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Generic ACC Console Info

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by PHA7VTOM, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. TinPeach

    TinPeach Simracer

    Just seen an Xbox and Xbox X FPS analysis and frame pacing video on Gamersyde. Looking at their results the game doesn’t seem to be capped at 30fps, it never dips below but keeps jumping upwards, to around 35’ish and back to 31 which would produce a slight stutter. It also seems the frame pacing itself is erratic adding to the jerkiness. If they can lock the FPS back to 30 and improve the pacing we will get a playable game, or at least a hugely smoother rendition than the current version. Fingers crossed this is fixable as the PS4 Pro, although still only 30fps, is a generally much smoother experience.
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  2. Scuderia Paul

    Scuderia Paul Hardcore Simmer

    After spending a while last night fine tuning my controls layout I experimented with the wheel FFB settings. I got a setup, which still needs fine tuning, that gave me a great feeling. I had a couple of online races with friends, by joining through my PS4 Friends list, and really enjoyed it apart from my inconsistent driving.

    There are many issues that must be fixed ASAP though.

    1/ The near constant crashing is a dreadful experience when you try to go online.

    2/ So far the Livery Editor is completely broken with number panels floating away from the car body, and no changes to any parameter of customisation have an impact. I will send this on through the official support channel.

    3/ Kunos must make it possible to use the controller in the menus as navigating with my steering wheel buttons is a pain.

    4/ The headlights are too dim on high beam and make night driving hugely difficult.
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  3. Monoke

    Monoke Gamer

    The feedback Kunos are receiving on Twitter is overwhelmingly negative. The main points of criticism are the stuttering caused by the uneven frame pacing (which many people are still erroneously blaming on the frame rate) and the poor force feedback.

    The response to this debacle will tell us a lot about how Kunos views their console releases. AC was unfinished but it looked and felt good so people accepted its idiosyncrasies and it became best in class on console. ACC has too many problems to ignore. The frame pacing is key. If 30fps is all they can do then fine, but make it as smooth as possible.

    Next is the force feedback. ACC's famous physics engine isn't translating to the wheel. This needs to be fixed, now.

    Kunos cannot sit back this time.
  4. Biganda

    Biganda Rookie

    I don't have any working force feedback at all, and have to mess around with disconnecting and connecting the wheel every time to try and get it to work at all. My brother and I bought were really excited about the game, but we're going to get refunds as the game is unplayable unless something changes or announcement is made very soon. I haven't seen any response at from Kunos yet?
  5. I’m gonna try download this on our Xbox one s my son have, plug it in to my setup and compare it to my Xbox one X. Have anyone compered this? I totally forgot that Forza Horizon 3 for example that we have on the “s” is rock solid 30fps and i don’t recall having that much problem with stuttering. Could it be that the enhanced 4K native resolution on the x is messing things up with the frame pacing? I’ve seen other posts were people on base Xbox have issues with the FFB etc but I don’t know about the frame pacing.
  6. Monoke

    Monoke Gamer

    I'm on X1X but with a 1080p TV so 4K resolution isn't a factor for me and I'm still experiencing poor frame pacing.

    It's my understanding that all 4 consoles are experiencing the same problem. Anecdotally it appears that X1X is the worst but I'm not sure if that's objectively accurate or if those players are simply shouting the loudest.

    I put another two hours into the game tonight. Yes, the force feedback needs work and the frame pacing is killing me, but this will be a very enjoyable and very playable racing sim at a locked and correctly paced 30fps. It's a major compromise over the 60fps that we all wanted but there's a really fun experience here just waiting to burst out.

    I know nothing about game development or hardware so I'm just thinking out loud here but it seems that Kunos have some headroom with the X1X at least. Give us the option of 1080p and a locked 30fps with fixed frame pacing.

    Then again, I've read elsewhere that the frame pacing is due to a CPU bottleneck and that would not be eased by outputting at a lower resolution. However I quite simply do not understand this stuff so that could be complete crap.
  7. TinPeach

    TinPeach Simracer

    If it is a CPU bottleneck rather than just implementation problems then that would not explain the improved results on PS4 Pro (Or even the standard PS4) - which I am not suggesting is perfect but does run significantly smoother than the One X. The FPS is definitely not the problem on either X or normal, it clicks along at an average 32 on both and doesn’t fall below 30 - although this should be locked and not allowed to spike upwards as it is doing and adds to the problem.
  8. Monoke

    Monoke Gamer

    Do we know exactly how much better the Pro is over the One X? I have both consoles. I'm kicking myself now as I had reasonably assumed the the Xbox version was the one to get.
  9. When I run ACC on my pc at 60fps,there still seems to be a stuttering. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it's running at 60fps,even though both in game and bandicams counters say it is!! o_O
  10. DNR_Gaming

    DNR_Gaming Gamer

    Honestly In playing on the xbox one x and It doesn’t feel bad at all, I have benq gaming monitor so maybe that helps? I would like to see what kind of monitors or tvs are using those who say its terrible

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  11. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Kunos need to test his game on TVs not monitors, this is how we play on console.
  12. DNR_Gaming

    DNR_Gaming Gamer

    Well, tvs are not meant for simracing unfortunately...

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  13. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Perhaps not but this is how console players play. Despite the graphics issues this game is so enjoyable even when just hotlapping for 30 minutes straight. There seams to be less issue when the game is set to sun rise.
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  14. PHA7VTOM

    PHA7VTOM Rookie

    That post from 505/Kunos does inspire confidence, it sounds like they really want to support this game. I can't wait because I think after some patching this game will be incredible -- I think console players will really rally behind the product also if Kunos shows true community support.
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  15. Hammerpgh

    Hammerpgh Hardcore Simmer

    I have to say that my initial thoughts on ACC after hearing the news of no private lobbies and only 30fps were very negative and I was close to cancelling my pre-order. I hadn't changed my opinion after my first run out at Brand in the wet in one of the special events either. But having more given the game a chance i'm loving it. The FPS issue seems to disappear for me once I get into it and although not silky smooth and needs some improvement it's not as bad as it first seemed.

    The handling as with AC is just sublime and the sounds are superb. The ffb definitely needs some work as I don't get nearly enough feel from my wheel but hopefully they can improve that with an early patch. It's really annoying having to unplug and replug my wheel every time I start the game up, not sure how that slipped through as it seems to be happening for most people and not just a few.

    Really enjoying the special events and and I particularly like the Hotstint idea which is a really nice touch and gives a bit more depth than the simple Hotlap that is the norm.

    I have always avoided public lobbies due to the crash bandicoots that always seem to frequent them but I gave it a go the other night and did have some fun with it despite being punted off a few times in the opening laps of both races I took part in. But once into the race and the loons were gone or more spread out I did enjoy some decent racing. Private lobbies are a must though and I hope they come through with those soon. The group I race with all pre-ordered the game so we can league race with it and are eagerly awaiting news on that front.

    So after the first 5 days and an initial feeling of dejection my feelings now are that we have a winner with ACC and with the improvements outlined above it will be the best on console by some way.

    Priorities to improve for me are:-
    1) Private lobbies. A must for those of us wanting to enjoy this sim for league play.
    2) Fix the wheel issues. As mentioned above I
    still have to unplug and replug my wheel in every time I start the game. Also the profiles system is poor and you can't seem to save the steering lock in them.
    3) Keypad mapping. They seen to work after a fashion for certain things but you cannot map them properly. They are clearly recognised so it just needs Kunos to fix the interface to allow us to assign buttons to whatever we want.
    4) FFB. It's quite light for me at the moment. I've only got mine set for 75 road feel and gain but it doesn't give me much feel at that level. As they got this pretty much right with AC I'm hopeful it won't be too long to get it right with this one too.
    5) FoV. I am pretty happy with it as default right now but this feature really should be in any serious SIM so let's hope it finds its way in here soon.
    6) Optimisation for the X. As shown in a YouTube video I have seent the performance
    differential between the X and original Xbox is negligible. I'm sure with some work they can give us an extra 10% on the X. Strangely though i've gotten used to the framerate and it's not impacting the enjoyment for me at all now.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2020
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  16. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Alien

    This is what I’ve been doing for the wheel to be recognised.
    Start the game from your Xbox home screen with a controller. After the intro video plays and it goes to the “press any button to start” before you press anything turn your controller off and then plug the wheel in. Press A.
    You should have the wheel setting you last used.
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  17. DNR_Gaming

    DNR_Gaming Gamer

    Im goin to try this!

    Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  18. Since last week I have really really tried to come to turns and accept that this is what we got. I love the sound, the ffb and the AI for offline racing but I just can’t ignore the fact that the frame rate and frame pacing is of the charts on the XB1X. So I got myself a PC and thought I would give it a go. But before I buy it and realise I can’t play it on my PC Either I came here for some answers. But it turns out that I don’t have the privilege to post anything on the PC forum- don’t know why- I’m throwing out my specs here and hope someone with better knowledge then me can give me an honest opinion on how it will run. No use buying it if it’s as stuttering as in console.

    Processor: Intel I5 7600K 3.8GHz
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce Palit Gtx 1060 6GB
    RAM: DDR4 RAM- Crucial Ballistix 16GB 2666MHz
    storage windows: Kingston 120GB (M.2 NVMe) Storage 2-4: 500Gb sata
    motherboard Asus Prime Z270-P
  19. Jon Legg

    Jon Legg Racer

    I think the poor frame pacing is due to bad Vsync implementation, it’s not dynamic enough. I see there is an update out today, I’m not sure it will solve the terrible mess it looks like on my PS4 pro or any sort out the weird FFB i get with my T500Rs. I get an oscillating yaw when exiting corners sometimes on certain cars, even when I have full traction, it feels like some of the FFB effects are reversed. There’s also no wheel weight in slow corners, it feels terrible. I think I’m going to uninstall this game until it gets sorted out properly but I don’t think that’s going to happen, so it’s back in pile of unloved games for now.. perhaps permanently.
  20. banshee555

    banshee555 Rookie

    Running full grid through Eau Rouge/Raidillon is a bit of an improvement after patch,but still needs work.
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