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ACC online server status

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by menos | M6, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Odirse

    Odirse Rookie

    Nothing here either. Can't join any multiplayer games or whatsoever.

    I gave up trying to look at my driver stats very long time ago...
  2. iVG

    iVG Alien

    Updating back end ?
  3. icemanzp

    icemanzp Racer

  4. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    Can be, but I'm having these connecting issue for more than 2 weeks, nearly 3 now.:(
    For me it has been a continuous state of on and off for some time.
  5. Personally i'm getting a bit tired of the poor multiplayer network this game seems to run on, stats page often takes more than one attempt to load, server listing often takes ages to populate, disconnects from races and now everything is down.
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  6. budgetek

    budgetek Gamer

    +1 I am also getting a bit annoyed by being disconnected from MP server frequently or not being able to load the server list. It is happening for too long now and I am a bit dissapointed by COMPETIZIONE side of sim at the moment
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  7. Stefan Lemke

    Stefan Lemke Racer

    no serverlist...
  8. Nox

    Nox Racer

  9. Vítor Sousa

    Vítor Sousa Alien

    Here we go again
  10. rnavasg

    rnavasg Gamer

    Today CP server 6/6 Monza, after several seconds of formation lap, the formation hud dissapeared and the race finished (the fireworks were shown though).
    Next race in multiplayer (matchmaking), hit by the lag of the car behind me...
    I hope to be more lucky next time

    LATE4APEX Alien

    1st, I know nothing about networking.

    Don't know if this might have something to do here, but I am having problems I have never had before with my IP, like the speed being 0.01 Mbps, not for very long, but I would think that would pose a problem.

    I don't have high speed internet, usually only around 7.00 Mbps, but never anything like 0.01 Mbps.

    And steaming, has been quite intermittent recently.
    Last edited: May 11, 2020
  12. budgetek

    budgetek Gamer

    No server list for me right now. Again. The MP is becoming big problem it seems.
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  13. Raph.0013

    Raph.0013 Rookie

    same for me
  14. blasotto

    blasotto Rookie

    same here
  15. boban666

    boban666 Rookie

    Same here.Red light and "disconnect".
  16. Frankiez

    Frankiez Gamer

    Same here. This seems to be the Achilles Heel for Kunos...what a shame
  17. markes

    markes Rookie

    Still nothing? It's such a shame seeing the multiplayer side of this game being so badly done... It would be a blast if it worked properly.
  18. Maciej Malinowski

    Maciej Malinowski Hardcore Simmer

    Isn’t that because of Steam not Kunos o_O, I am just repeating what I think I heard somewhere
  19. markes

    markes Rookie

    Is it? I think that's odd, to be honest. Every other game is behaving in a good way. It seems there's something with the online side of this game that it's not properly done.
  20. falcon2081

    falcon2081 Rookie

    Servers seems to be down yet again today. Seems to be a common occurrence lately.
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