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ACC Custom Cars Handbook / - Handbuch

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by DiRTyDRiVER, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. DiRTyDRiVER

    DiRTyDRiVER Hardcore Simmer

    ACC Custom Cars Handbook / - Handbuch

    Link: http://bit.ly/2N1FS0v

    currently: 204 colors @ 1428 combinations (13.09.2019)
    Language: English / German

    This tutorial reflects my knowledge of this topic. In the first step ( alpha status ) will be shown here how to realize this on a public server. Later in beta status and the finished instructions, it should cover the whole range.

    Diese Anleitung spiegelt mein Wissen über dieses Thema dar. Im ersten Schritt (Alpha-Status) soll hier aufgezeigt werden wie man dies auf einem Public-Server realisieren kann. Später im Beta-Status und der fertigen Anleitung, soll es die ganze Palette abdecken.

    Screenshot 2019-09-12 10.55.16.png 2.jpg 3.jpg 1.jpg

    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019

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  3. popo87

    popo87 Racer

    We want more skins! :D
  4. ChrisRacki

    ChrisRacki Gamer

    Amazing work to put that all together!

    I am thinking about developing an interactive livery designer for RaceApp.eu

    The goal is to design and save your individual skins as preset and (re-)use them in the event booking system.
    The application then provides a download for the server administrator which contains the entrylist together with all livery description files in one go.

    Maybe you can imagine to allow me to use your work for that? Just contact me if you are interested :)

    kr, Chris
    Wutzmann likes this.
  5. Pier84

    Pier84 Racer

    great job congratulations! promises well
  6. PaulPunkGTX

    PaulPunkGTX Gamer

    Very good work. But it's still sad, that we can't do fully custom liveries like in most sims.
  7. DiRTyDRiVER

    DiRTyDRiVER Hardcore Simmer

    I'm also a passionate vehicle painter, in the classic sense. But also see advantages in this system, for Kunos and for league operators.

    Kunos himself writes that this system is not yet officially supported. Who knows what else is coming!

    With Server admin command: (privat Server only)
    /manual entrylist -> File "190831_092918_entrylist.json" in "result"-Folder

    with the following content

    "entries": [
    "drivers": [
    "firstName": "Heiko",
    "lastName": "Thoms",
    "shortName": "Tho",
    "driverCategory": 2,
    "helmetTemplateKey": 505,
    "helmetBaseColor": 3,
    "helmetDetailColor": 25,
    "helmetMaterialType": 0,
    "helmetGlassColor": 0,
    "helmetGlassMetallic": 0.0,
    "glovesTemplateKey": 1015624420,
    "suitTemplateKey": 1082130432,
    "suitDetailColor1": 0,
    "suitDetailColor2": 0,
    "playerID": "S76561197970349329"
    "customCar": "",
    "raceNumber": 42,
    "defaultGridPosition": 0,
    "forcedCarModel": -1,
    "overrideDriverInfo": 0,
    "isServerAdmin": 0,
    "overrideCarModelForCustomCar": 1,
    "configVersion": 1
    "configVersion": 1,
    "forceEntryList": 0

    entered in my Entrylist -> but server does not start
    Shows what else is coming.

  8. DiRTyDRiVER

    DiRTyDRiVER Hardcore Simmer

    My LAN-Server-Handbook-Setting

    You can create your skin with your own server on your PC. For this you have to start a LAN server.
    So you do not have much work, just download my LAN manual setting:
    • Download link (click button in the top right corner): https://www.dropbox.com/s/sggq64nxeuvui89/lan_handbook_set.zip.zip?dl=0
    • open this ZIP folder "lan_handbook_set.zip"
    • copy the folder "server" into the ACC installation and overwrite all files \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Assetto Corsa Competizione "
    • open the file "entrylist.json" under "server / cfg"
    • enter "PlayerID": your SteamID (letter "S" must remain) -> save -> close file
    The preparations are now complete. Now go to the "Painten"
    • start the file "accServer.exe" in the folder "server"
    • Window opens → Allow for firewall → Server is started
    • start ACC and go to: Multiplayer → Server List → LAN Server
    • Server "Test my Skin" should appear there → select it → click "Connect"
    • You should now see the following vehicle 20190910121137.png
    • leave now your server: esc → finish → confirm
    • Switch to the desktop with the keyboard shortcuts Alt + Tab
    • open the file "exampleCar.json" under "server / cfg / cars"
    • Here you can enter the IDs for vehicle, pattern, sponsor and colors → save
    • go back to your server and see your made changes

    have lots of fun with it

    Heiko T.

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