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ACC / OSR Setup Tool Web App (Open-Source-Racing.com)

Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by Booman989, Aug 30, 2023.

  1. Booman989

    Booman989 Rookie

    OSR Setup Tool Web App



    Introduction (30.08.2023)

    Open Source Racing Setup Tool is a small web app project for racers. The idea is to support you to improve your car setup, driving and knowledge. There is no need to install something or to login into something. Just start the web directly (mobile optimized) app by visiting: setup.open-source-racing.com or www.open-source-racing.com

    Actually, the web app runs in beta version. I would be very thankful any feedback on this content to improve you experience. I also add some setup tweak easter eggs, maybe you find them.

    Idea (30.08.2023)

    Think of your personal setup engineer who gives you advices if you have issues with your car setup. Some Apps already do such things. But for me as an automotive engineer, not only the “solution” is important, also “how and why” you get to the solution. In my web app I am trying to work with Icons as much as possible for a better understanding of your tweak. The app is also presenting pros & cons / side effects of your chosen tweak – you know, car setups are all about compromises.

    Tweak Setup Feature (30.08.2023)

    Until now, the tweak feature is only available. If you have a handling problem with your car or at a certain section, just tell it the setup tool tweak feature and it will give you advices to tweak your setup to get rid of your issue. Tweaks with the biggest effect on your setup are listed at the top, influence is decreasing from top to bottom. So chose your tweak related how big your setup issue is. You can also use the tweak feature for a completely new setup from the scratch to tweak it to your needs.


    Highlight – Setup Decision Logging (30.08.2023)

    In real life, your setup engineer is logging your setup tweak decisions. In the app, you can add your tweaks you made to your tweak history (at the bottom). It helps you better understand your setup. Check if you made decisions, which can have a general negative effect on your setup / track / car strategy or if they creating new issues in other locations of the track. Every setup tweak is connected with many other side effects you can check this at this section of the app to improve your setup.

    Future Plans (30.08.2023)

    Future plans include a fully guided, interactive initial vehicle setup guide that will allow you to build your own custom vehicle setup from scratch and a car setup wiki.

    About me (30.08.2023)

    I am an automotive engineer from europe, a hobby racer on real race tracks and virtual race tracks in sim racing simulators.



    Last edited: Aug 30, 2023

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  3. Bradza

    Bradza Rookie

    Nice app! Looking forward to giving it a spin, thanks for putting it together, I like the concept.
    Booman989 likes this.
  4. Nada

    Nada Rookie

    Thanks for your tool.

    1.) Issue: Car Bounces over Curbs

    Tweak: increase (stiffer) front fast compression damping

    Tweak: increase (stiffer) rear fast compression damping

    and after you say the opposite:

    Tweak: decrease (softer) front fast compression damping

    Tweak: decrease (softer) rear fast compression damping
    Booman989 likes this.
  5. Booman989

    Booman989 Rookie

    @Nada : thank you very much for productive feedback. You are completely right. Regarding dampers and limited info, it is hard to give an good advice.

    If you set the fast compression damping to hard, car will bounce over curbs and lose grip. If you set the fast compression damping to soft, you will touch the bumpstop. Depending on the hardness of the bumpstop rate if set to hard, you will bounce over the curb or if the bumstop rate set to soft, the curb hitting energy will led into the car chassis and you will bounce.

    To be honest, I forget to add that you should use motec to check if you are using the correct spring travel and optimal / fast compression damping / bumpstop rate / bumpstop range to absorb the curb.

    I will add this in the next version.
    Nada likes this.

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