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ACC Graphics and Performance Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by MonzterPixel, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Stains

    Stains Simracer

    I noticed higher CPU usage going from 3840x2160 to 5760x1080! I really had to work my settings again to get ACC running at smooth 60 fps on 1080p x3 compared to 4k. It really is CPU limited more than 4k! I can even run at 120% res scale if I turn off mirrors and turn down Ai (all CPU dependant settings).
  2. seb 6th gear

    seb 6th gear Racer

  3. moeppling

    moeppling Gamer

    3840*2160 = ~8300000 pixels
    5760*1080 = ~6200000 pixels

    3x 1080p utilises the gpu less, therefore allowing the cpu to work more. If one or more threads of your cpu was working at the limit before, it's probably bottlenecking now - leading to inconsistent frametimes. No suprise with an 7700k.
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  4. Stains

    Stains Simracer

    That's why I ran 4k at 80% res scale in ACC prior to buying triples ;) I did that to try to make a like for like but it turns out triples requires more CPU than a single at the same pixels!
    As stated by Aris, 4c8t is plenty for ACC ;) and most games the 7700k still holds its own against other CPUs.
    Last edited: May 20, 2020
  5. M-Bimmer

    M-Bimmer Simracer

    Noticed while racing yesterday at Spa with normal grid size (10-12 cars) that CPU overload and very high poped up sometimes and been wondering if this has to do with anything in the latest updates/patches since i haven’t played for 2 ish weeks or some settings that could be tweaked or just need to overclock my CPU?
    (worth mentioning that i’ve been running on epic for quite sometime)

    Here’s the sepcs in case needed:
    Aliemware: 3440x1440 @120Hz
    Asus ROG Strix RTX 2080 ti OC
    Intel i7 9700k @4.6 (is it time to overlock it to 5Ghz?)
    G Skill 16GB 3200 CL16
  6. C3PO

    C3PO Hardcore Simmer

    No way should you be needing to overclock that system - it’s right up there amongst the best.

    Out of interest, what resolution you running and what are the VRAM demands with your settings.

    For me (5760 x 1080) at 90% HIGH with one EPIC setting for textures, VRAM is about 7.5GB (bearing in mind my card is 8GB) with 99% GPU usage. CPU usage is around 40-60%.
  7. Tim Larsen

    Tim Larsen Racer

    Also, distinguish between the in-game display of high CPU that is actually the server CPU, not yours. If you run MSI Afterburner for eaxdample, after a race, look at the CPU load throughout the race, that will give you the local CPU usage.
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  8. M-Bimmer

    M-Bimmer Simracer

    Didn’t realise that it was the server CPU :eek:. Thanks guys.
  9. wizzo

    wizzo Rookie

    Hey guys, just jumped to tripples from VR. Quite surprised that my PC is pegged on 5760x1080 on high/medium settings. Any advice or things to look for.

    First of all, my setup;

    9600k overclocked @ 5ghz
    2070 Super overclocked on MSI Afterburner
    16gb 3200 ram
    Tripple 27" 1080p 144hz monitors

    My settings are mostly high, some stuff like foliage turned down to low.

    I am getting 75 stable fps after setting a limiter, my GPU is at 95% & CPU at about 60% while gaming. Any higher FPS and GPU is pegged at 99 and CPU is up there. Everything normal/expected?

    On iRacing i am running very high settings and achieving 140 fps with no issue, main reason i was wondering and thought i would post.
  10. moeppling

    moeppling Gamer

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  11. Tim Larsen

    Tim Larsen Racer

    Sounds about right. In iRacing I get 250+ fps with everything on max settings and the GPU is running at 40% max :) A 2080ti. iRacing GFX is not demanding at all, no comparison really.
  12. GONKO

    GONKO Racer

    Yeah iracing is like a cartoon by comparison though.
    I find it hard to fire up IR after racing on ACC.
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  13. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Little side note; my GTX 970 recently died after five and a half years OC. Given the current market situation and upcoming Nvidia/AMD generations of GPUs I'm probably sticking with an older GTX 560 Ti (1GB of VRAM...) for the time being - I'm honestly surprised with how well that card fares in ACC (and other even fairly recent games) at low settings and paired with modern CPU, RAM and SSD. Interesting.
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  14. nikdek69

    nikdek69 Rookie

    Hi, just bought ACC,
    I have the HW listed in my signature, I have to set the level to low and even with low settings there's a costant micro stutter that make the game unplayable, looks like something out of sync.
    The monitors are Gsyncs and it's of course activated, I have no issue with iracing or rf2.
    Tried to activate/deactivate the Sync ingame with no difference at all

    Looking for a solution... thanks
  15. f.e.negroni

    f.e.negroni Racer

    I don’t have G-Sync monitors but they are G-Sync compatible using Freesync.
    If I don’t enable freesync, I have microsrutters (I am very sensitive to them)
    But with free sync enabled the image is butter smooth: I don’t have v-sync enabled anywhere though (nvcp nor game)
  16. MABR

    MABR Gamer


    I found an interesting article with 15 pages about GSync and Input-lag. I don't know if FreeSync behaves the same way. Basically it says for me that G-Sync should be enabled, FPS should be limited 3 frames below the monitor HZ number and VSync should be enabled as well. So I have no stuttering and no tearing. Without V-Sync the picture tears despite G-Sync, but you rarely see it.
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  17. f.e.negroni

    f.e.negroni Racer

    In my case tearing is hardly noticeable but microstutters are pretty evident without Freesync when turning around hairpin bends (T1 at Nurburgring for example). Maybe it’s due to frame pacing or whatever, but I see those even at 110fps (I’m on triples!)
    With Freesync this stutters disappear and I can’t tell what the added input lag is at all (I took some high speed videos (240fps) and the lag between different modes is minimal as far as I can see)
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  18. mgouveia33

    mgouveia33 Rookie

    Can we expect more improvements to the perfomance? The game still seems to rely too much on the CPU, causing ocasional fps skipping and stuttering. For me, the frames are skipped whenever I have a spike in the CPU usage, which drops the constant fps 56 that I play with to 43 or something in less than 0.1 s. This is really bad, because it can cause me a lot of racing incidents ruining up other people multiplayer races.

    I heard a dev saying that the process of developing this game for the consoles have teached them a lot about texture and perfomance. Can we expect such an implementation into the PC version? I dont mean to lower the overall quality of the graphics; I just want to have more options for those who have mid-range PC like me and not a NASA computer.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2020
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  19. Stains

    Stains Simracer

    I know its not a fix but turning off mirrors and lowering shadows and Ai really helps the CPU . Im not sure of your CPU but for my 7700k @ 5760x1080 i have to have mirrors low/low, Ai 24 but 14 visible and shadows high/epic and i get a pretty solid 60 at most times .
  20. mgouveia33

    mgouveia33 Rookie

    I don't want to turn off the mirrors, since this is a safety tool for multiplayer races (specially entering in the circuit from the pits). The mirrors settings are all set to low and I'm playing with 13 visibile cars. The view distance is set to medium and the shadows settings are set the same. Lowering the fps cap to 56 fps seems to make the fps solid most of the time, but nevertheless the frames skipping will eventually happen. It may happen 2 or 3 times during the whole race with different severity, but that's sufficient to destroy everything sometimes.

    I feel like the skipping happens whenever the game have to "calculate something new that it wasn't expecting". For exemple, I've noticed that it happens whenever I am involved in a crash or there is a crash ahead of me; once it happened when a guy was blocking part of the track, and I had to take a different line than the usual racing line which was full of those marbles; I also noticed that it happens when in-game texts shows in the screen, for stuff like: "Pitlane is open"; and finally, the frame skipping ALWAYS happen in the beggining of the races, but since we are driving slow it causes no signifcant problems.

    PC Specs: i5 8300h, 8gb ram, GTX 1050.
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