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ACC: Built In Livery Creator/Editor

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Speed RacerX, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Yeah I'm sure that why games like Gran Turismo don't include really sophisticated livery editors and teams and manufacturers don't share fan-made liveries on their social media. /s
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  2. M-Bimmer

    M-Bimmer Simracer

    Enlighten us Mr. know it all....
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
  3. M-Bimmer

    M-Bimmer Simracer

    PD definitely bought the right to have the cars with custom liveries but this is off the point since GTS is not an official game for a racing championship, right?

    Look at race room (R3E), the home of ADAC GT masters, DTM, WTCC, TCR...etc they don’t have any custom liveries with the exception of the fanatec on the porsche carrera GT3 super cup (which was made by sector3studios)

    Remember this one? Maybe Sony/PD leaned something from that...

  4. henri

    henri Hardcore Simmer

    I expect livery editor to be similar with iRacing or Wreckfest. Premade elements and liveries. You can change colors, fonts etc.

    Like this.

    Of course best would be chance to upload your own skin like LFS has. Obviously then you wouldn't call it "Built in livery creator/editor".
  5. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    That's not really related to what you said earlier. The case in the link is about use of a logo in a way that wasn't granted by the licensing (on a car instead on the track, which wasn't the case and was dismissed) or wasn't licenced in the first place (your link doesn't say how that ended).

    Don't know what the mention about being an official game of a championship is about, ACC is that and yet Kunos did announce plans for a custom livery editor.

    This implies that somehow Kunos would have to pay the teams and sponsors they got licences from to use their liveries/logos in-game in order to be able to put unrelated liveries on cars. Obviously Kunos isn't going to put in logos and fonts they don't have commercial use rights for in a livery editor. The party that'd have the most to say about what can be done with liveries on cars is the manufacturer, but since these are race cars that should be a non-issue.
  6. whereSTheFUhd

    whereSTheFUhd Rookie

    A license gives the licensee the authorization and right to use something (in this case a trademark) - being a permissive contract, any restrictions not already precluded by other legal protections must be explicitly outlined. Unless it is specifically stipulated that they can not have custom liveries (or something to that effect) in the contract, they are in no way subject to any penalties whatsoever in such a context.

    It is not the other way around, as you are suggesting - namely, that it is somehow an unwritten understanding between both parties that the licensee face penalties if they decide to use custom liveries and that it must explicitly be "written and agreed" upon for anything otherwise, which is entirely bass akwards.

    If license contracts were predicated solely on presumptive restrictions, the licensor can throw as many penalties at the licensee as they so desire, with the predication that any of their claimed grievances were assumed to be understood. What you're suggesting as the de facto procedure is nonsensical and illogical and certainly not de jure.

    Setting aside the fact that that case has absolutely nothing to do with what you are talking about and does not support anything you've said thus far, do pray tell what it is that Sony & PD learned, first, after the court originally dismissed the initial claims, and then, again, after the court ruled in Sony's favor upon subsequent appeal by the claimant.

    Yah, me thinks you don't know what the hell you're talking about either.
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  7. M-Bimmer

    M-Bimmer Simracer

    simply don’t care whatever you (or any of u think).
    Time will tell if we’ll get custom liveries.
  8. whereSTheFUhd

    whereSTheFUhd Rookie

    None of my comments were in regards to the specifics of Kunos' contract per se and whether ACC will or will not have fully user customizable liveries (no where did I venture a guess one way or the other).

    My comments were solely restricted to your statements and how your proposed process for normal license procedure is counter to common logic.
  9. M-Bimmer

    M-Bimmer Simracer

    Did not propose anything...

    So let’s cut to the chase...
    Only Kunos or 505 knows that the custom liveries will be included or not....or maybe someone here does?
    So Again time will tell if we’ll be getting custom liveries or not.
  10. whereSTheFUhd

    whereSTheFUhd Rookie

    Uhh, yah ya did.

    As already clearly addressed in a previous post, your above statements suggest that a license contract (which is a permissive contract in base form) somehow automatically imposes restrictions, in this case the use of custom liveries, and that any such permissions would have to be specifically outlined and "written and agreed" upon, which is precisely the opposite of reality.

    You seem to not only spew nonsense, but are also apparently incapable of comprehending their inherent incoherency. And this observation isn't restricted to solely this thread.
  11. M Bimmer is asking and stating appropriate things as for your verbal diarrhea just stop as your clearly a boring troll and your comments don't help in the slightest !!
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  12. whereSTheFUhd

    whereSTheFUhd Rookie

    Nothing about his statements were appropriate, which was the whole problem. But thanks for your input, apparently supported by nothing...
  13. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Defcon 2. Please watch your attitude guys and back in topic, thanks.
  14. SPEKTRE76 2

    SPEKTRE76 2 Rookie

    That will change in about 2 weeks if that is true. If they make it like Trading Paints, then it will be different because you can upload custom .PNG files. They would be really stupid not to let people create their own liveries as custom and own leagues. AC1 did not survive on it's own without MODers and Skinners like me. Maybe they wont offer that and AC2 will have it. I highly doubt AC2 will come. The popularity of Blancpain will completely overshadow it. Especially if they license even more race series sponsors.
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