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ACC Driving Academy

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by SlawomirJ, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. SlawomirJ

    SlawomirJ Gamer

    Hello, fellow simracers,

    I've been dreaming of launching a Driving Academy for simracers for years, but because of different issues in life, I haven't been able to do so up to this point. However, the times have changed, and at the age of 30, I would like to try. I participated in thousands of races and sessions throughout the years in different sims, and what I noticed is that there's a group of people who want to drive fast and clean, but lack knowledge related to driving craft, defending, racing line, setups, and telemetry. And the academy would be for them. I have the idea about it and what hardware I'd need, but I'm not IT savvy. What I'm good at is teaching. I've been a teacher in real life for almost a decade, and I love being part of somebody's journey. Simracing's been my passion for more than 15 years and maybe some of you still remember me from the old days of Rfactor, Iracing, and other simulators. If anyone of you likes the idea, feel free to contact me. I'm a go-getter and would like to contribute to the international simracing community in the best way possible. I'd able to conduct academy events in Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish for non-English speaking simracers.

    Thank you in advance and wish you clean racing in ACC. See you on the track.

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  3. LucaBenj

    LucaBenj Racer

  4. [ATF]Shanti

    [ATF]Shanti Racer

    Sounds good, I have no idea how such an academy works?
  5. SlawomirJ

    SlawomirJ Gamer

    I've done something like that in the past with Rfactor 2 in 1:1 live session. The problem atm is there are no apps yet for live data analysis of other cars while on the server. However, at the beginning, more focus would be given to more basic aspects like racing line, corner priority, stable lap times etc.
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  6. SlawomirJ

    SlawomirJ Gamer

    Ok, since there's no software needed for some more sophisticated analysis, I'll do with what's available, that is my knowledge and experience as well as my real-life teaching experience. If anybody of you is interested in improving his or her racing craft to be faster but, more importantly, to be able to enjoy the game more, feel free to contact me for more details and conditions. I can help you with Barcelona, Monza, and Spa. The car I use is Bentley. A lot of knowledge applies to other cars as well.
  7. SlawomirJ

    SlawomirJ Gamer

    Here's an example of what you can expect from the academy if you do your homework. I'm in the Bentley.
    Enjoy :)
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  8. Christy

    Christy Gamer

    Salut ,
    Really very good Idea. :)

    Personally I started at a late age racing, by registering on Iracing, and after 8 months I gave up, for lack of advised advice, I was discouraged.

    Then a week ago, I installed ACC, and I found the racing system intelligently programmed. As well as obtaining the 3 medals after having succeeded: TR, CN, CC etc ...

    But what's missing .. these are help info for beginners.

    I started hosting on the German circuit Nurburgring with the GT3 mercedes and really it seems to me super difficult ....

    I would like to know for a beginner (considering that for 1 year I gave up) what track on the 10 in ACC choose in order of difficulty. and what car I have to select there too in order of difficulty (for the 14 cars)
    Million times 'Thank you' for your help.
  9. Christy

    Christy Gamer

    About your academy project, I have all the necessary skills to create websites, to install a forum to manage this one etc. but on the other hand I live in France, and do not really speak any English, I read it very well and where I help google translation.
    If you think we can work together on your project, can we study this?
  10. SlawomirJ

    SlawomirJ Gamer

    When it comes to the right car for you, it's always a personal feeling. I'm sure there're some videos about all the cars in ACC. The same with the tracks. I personally like Barcelona, Monza, and Spa.
  11. Slawomir - great idea and good for you to offer this! Maybe you already thought of this... start a discord channel and use Voice Chat during your lead-follow sessions so you can identify braking, turn-in, coasting and acceleration points plus general track positioning. Good luck and I hope many people take you up on your offer/idea.
  12. SlawomirJ

    SlawomirJ Gamer

    Of course, it's live sessions with some telemetry analysis and things like that. More importantly, though, it's about teaching sim racers right habits on track + how they can improve racing skills through self-analysis.
  13. Crt_Jokinnen

    Crt_Jokinnen Racer

    It is a good idea, very good.
    But I have my own community and academy at http://www.cracs.net
    With more than 33 years of experience in real and virtual competition.
    Real in Karting, Clio Cup, TCR, Formula4, F3, European GT4, LMP3 and Blancpain plus Endurance races in 24H of Barcelona and 24H of Nurburgring.
    Currently besides continuing to drive internationally, I serve as a driver coach.
    In cracs.net, in addition to learning and receiving piloting, setup and telemetry courses, you can enjoy realist championships by mixing real and virtual drivers.

    It's a great idea to help competition lovers get to know this world in the first person by improving their driving and experience
  14. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

    @SlawomirJ I myself started something of sorts because what @Christy said: there is no guidance whatsoever, it's ridiculous. It's in our own interest to help other drivers, otherwise we'll find ourselves racing against just the AI at some point. I started a sort of rookie only academy, but had to stop because the hot weather was killing me and my PC.
    May I propose something? Why don't we all help in this ACC Academy? Let's do it in this thread. You can always edit the first post as an index, and we all can talk about different things in different posts and index them in the first post (with a link). For instance:






    (just an example, the first post is always editable for the creator of the thread, you can use it as a guide for the participants/readers of this thread, and the thread could be the academy, you don't need another forum or another web)

    One of the things that I love the most is Tunning. I could help in that aspect.

    I hope you don't mind me stepping in the conversation. Nowhere as Nurburgring to learn to take corners properly. I mean if you look at the silhouettes of other race tracks they are in general very linear. The ring is is at temple of racing. Every section, every Corner is a pleasure for drivers that enjoy competitive racing.

    In my modest opinion, the Racing Line is what wins races nowadays, due to the BoP. The racing line is the single most important thing that a racing driver should learn, but for some strange reason online races learn the racing line the last thing. So we basically learn the most important concept at the end.

    If you want to understand the racing lines and if you really want to be able to apply the concepts to any other race track you have to master The Ring. And not just being fast, but also understanding when how and why you are fast. Because the ring it's the only track I have ever raced that makes you learn something every time.

    Again, I hope you don't mind me stepping in.
    I'm afraid you will have to test them all. Since the game came out I have watched many videos about every single car available in the game but when I test the cars myself I have different feelings and I have a different perception to what others analyse.

    To me that means that what really matters is how the car works for the driver in a particular moment. I'm afraid you will have to test them all.

    I suggest that you do it in a track you are very familiar with. Again, I use The Ring because in my opinion is the best track to test anything, it has a bit of everything. It has very quick sections and has very pronounced cornering sectors (slow corners and fast corners) and also pronounced changes of terrain altitude. Now if you want to test the maximum speed of the car then you should go to the longest straight in the calendar which is Paul Ricard. This track reminds me some how to The Ring but without the beauty of the German forests surrounding the track and in a completely and boring plane with no altitude variations whatsoever. If The Ring becomes too hard for you, you can always master Paul Ricard and use it as a test track, which is actually what it was built for in first place (test track for F1).

    It took me about a month to find the car that suits me. The search can be long, but at the end it pays off.
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  15. SlawomirJ

    SlawomirJ Gamer

    On the whole, the idea is interesting, but I'm sure it won't work. There are already tons of guides and videos of some sort. I know what I'm saying. I have almost 10 years of experience in teaching people languages. The basic principles remain the same. And the main issue remains the same, that is people want to shift responsibility for the results and progress to the teacher (in my case) or to the videos and written guides. First of all, the driver has to have a real need to undergo the process of change (be ready for making mistakes, pointing out mistakes to him etc.), and to be prepared for a long process with ups and downs along the way and a lot of homework (applying the theory and practice on the server to practice sessions alone). You don't need any forum or a website. The passion, knowledge, and professionalism are of uttermost importance in my case. It's better to teach one single person rather than a group of people at the beginning. It works. I've done it.
  16. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

    Many thoughts about this. I don't doubt that you are right, but at the same time I think you are expecting a lot from very young drivers. What you describe looks more like 'mentoring' to me, rather than an academy. Since you called it academy, I had the feeling that this would involve many people. What you describe is 1 to 1 mentoring. Which is not inclusive for all the rookies that actually need guidance. But if that is the way you want to handle it, I respect it. But please do not stop sharing your videos, there are just too good to miss.
  17. SlawomirJ

    SlawomirJ Gamer

    I just want to start nice and slow. 1:1, than 1:2. You name it. Maybe the word school is more appropriate in this case. I have some replays with good defending and overtaking skills. I'll try to post some of them.

    Generally, I'd like Kunos to add an option to not allow coming back to garage button and when you crash, or you can come back but you have to wait 30 minutes or something to be able to start again. It'd add a lot of respect and give us, hardcore simracers, even more simulation.
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  18. chksix

    chksix Simracer

    We could have a Discord channel for rookies and people who want to improve their racecraft. I'm one of those peeps:)
    Onward did that with the Bootcamp discord and they have recruited lots of talented players to the league play.
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  19. SlawomirJ

    SlawomirJ Gamer

    I have a discord channel but to communicate during driving sessions only. There're some leagues which use Discord the way you described it.
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  20. chksix

    chksix Simracer

    I registered at MrGit's but I'm not ready to race there yet. Just wanted to see the action :)
    At the moment I have no SA since I've been practicing only trying to find a car I want to stay with and learning the tracks. Not enough free time to build skill yet though.

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