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ACC content

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by TheBoss, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    New Zandvoort could be a bit of a coup. Kunos could have the first sim to feature it.

    Codies have a June date pencilled in for the F1 2020 release, but I assume as usual they can’t be bothered to laser scan.
  2. Can Kunos be bothered to laser scan it tho?
  3. FelixR1991

    FelixR1991 Simracer

    Kunos probably will be the first to have new Zandvoort, with the modding scene in AC1 still very much alive. :)
    Mogster likes this.
  4. NemethR

    NemethR Gamer

    Anyone knows anything about the update that should have come yesterday?
  5. houssen

    houssen Gamer

    yes they teased us
  6. Pier84

    Pier84 Racer

    they probably had some problems ... but they could communicate something about it
    Dewald Nel, m_box97 and vanveen like this.
  7. absolutely... i don't like that lack of communication by kunos. They tease something and then they disappear... Everybody was waiting yesterday and nothing. They could at least inform us with "hey, we had problems we have to postpone it, bla bla". Everybody would know... But now we will be waiting every day until something happens.
  8. Pier84

    Pier84 Racer

    I know
  9. houssen

    houssen Gamer

    [QUOTE = "dosenfleisch79, publicación: 1104996, miembro: 26692"] absolutamente ... no me gusta la falta de comunicación de kunos. Se burlan de algo y luego desaparecen ... Todos esperaban ayer y nada. Al menos podrían informarnos con "oye, tuvimos problemas que tenemos que posponerlo, bla bla". Todos lo sabrían ... Pero ahora estaremos esperando todos los días hasta que algo suceda. [/ CITA]

    I don't understand why they say nothing

    but then ask the community for help to help say the mistakes we found

    The beta testers is the community?
  10. Dobermann92

    Dobermann92 Gamer

    According to SteamDB they have to wait for 505 Games to QA test it, so that is why they have a delay, so blame them instead :p
  11. lordpatou

    lordpatou Simracer

    Hey they didn't promise anything, they tease us, that's how viral marketing works nowadays. You don't even know what you are waiting for (exept the skin editor, but you can easily edit skin right now) . ;)
    anthonylroy likes this.
  12. they removed the post on facebook....

    new build in the beta and qa branches. i think they will release it tomorrow.
  13. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Hardcore Simmer

    The post was on twitter and its still there
  14. MonzterPixel

    MonzterPixel Gamer

    I was hoping to see an update today.:(:mad:
  15. Pier84

    Pier84 Racer

    Here this is not nice .. honestly
  16. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Hardcore Simmer

    Day isn't over yet :p Hoping to see one too, but obviously they ran into some issues. Give 'em time, it'll come.
  17. houssen

    houssen Gamer

    the marketing person being fired

    learn from mistakes

    The carbonara went wrong
  18. anthonylroy

    anthonylroy Simracer

    The chinese wispers thread !
    Dobermann92 likes this.
  19. MonzterPixel

    MonzterPixel Gamer

    I am very curious to know additionally that you will have the update
  20. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Hardcore Simmer

    I'm not sure what you mean? :p
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