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ACC Graphics and Performance Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by MonzterPixel, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Tusi Radix

    Tusi Radix Rookie

    Forget it. I just replaced my gtx 1070 with a 2070 super. I have the same fps count, but the 1070 was 99% under last this one only 50. Stutter is present. I just did a cpu test also. 50 cars on the grid, epic setting. Cpu was only 50 % under last, gpu 40%. I got 35 at the start and later 55-60. But its not smooth!!!

    Cpu ryzen 7 2700 stock
  2. dave967

    dave967 Racer

    Yeah i have a core I7 5820 16 gig a ram rtx 2070 ultra everything on epic & high. stock clocks on both cpu & gpu. Gameplay is smooth, no stutters except the join stutter. Using a high quality hdmi cable monitor 3440x1440 34 in dell curved @ 60 hz. I get 85 -95 fps with 20 cars and 65 -75 fps with 30 + cars.. i got no complaints..accept i was a victim of invalid car spawn today that turned me upside down on my roof, the car was totally wrecked afterwards..
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2019
  3. RoccoRider

    RoccoRider Rookie

    I really want too like this game,but the antialiasing is getting on my nerves....i cant get it too look good.
    I tried and switched every setting several times now but it just doesnt seem right.
    Also what i see alot are "skating"cars or cars that look like they float abit over the asphalt.
    My system is:
    -I7 9700K
    -RTX 2080
    -32GB RAM
    -35"UW screen with Gsync
  4. Ogvai

    Ogvai Gamer

    as of 1.2 it seems that the VR ini file might not work for gained FPS, as im having reports of people removing it and gaining FPS,

    As for @RoccoRider PM me on here, ill see what i can help with if you still need it, just send me your in game settings and ill have a gander, as you basically have the big brother of my machine, and a bigger monitor, so it shouldnt be too hard to setup to make you happy.
  5. rd.king

    rd.king Hardcore Simmer

    I have an I7 8700 processor
    16 gb ram
    an EVGA rtx 2080 ti ftw3 video card
    and an LG 49SM8600 screen.
    And I still can't get decent performance out of this game with good graphics.
    I cannot believe how poorly this game runs.
    It's hard to run this game at mid settings when you know what it can look like.
    Every other racing sim I can run ultra in 4K max out the grid size.
    Nebulozny, GuzziHero and bobken like this.
  6. GuzziHero

    GuzziHero Rookie

    Intel i7-8700k Processor
    16Gb RAM
    nVidia 1080

    Game is unplayable on 4K. So much screen stutter it makes me literally feel ill to play.
  7. dave967

    dave967 Racer

    folks are having trouble playing this game @ 4k resolution with the latest intel cores and an rtx 2080ti because of the full physics demand for every single car on any given server at the same time! What makes you think a gtx 1080 can handle that load. This is a real world simulator as far as physics are concerned, and you need serious hardware to run it in 4k at optimal speeds.
    Vunnible likes this.
  8. rd.king

    rd.king Hardcore Simmer

    Or it's a poorly optimized video game and the developers need to fix it.;)
    Gupise likes this.
  9. McGraw

    McGraw Racer

    physics is cpu
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  10. Vunnible

    Vunnible Gamer

    The point is still valid. I’m using i9-9900k and it’s bottlenecked.
  11. dave967

    dave967 Racer

    The Core I-9 9900 8 core’s are being bottlenecked by the Rtx 2080ti card. I don't think they’re using 2.0a hdmi connection or the highest level display port 1.4 at the card connection point. I think they’re still at hdmi 2.0..and dp 1.0.
  12. aitorlow

    aitorlow Rookie

    very bad optimizatiom .my setup triple monitor 144hz 1ms. stock i99900k rtx2070super gskillneo ddr4 3600cl16 z390aorus master ssd samsung evo
    low frames high setings 54 60 70 fps
  13. Ducati

    Ducati Rookie

    Upgraded monitor 34" 3440x1440 ultrawide display port 1.4 directly to 2060 super.
    CPU i5-8400
    Sim looks much more clear coming from 2560x1080 obvious pixel density improvement but I'm still experiencing strange fps drops into the 40s that last the entire race. Next race locked 60fps all is fine. I don't understand.
  14. dave967

    dave967 Racer

    the more cars in the race the more your hardware has to draw, and the lower your fps. What was the driver count of each race?
  15. hozes

    hozes Rookie

    Its the cpu and ram speed i think that affects performance much, my vega56 max usage is about %80( no mirros and shadow hifh, everthing is epic besides)

    If i lower the opponent visible 12 to 10 my min fps on race start at nurburgring is increase to 54 to 62, if i lower opponent visible to 8 my min fps is 66, other than the start, frame is stable 72 fps ( capped by rtss to use freesync- lower input lag)

    Cpu is i7 3770s
    Ram is 1600mhz cl9 ddr3
  16. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    How is that bad performance? A current title with lots of eye candy (high settings) achieving 60 FPS AVG is pretty good.
    anthony galmiche likes this.
  17. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Hardcore Simmer

    ... "lots of eye candy"... o_O
  18. I believe it would improve performance if mirrors could be disabled even when using the virtual mirror.
    I don't see the need for the mirror to be activated when using the virtual mirror.
    They could create side virtual mirrors.

    Cheers and a big huuug!!!
    F1Aussie and f.e.negroni like this.
  19. Tusi Radix

    Tusi Radix Rookie

    I had the same. Ram usage was over 8 gb. Ive restart the game, ram was 5,x and i ve got 100 fps even on the start. I ordered more 16 gb i ll see, if it the problem was.
  20. Gupise

    Gupise Gamer

    I9 9700k @5.0ghz, 32gb RAM, rtx 2080 ti and 49" monitor 144hz.
    I have micro stuttering problem.
    Freesync on/ off, FPS cap, vsync on/off, less details, more details, i tried everything but stuttering Is still there.
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