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ACC Results Companion (V1.0.0 released)

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Doug Duthie, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Gamer

    The server results files would be a great help.

    Regarding the extra laps, this is something I’m aware of. It looks like the last lap shows as a new session frequently. ACC doesn’t flag when a session ends/starts, so I’ve had to derive some logic to attempt to work it out. However, this looks to be getting some false positives. I’m going to look into it when I’ve got a few other things out of the way

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  2. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Gamer

    ACC Results Companion V0.6.0

    Update posted over at https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acc-results-companion.28298/

    V0.6.0 now supports Server results files and can operate in a number of modes for this
    • On client PC with local ACC and local server
    • On client PC with local ACC and folder to store received server results files
    • On server PC (no ACC client install)
    • On PC with no ACC (client or server) but with only folder where server results files can be placed
    Server Install/No local ACC client

    • No ACC folder found...will be highlighted in red so no client sessions will be picked up
    • Enter the location of the ACC Results folder. This can either be a direct link to the server results location or a folder where the results are copied to
    • Note, in the status bar at the bottom, it will indicate that client sessions will not be monitored

    On a server, there is no player car, so results for all cars will be shown. Note forsessions with a large field/high number of laps, the lap details may take a few seconds to refresh

    You can focus on an individual player by double clicking on this row.

    You will then just see his/her laps

    You can go back to the full view by clicking All Cars button.

    Note the new column for penalties (the skull column) for multiplayer server sessions only.
    • Red means new penalty received
    • Yellow is penalty/penalties outstanding
    • Green is all penalties served on this lap
    Note, a player may have multiple concurrent penalties. To view the details, right click and select Display Penalties

    Now all the penalties against that player will be shown


    By default, track records will not be shown in server only mode (as there is no player car).

    If you wish to see the fastest lap across all players, check the Fastest across all cars checkbox.

    As usual, if you want to view the detail of the session for a given record, just double click the row.

    Client Mode
    Create a new folder for server results. Copy any server results there. They will either be processed when ARC is started, or if ARC is running, it will detect any new files.

    If a server file does not have the player in its lineup (by looking for your player name from the ACC setup), it just shows the full lineup

    If your player is in the field, this car will be focussed


    Note, you can still view the full field by clicking the All Cars button.

    You can filter on server sessions only as follows:-


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  3. excellent work Doug!
  4. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Gamer

    I've just posted a new version (V1.0.0) at https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/acc-results-companion.172267, and to celebrate it coming out of beta, it gets a shiny new icon.

    Headline main features are
    • Performance boost when displaying sessions with a large field/large number of laps (no longer takes seconds to refresh)
    • Fixed duplicate laps appearing
    • Optional heatmap colour scheme to display circuit records
    • A whole bunch of other bugfixes



    As the instructions are a bit too lengthy, there's a video to explain all the options:

    If you enjoy ACC Results Companion and find it useful and would like to show your appreciation, you can provide a small donation via the PayPal Donate button on the main screen.

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  5. flyelfrick

    flyelfrick Rookie

    Thanks for create such tool for ACC, is it possible to add an new feature to sort out leaderboards by drivers per track?
    Have such feature is easier for server manager to sort out driver leader board record.

    The picture is referenced from ACC racing club web site, but this tool is only for their online racing usage.
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  6. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Gamer

    Hi flyelfrick,
    That sound like an interesting feature to add. I should have all the required info I need from the server side results, so I'll look into it
  7. unpierrot

    unpierrot Rookie

    Hi Doug.
    Thanks for that nice app.
    I have a small question. I read that you detect the player's car with CarId 0, is it still the case in v1.0.1 ? Because in one of my last race result, my car wasn't 0 but 17 and ACC companion seems totally lost. It shows some unknow car and I'm unable to fix the session because the drop down menu only gives me one car (which is not the one I used but have a CarId equal to zero).
    But interesting things is that the car that only show result is an Aston (the one with CarId 0) and in ACC STATS leaderboard, in game, and I currently have this Aston filled with values that doesn't belong to session made with it.
    How do you match player car between your seasonEntity file and race.json ?

    To give you the full story, I'm trying to figure it out where issue in STATS leaderboard comes from. I was thinking it was at server side but as your tool seems to behave with the same error, I'm now thinking it's directly in game that mistake is made.
  8. unpierrot

    unpierrot Rookie

    Sorry, unable to edit previous post.

    To help you, here is how is organized json files for my car and the aston in your ACC companion.

    For my car :
    seasonEntity file , my car is located at events/carset/cars[17] (carGuid 80)
    result file, my car is located at snapShot/leaderBoardLines[0] (carId 17, carGuid 80)

    aston martin :
    seasonEntity file, car is located at events/carset/cars[0] (carGuid 62)
    result file, car is located at snapShot/leaderBoardLines[5] (carId 0, carGuid 62)

    and in race file, laps contains correct number of "carId":0 and "carId": 17

    In fix session window, default race number is 80 (which gives me unknown car) and the only choice I have in the dropdown is 62 (the aston)
  9. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Gamer

    I'm guessing you're talking about single player races. I'll have to look into how it currently works as the file format has changed a few times. I think originally it was carId 0, then it was a non-zero playerID. I must admit, I think the last single player race I ran was before ACC 1.2 came out. I'll see if I have time to run another race to check the files.

    In the meantime, can you send me your seasonEntity and results file so I can check my logic against the data? If you don't still have the files, you will find backups in the ACCResults folder (click the button highlighted below to go straight there)


    The season entity file will be in .\Backup\Config and called something like seasonEntity.<carName>_<circuit>_Race_<GUID>.json

    The results file will be in .\Backup\Results and called something like Race.<carName>_<Circuit>_Race_<GUID>.json.

    The <GUID> fields will match for both.

    Also, the Fix Session was to address a particular bug in ACC (now long fixed) and it provides the most likely candidate for the player car. I think I might change that to allow selecting all cars, as a workaround until issues like this are fixed
  10. unpierrot

    unpierrot Rookie

    Yes you're right, single player race.

    You'll found backup files attached

    Attached Files:

  11. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Gamer

    Aha - I think I found it! New bug I'm afraid, which I'll fix in the next patch. It looks like the Store laps for all cars setting no longer works properly. Go to the settings page and switch it on.

    Now go to the Backups tab, highlight your session, right click and select Replay


    It should then repair your session and you should be able to see your laps (and also be able to see how the AI are if you click All Cars!)


    I think I'm going to remove the Store laps for all cars settings (have it permanently on) as it causes a few other issues

    Let me know if this fixes it for you
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2020
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  12. unpierrot

    unpierrot Rookie

    Yep, it's fixed.
    Thanks Doug.
  13. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Gamer

    Hi Flyelfrick.
    Bit of a cheeky request - do you have server results files I could use for testing? I've only got a handful at the moment to test the leaderboards, so I need as many as possible to check the query is working correctly

    Sneak peak (still lots to do on it). Real names blurred out

    Last edited: Jan 11, 2020
  14. unpierrot

    unpierrot Rookie

    Is it possible to differentiate 2018 circuit from 2019 one ? And if the data from ACC doesn't allow that, perhaps a manual update could be implemented ?
  15. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Gamer

    At the moment, only the ACC server results differentiates between the tracks (even where the track didn't change), but the client results and Shared Memory don't - because of this, I've just kept everything as year independent tracks, which isn't ideal.

    I'll add the year dependent tracks in (in addition to the independent tracks) and then I think you should be able to move sessions between tracks with Fix Session.

    Also, does anyone have a list of the tracks that physically changed (eg re-surfaced) between 2018 & 2019? I seem to remember it was
    • Silverstone
    • Paul Ricard
    • Spa
    • Barcelona?
    EDIT: Don't worry - I found them in the release notes

    Any others? I'd like to keep the tracks that didn't change under the same headings for better comparison.

    Soon I'll be looking at a different way to get the track info to see if that lets me differentiate
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020
  16. unpierrot

    unpierrot Rookie

    I made a mistake few days ago and let ACC companion run in background while launching AC (not ACC)
    Seems that shared memory works even if it's not expected. ACC companion was freeze when I get back to it but has been able to add several records in DB. Something like a track (spelled with AC track folder) and some unknown cars. I've been able to remove these unwanted datas so no harm but is there a possibility to add application check ?
  17. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Gamer

    Yes good point - AC uses the same (or similar) shared memory to ACC. I think I should be able to check the version and exclude AC sessions
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  18. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Gamer

    It turned out I was checking whether the shared memory was AC or ACC, but then I wasn’t doing anything with it...genius! There will be some protection in at the next release. You also mentioned the app froze - I think I found the cause of that so that will be addressed as well.

    For the AC track/cars that get automatically added, this is an intentional mechanism. When new tracks/cars get added to ACC, there might be a lag before I can get an update out, so at least sessions will be stored until then. I guess you’ve figured out how to tidy up the circuits and car_def tables. If not, I’ll be completely refreshing the tables when the ICGT DLC is out

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