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ACC League Management Website - Simple, Easy to use and Free!

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Xylum, May 19, 2021.

  1. Xylum

    Xylum Rookie

    Hi, I see a lot of leagues using speadsheets, discord, the odd static website here and there and wanted to provide a tool to people who don't want to do much legwork when it comes to adding up points, entering data etc.
    I know there are websites like thesimgrid.com, simracing.gp where there are more serious championships available. I wanted to make a tool where you might just want a place to see results and standings.

    So here it is, www.acc-leagues.com. It is completlely free to use. You can make as many leagues as you want. All you need to do to get started is: create an account, create a league, add a season, add an event and upload a results file. It will do absoluteley everything else. It will add all the drivers, cars, laps, times, points, everything!

    A small issue I see with running public leagues is the variation in skill. Some leagues will have 5 or 6 alien drivers and then a few mid-level drivers. ACC-Leagues has a built in rating class system allowing you to assign PRO, PRO-AM and AM to the drivers based off their performance. The rating is calculated by comparing their result to everyone else in the league. Drivers start on a rating of 2.5 and it is capped at 0 and 5.

    Example, The best lap rating calculation uses a scale of -1 to +1. The best lap is a 1:40.000, the worst lap is a 1:45.000 and the average lap is a 1:43.000. The drivers that did a best lap above the average will receive a positive rating change on a scale to how much better than the average they did. The drivers that did a best lap below the average will receive a negative rating change on a scale to how much worse than the average they did.

    This formula also applies to Qualifying lap, Finishing Position, Average Lap and Consistency. Consistency is calculated via standard deviation (similar to simresults).

    Drivers class can be set automatically or manually assigned and locked.

    Standings show the points Overall as well as per class, meaning the drivers who are in the AM class will have their own standings, allowing them to be more competitive.

    To see an example of what everyone on the outside will see, you can use the league I'm participating in as an example: https://acc-leagues.com/league/2

    Feel free to ask any questions!

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  3. Mozza78

    Mozza78 Rookie

    Looks really good, especially the points system for the drivers. And the design of the website looks nice. Good work!

    Couple of questions:-
    1) It looks like you can change the points allocation for a league, but is it possible to change on a per race basis? Like an override of sorts? We have a longer season ending race where we allocate more points for that final race than for the other races.
    2) Is it possible to assign points for fastest lap and pole position? We have a sprint league where we award an extra point for fastest lap and pole, and 2 extra points for fastest lap and pole for our Endurance league
  4. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    Looks good. Can it handle multiclass seasons? Can it provide for dropped rounds, e.g. drop everyone's worst round from their overall standings?
  5. Xylum

    Xylum Rookie

    1. I will be adding the ability to set the points allocation for just the race, yes.
    2. It is possible to assign points for fastest lap and for pole position, yes.

    I will be adding support for multiclass GT3/GT4 racing in the future. Dropped rounds has been brought up a couple times so yes I think will be adding that too in the future.


    Recent additions to the website are:
    • Points for best lap is available to set from the edit league page.
    • Ability to hide or show rating to the public.
    • Ability to delete sessions and seasons.
    • Multiple sessions per event is now a thing, so one event could have 1 Practice, 2 Quali's, 2 Races.
    • Added ability to copy drivers and their rating from one season to the next.
    • Added ability to view lap times of a drivers session.
    • Added ability to disqualify a driver, this will update the points for the session.
    • Added ability to give or take points via a bonus points function.
    • Added ability to give time penalties to a drivers result, this will update the standings accordingly.
    • Added ability to issue a DNF as well as a DSQ.
    Last edited: May 28, 2021
  6. @Xylum
    How to you add members to a league, once you have created a new one?
  7. Xylum

    Xylum Rookie

    Just upload the results file and it will add all of the drivers for you.
  8. douwgZA

    douwgZA Rookie

    I noticed in your example site it doesn't show driver ratings as it does in your screenshots? Any reason for this?
  9. Xylum

    Xylum Rookie

    The league admin can hide driver ratings, means that the drivers will still be rated but they won't know what their rating is.
  10. Dyl3mma

    Dyl3mma Rookie

    It has some potential. It's not really helpful to me in its current state because we give points for fastest lap in race (not qualifying) and also, we have two races. First race is a 45min race and 2nd is a 20 min.
    The second race is 50% points of the first. Our endurance races are 200% points of the 45min race - so I can't do that with this website unless I create another league?.. im guessing.
  11. Xylum

    Xylum Rookie

    ACC Leagues would not support your format directly you're right, some workarounds would have to be done by yourself.

    Adding a facility for fastest lap in the race is easily doable. Different point structures for the same event may prove to be time consuming.
  12. Erik3E

    Erik3E Gamer

    Is there a possibility for being able to add more classes customized classes and so on? As ACC have 5 different classes this would be usefull for us as we use most of them. PRO, SIlver, PRO-AM, AM and, NAT. (national)

    Any possibility of adding more stats to the lists like races won, podiums, races raced in etc. ?

    I see a lot of potential here, love the work youve done so far, keep it up!
  13. Xylum

    Xylum Rookie

    I've put development on hold while I focus on some other projects, but I will be returning and I have a lot of feedback on discord where to improve the site. I will add this suggestion to the list also. Thanks!

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