... i don't know...
    Hard to describe, expecially not in my language, but the reflections or the shaders or whatever in the end show a strange effect on the cars.
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  4. Yes, white colors on cars are too saturated, that's why when we look cars from front or rear on sunny conditions, it's incredibaly flat...
    Hope it will be corrected !
  5. Echo_29

    Echo_29 Hardcore Simmer

    Yeah I really hope they include the online qually and races that was ment to be in build 3, they had a month to fix it so hopefully.
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  6. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Excited also to read some devblogs. Soon™
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  7. VtViper

    VtViper Rookie

    VR and graphical improvements of course.. but I'm also looking forward to the rating system seeing improvements. It's really helping to keep me focused on practicing, more than any other racing game has before.
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  8. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    i'm waiting/hoping for:
    - Hungaroring
    - Ferrari
    - fixed sprint and endurance weekend bugs
    - saving option during race weekend, during the sessions
    - more AI cars for endurance racing
    - some good online test races

    in long-time term i'm hoping that the divebombing/unrealistic AI behaviour while side-by-side will be sorted out, i think it's impossible how faster the AI cars are for example in Signes, only when we arrive side-by-side, but also there are a lot of corners on every track. i also hope the AI will be teached to take avoiding actions and not stuck behind each other, or recognizing if somebody is near them and leave some space.

    if only these tweaks will be solved i think we'll be really close to the optimum :) of course any graphics/performane optimisation is very welcomed.
    but until then i'm really impressed despite these problems, i know it's part of the process. the final game will rock, already hyped to start a career...
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  9. Atak_Kat

    Atak_Kat Simracer

    At this point, we can see or understand most of the game features. So other than car and track introduction, I would say I'm looking for:
    - hoping some inclusion of online racing, so we can evaluate and test that feature better. Online practice seems to be getting better and more stable, but we need to have the race and quali parts opened up in order to give better feedback. One thing I still notice is that the cars in front of me still don't appear natural in their movement (example, cars sometimes turning in a right-hand turn, don't look like they are naturally pivotting.... in some cases the orientation of the car is not changing and appears like a block going through the turn, instead of turning. Can be ping related I guess, but I still see this quite a bit in practice sessions)
    - the UI still seems a bit cumbersome in areas. Particularly the setups section. Hope there are some improvements there.
    - Would like to be able to change control setups while in session, rather than have to exit back to main menu.
    - The mirror quality is really strange to me. It looks poor still and cars come in/out at strange times still.
    - As far as the AI is concerned, personally I think it is quite good now. You have to leave a space, you always have to leave a space! :)
    - but, where I find it annoying a bit is when you are really going slow (or make a serious mistake), and the AI hesitates to pass. They seem to bunch up behind you and clearly they should take advantage of your cock-up and pass you with no problem. There's something still unbalanced here re: the aggression (?) in situations where there is simply zero question that even the poorest of drivers would pass you easily.
  10. mikendrix

    mikendrix Simracer

    Yes the rating system is really addictive ! There will be some improvements, it's on the roadmap :

    • Released Cars: Ferrari 488 GT3
    • Released Tracks: Hungaroring
    • Features: Spectator Mode
    • Rating System: Driver Category, Overall Rating

    For VR I hope they will fix the UI disappearing behind the car when we set "Pixel VR Density"...
  11. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Alien

    I'm quite curious about spectator mode, hoping it's not just "go on a server and scroll from a car to another as we can do now in the replay" but something more complex, starting from cameras available, read live timing overall and/or relative gaps, some proper dedicated HUD and hopefully to lanch replay on the fly.

    If Kunos want push hard in the multiplayer mode, (and watching Mino's work it seems the case), spectator mode is a crucial part of the whole online system. Thinking about E-sport and streams,
    everything goes through this mode.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
  12. Fernandito

    Fernandito Racer

    While the inclusion of actual online races vs others still is not clearly specified in the road map for the next build, I'm also hoping for some basic online races. I mean I think we can perfectly expect online races anyway, because it was left pretty clear by devs in the forum after launching build 3 that such was their intentions before they run into those inconveniences they were talking about, hence giving us pratice sessions only.

    three days to go
  13. trutya

    trutya Simracer

    only one ;)
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  14. Getting crazy we have no multiplayer info yet after the misstep of last release...

    Can't wait!
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  15. Fernandito

    Fernandito Racer

    uh thought It will the the 14th too. Nice the sooner the better , good surprise then
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  16. Ciccina2016

    Ciccina2016 Simracer

    It is exactly the same behaviour we got in AC. I hope this will be fixed
  17. Falko U.

    Falko U. Rookie

    100% agree on that, adding stability improvements.

    I'm surprised that I say this, as I'm a big fan of more cars and tracks but I would say new cars and tracks are much appreciated, but fixing graphic bugs like visible "popping up" of better textures when you come closer to an object or fixing mirrors in VR is much more worth for getting the game itself polished for release than adding content at the moment.
  18. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

  19. anything-but

    anything-but Guest

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  20. Freddie Seng

    Freddie Seng Hardcore Simmer

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