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ACC good online racers

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by steevee, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Brado23

    Brado23 Racer

    Maybe a good idea for the game would be to let players give another driver a gold star for a great battle or race, and the number of gold stars a player has appears in a list when you join a server. Limit it to one gold star from a player so it can't be abused.

    Not a good idea to downrate drivers as that would definitely be abused by bad drivers wanting to make good drivers look bad for the sake of it, but uprating driver could work i think as people would only do it in appreciation of a good battle or race.
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  2. Pablo leal

    Pablo leal Rookie

    Do you mean, the safety rating working well at 1.0, no?
  3. Brado23

    Brado23 Racer

    No, the safety rating is a calculated value over time of driver skill, whereas the stars would be a person to person rating for multiplayer that could work in addition to it.
  4. DzelRacing

    DzelRacing Racer

    No, please.
    It's not a good idea , people are being malicious in general. I have no confidence at all by the judgment made by others.

    Maths, SR, like Iracing !
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  5. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    The rating system will do this objectively once it's fully working though won't it?
  6. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I'm convinced the SA rating will effectively do exactly this. Closed, good and clean battles is what it's looking at, and potentially it's very good at it.
    Sadly there is lots of complexity to be added to handle clowns (who act completely outside the role of racing) and exploitation (which may be used to quickly farm SA Trust), so that's the part which makes a few cool things impossible and the overall system prone to bugs.

    Still, I'm very happy about the core mechanics and how they play out. Good and clean racers will have lots of trust = lots of forgivingness, while bad and wrecky drivers won't be able to keep up even mediocre ratings.
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  7. Jarkko Torvinen

    Jarkko Torvinen Simracer

    How about close, good and clean battles where there is no position change? Have had half an hour battle(s) with car in front, right in rear bumper but because BoP etc there was simply no chance to overtake, cleanly. No SA points gained. Could have made dive bomb, but would not have been safe. Amazing and tough battle though!
  8. FelixR1991

    FelixR1991 Simracer

    I'll use DotA as an example here since it is one of the competitive games I do have experience playing. It gives you the option to report or to commend a player after a match. You get 3 reports and maybe about 10 commends a week to give out. If multiple people report a player within x amount of time, the player gets a penalty (in DotA, this is the low priority queue) and the players who have reported the player get an extra report to spend.

    I think this system of reports, where people have finite reports to give, really makes people decide whether to give a report to that one player who might have given them a slight nudge vs giving it to a player who blatantly rammed them off the track.

    I think this could work well together with the safety rating, because I think the safety rating has problems decyphering the intent behind a particular instance of contact between drivers. A report system could really add some context to these systems.

    Just my 2cts though.

    I actually digressed a bit, I wanted to talk about commends: commends count to a hidden behaviour score which builds credit against reports. Anyone can have a bad day or bad luck. Having a generally good behaviour score shields you from the effects of an eventual missed breaking point.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
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  9. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    It's also completely addictive! The effect my racing has on my ratings is more significant that my standing on the rostrum (or not) which has got to be a good thing
  10. Jacobs

    Jacobs Racer

    I think i've seen SA rising without any overtaking. Just close and clean driving was giving me that one point per 2-3 laps. May be dependant on trust aspect of SA. Many people who play online a lot since rewrite will have ruined trust factor which is not nice and from what Minolin is saying people with low trust will gain SA slower :p I didn't drive online that much and it's pretty fast for me to re-gain SA (clean air is the problem right now).
  11. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    Yeah, same. I think my SA will increase as long as the racing is respectful and close, no overtaking necessary. I might be wrong though. I'll try to observe it a bit closer tonight.
  12. Jarkko Torvinen

    Jarkko Torvinen Simracer

    True, could have trashed my SA in public lobby races :D
  13. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I was thinking about such a system, but rejected the idea for two reasons:
    a) Simracing is a bit weird when it comes to user interaction during driving. You never know how the setup looks like, if people have keyboard, mouse, dpad and what ever available or not. Experience says that you can't simply vote out a *real* wrecker from an AC1 server during a 20 minute session where literally nobody could drive, and everybody was wrecked in Raidillon. Still, a few hundred kickvotes couldn't solve the problem for reasons I will never understand. I guess that wouldn't happen in DotA, where everyone has perfect access and control over UI.
    b) Sorry to say that, but I do not trust "people" at all. Since years, I'm handling stories and reports about "wreckers", even "AI constantly ramming" etc. Simracers do not tend to be objective when it comes to accidents. Hell not even real drivers are :D
    You can add lots of complexity and statistics to tackle that, but is it worth it?
    c) I always have an eye for bullying. Conceptually, I do not see a chance how 3 guys couldn't team up to ruin the "report score" of a 4th guy for fun, while the same system can protect 3 guys from a bad person.
    d) Extending b) + c), as long as I have more confidence in my SA rating than I have in real drivers, I'll go for it.

    Yes, right now overtaking has *zero* additional Trust. Overtaking still is - inherently - the king in Trust generation.
    It's a good example of "why we can't have nice things": I already prepared the math to let overtakes generate trust, and the numbers work out wonderfully - but that opens a huge door for exploitation. If two guys pair up and do overtakes without much skill, this shouldn't reward them with Trust. Right now you have a quite linear relationship between risk and trust, which is quite convincing to me. I need to resist to add small things things that blow the concept, it's good as it is (and much better compared to MR).

    That's already pretty good. Numbers can go up to ~9 Trust, but that'd only happen when two aliens fight for their live in an epic last lap combat and such :D
    But once you drive worse (even without contact), your Trust/lap is going to be very close to 0 most of the time. Fun fact: it can even be negative.
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  14. Karolinis

    Karolinis Racer

    A bit offtopic, but since VR launch update I had some problems with the game and I verified the game files through steam - all my ratings got reset.. I was wondering what are the ratings related to - is it steam user name? Is it the name I use in driver profile in game? How does that work so I don't get in this situation again? :)
  15. PLebre

    PLebre Hardcore Simmer

    My weekly 2-4 ACC hours are basically racing online in public servers and I am glad to see my PRO-AM plate. :D
    Never paied atention to raking numbers and don't know what the letters means, or made offline challenges.
    With time you learn to avoid the potencial danger situations. Of course when there are some destrution derby guys you have to be lucky to escape unharmed.
  16. What a shame : A such good simracing game spoiled by players who take care at nothing...
    Finished by escaping the race yesterday... disgusted...
    I hope servers will have the possibility to filter players by the collected rating informations to not allow these players to join these filtering servers...
    Hoping rating won't be reseted too.
  17. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    A shout out and thanks to Fergus Jack for good, fair racing. In an otherwise messy race at Zolder, with backmarkers 5 laps down racing for position (!), I still managed to find a good race for several laps with Mr Jack.
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  18. Kefuddle

    Kefuddle Gamer

    So far in ACC, online racing has been a great experience. The rediculous wreckers are a very very small. minority in my limited experience. Maybe ACC is attracting a more serious crowd?
  19. Hopefully.

    Just to add, Branco is awesome to fight against...Yeah, i am a bit slower, but trying my best to keep up :)

    For those who doesn't know me from ACC...It's A.Isailovic.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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  20. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    Mr Dennis Lesik and Mr Kevin Tanton both deserve a mention here;

    They both chased me down in a race at Zolder, both gaining on me despite fightining each other. I never got to try my defensive skills as I crashed into one of two spinning backmarkers. But from the laps they did chase me down, I can say they were fast and consistent and obviously clean as they traded places while still reeling me in.

    Respect :)

    @Kevin Tanton
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