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ACC Crossplay?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Lars Schneider, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Public servers already have a limit of 30 users, only private servers can have larger grids. Setting limits for a crossplay server and clearly labelling it in the lobby would be an option.

    As most of the lobby is broken already probably better if they dont go this route. :D
  2. JovenTroll

    JovenTroll Rookie

    Well I think the debate is way easier. Having crossplay benefits everyone. The player base grows and that is good in itself IF the rating system works correctly, and so far, i think it does in general, and it helps to pay the bills, do not forget about that. But seriously the thing that i don't know is why racing sims have not yet done an ingame device detection, as many shooters do now, that tells you if that player is playing with a pad or with a Wheel. And much more, that it is not even necessary to know that. The players with a pad and looking for more arcade experience will be only gruoped with other guys with gamepads and the guys with the wheels will be happy too knowing that 100% they are racing only against people with wheels.

    I am not naive, i know it is probably something a bit complicated to implement but i have the feeling that not a single racing sim have even try to implement something like that and i think it would be a really good addition to the whole community.
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  3. Danny_P

    Danny_P Rookie

    Whilst it might not be an issue for some, updates for the pc version of the game would slow a fair amount. Crossplay would mean that both pc and console versions would have to be exactly the same, with this game being currently pc only, it probably means that pc will be the 'primary' platform that the devs build for, then trickle those changes over to the consoles. From a few people I know in the gaming industy, getting updates authorised and pushed to their respective console platforms takes longer than on steam.

    Crossplay would be ace, servers could have an option to not allow pad players. In the end console players and pad players probably outweigh the amount of 'hardcore' players - though I'll admit I'm guessing there.
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  4. David Danser

    David Danser Racer

    Heard Aris on his stream, crossplay will never happen. I am glad tbh.

    He said for a number of reasons, but especially the limititations for console versions is the biggest reason.
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  5. CSBGuardian

    CSBGuardian Rookie

    Hi all

    it would be nice to have crossplay , from my point of view.. I'm racing actually on PC but would also race this game on XBOX. With crossplay I don't need to addiotinally buy also an Console version to race against some friends I have there.
    Also I'm wondering why so many people think (an partially finger pointing on it) that every console player is using a pad/controller for race games^^
    There are so many many players using a wheel with the console, especially for racing games.
    I'm racing different racing games on PC and XBOX with a wheel. On the other hand I have also seen players using an controller on PC instead of a wheel. So it's not only on side of the medal ;-)
    With a server option, to not allow controller, you would also exclude PC players racing with controller.

    More/most problematic I see only the different networks with all the hardware and software stuff in between -> this may (and probably will) decrease the latency/ping and so on to a level, that would definatley impact the race.
    To get this on a good performance level will cost a lot of man power , experience , development work , tests, licenses etc. pp. - not only to establish it also to maintain it.

    Kind regards
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  6. ShObiTho

    ShObiTho Rookie

    Yes Please!
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