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ACC good online racers

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by steevee, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. manuel_rendo

    manuel_rendo Racer

    We are all complaining about wreckers,bad drivers,etc..truth is,it is unavoidable at this stage to have races that may be
    Perfectly named as “mad max &the butchery chicane”,.and I must say every day I see less people driving badly.which is good,But the approach to this problem could be aimed by Acc brilliantly with the Sa rating which by the way it works,, SA goes up steadily and slowly and hardly goes down except in a MP chicane mess being hit ,where the game does not discriminate who is who,or sometimes by own mistakes.

    The point here is that the Sa rating once in force for the servers will be for sure the best posible solution for clean racing.
    For most of the drivers.
    I am not saying that I am a perfectly clean driver,as I am not,but I can see how steadily my Sa rating is going up(64 )and not down simply by driving carefully and staying away of trouble.

    Still and this is the main point of this comment I think that some COMPROMISES could be made regarding COLLISION MODEL .the reason behind this is that most of us probably drive with a flat screen,which makes impossible a 3D perception,where a real driver is inmersed into a fully sensorial environment that allow him to perceive distance,speed,noise,proximity,depth,and multiple sensorial helping to cope with the demand of driving a GT car and avoid collisions..and even so there are,collisions ,therefore if this sim is so realistic regarding physics,wouldn’t it make sense that some tampering/flexibility regarding impact,collision model,should be addressed to compensate for the lack of sensorial inputs ? I am not saying an arcade solution,rather a mathematical approach ...if in a full real blancpain season there are...X collisions,Y lateral impacts,z spins,w accidents ..something similar in number should be in Acc for the top drivers (after a full season for example) and compare numbers..
    It would not make any sense to have 100 spins incidents for example in the first SRO Monza event..that is my point.
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  2. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    One suggestion regarding SA could be: when you hit lapped cars (or to be lapped cars), you get much less SA reduction. Reason being that there is a high probability that an accident with a lapped car is actually caused by the lapped car. On contrary, a lapped car could get a stronger SA penalty/reduction for crashing a car that is far ahead and tries to lap you (stronger meaning more severe penalty compared to the SA reduction when crashing a car that you are racing with for position)
  3. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    It is probably well known already, but @Jarkko Torvinen and Julian Peiker are both fast and very clean drivers.

    We just had an amazing 45min battle at Major Tom's server with the gap never growing above 2 seconds in 29 laps :)
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  4. cobrettee

    cobrettee Gamer

    Just had a race with Genesis @ Monza - clean, fast and I have to say it is such an awesome experience when you have close and respectful racing! Thanks Kunos and all the clean drivers! I don't get to race online often due to bad internet connection but this made my day :D
  5. Nesja

    Nesja Racer

    On one of MrGit his servers I was in an almost race long battle (30 min race) with 4-5 cars within 2 s almost the entire race. Super close at times, but no touching.
    It's a >60 SA server.

    On servers with no or low SA requirement I see more first turn pile ups or people spinning off.
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  6. fabT

    fabT Alien

    I think @Lord Kunos may eventually consider adding some drivers reputation endorsement mechanism ( driver Y adds a reputation point to driver X).

    Just an idea, we live in social networks time after all.
    It would be interesting as a feature.
  7. aluraacker345

    aluraacker345 Rookie

    Strongly agree with manuel_rendo
  8. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    A call of respect to a guy called Benjamin Oses. We raced just the two of us on a public server with good respect between each other (with some mishaps due to both of us driving new cars).

    We stayed and were evenly matched for the entire 20 mins race...good stuff...
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