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ACC Results Companion (V1.8.0)

Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by Doug Duthie, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    Doh! :eek: It looks like the app isn't detecting a new session when you restart ACC after the app has already processed sessions. The "new" session recorded is the last laps of the old session with the fuel, tyre stats etc from the new.
    I'll try to find some time to recreate this over the next few days. I'm looking at a different way to detect a new session for something else, so I might have to bring this forward to fix this.

    In the meantime, it looks like if you restart ACC, you'll have to restart ARC with it

    EDIT: This should now be covered by V1.6.7
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2020
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  2. Thomas Fun

    Thomas Fun Racer

    I also have a case where the total time is not matching with the recorded laps, it was from last ARC version 1.6.5 and an event. Usually i can take a look at the hotstint time by this value, in this case i can not.

    The total time would be correct, if it added the 8th lap as well.


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  3. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    There was an issue with wet sessions in V1.6.5. The lap enrichment threw an exception (which is why you only see tyre temps etc for the first lap) and would have caused problems with calculated values at a session level. This should be fixed in V1.6.6
  4. B_U_R_I

    B_U_R_I Racer

    These sessions were all run ane after the other. I didn't restart ACC inbetween and the same with ARC. I ran these session one after the other: Practice (Laguna Seca), Practice (Bathurst), Qualifying (Bathurst), Race (Bathurst), Qualifying (Laguna Seca), Race (Laguna Seca). I only have Practice (Laguna Seca), Practice (Bathurst) and Qualifying (Laguna Seca) in ACR.

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  5. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    I think the issue is around when I go to access the driver(s) for a car. It is reporting that that it can't find the driver for the car and that is causing an issue when saving the session. I have a feeling that if a player leaves before the end of a session, that is what is causing me the problem

    For the next release, I'll put in better error handling around this and try and ensure I keep the list of all drivers, even if they leave early.

    EDIT: This should now be covered in release 1.6.7
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2020
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  6. |BAD| DavE

    |BAD| DavE Gamer

    Hi Doug.

    First things first.
    This app helped me various times in calculating the amount of fuel for a race. It's pretty awesome.

    But in the last days it seemed to not get all sessions into the database correctly. I've just left a MP practice session wich is recognized in the log but it doesn't show up in the results page.
    Attached is the log of your app.

    Attached Files:

  7. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    ACC Results Companion V1.6.7 Released (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acc-results-companion.28298/download)
    This mainly covers a few bug fixes/niggles

    Existing process check
    There were possible issues if ACC Results Companion didn't close properly (one of the threads was left running). This could lead to ACC Broadcast connections not being made the next time it started. The closedown procedure and checks has been improved, but as a safety measure, the app now checks for any other instances of ACCResults running and won't start if it finds any. If this occurs, locate the task in Task Manager and kiil it, before starting the app again.

    Revised car brand icons
    Some of the icons didn't display too well in the list boxes, so these have been improved in some cases.

    Handle lost ACC Broadcast session
    Very occasionally, the new broadcast session will close immediately after being opened. The app should now handle this situation better.

    I still need to look at the root cause, although I have some thoughts. To properly close the connection, a message needs to be send indicating the connection id to terminate (to prevent resource leaks), before the connection is closed. It looks as though when a new connection is requested, this occasionally gets the old connection id before shutting down. I think perhaps it is processing the termination message for the old connection. I'll look at ways of better handling the connection recycling.

    ACC Restarted
    If sessions were run, and then ACC restarted, it is possible that new sessions won't be detected. The conditions to detect new sessions have now been changed to cover this.

    Drivers leaving session
    There was a situation where I think if other drivers left a MP session early, they would be evicted from the driver list. This could either cause their laps not to be saved or could cause the entire session to be lost. This scenario is now catered for.

    It should be noted that while testing I have not been able to recreate this scenario any more, so this may now not occur with ACC 1.5.1
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  8. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    This looks like ACC closed the broadcast connection immediately after it opened and so that session didn't record. In V1.6.7 (just released), I've added retries in case the cnnection is lost within a session, and I'm hoping that covers it. I'll also be looking at the root cause
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  9. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    ACC Results Companion V1.6.8 Released - (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acc-results-companion.28298/download)

    Apologies for the quick-fire releases. While the last release was predominantly bug-fixes and stability enhancements, this release continues what I had intended for the GT4 DLC. Headlines are:-

    Multi-class Results

    Multi-class results are now implemented so you can see how you are doing in your car class, team cup category and your driver category.

    Each driver is now colour coded according to their rating (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum). The race number is colour coded according to the team cup category (Pro, ProAm, Am, Silver and National) using the ACC colours. Also, the race number is flagged with the class tag (blue=GT4, yellow=ST, green=Cup, none=GT3) as appears on the ACC results.


    In addition, laps/results can be filtered on car class...


    cup category...


    and driver category


    Positions will be calculated for each class. Similar filters exist on the leaderboard.

    Some broadcast connections being rejected

    When a connection is terminated, a close message is sent to ACC, giving the connection ID to free resources. Very occasionally, it appears that ACC gives the same connection ID on a new connection before the free resources message is processed. The free resource message is then processed on the new connection which then won't send any messages.

    Now, ACC Results Companion will wait until acknowledgement has been received that the old connection is shutdown before opening a new connection.

    In addition to this, if a connection is lost part way through a session, it should be re-initiated correctly

    Freeze on shutdown

    Occasionally, the app would freeze on shutdown. It should now wait for threads to close without locking the UI. If threads don't close in 5 seconds, the app will close anyway
  10. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Simracer

    This! Is! Awesome!

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  11. cooknn

    cooknn Alien

    Doug, this little app rocks! Thank you so much.
  12. Thomas Fun

    Thomas Fun Racer

    Could you include an additional filter for the Car/Track history tab to exclude invalid laps? I like to see my progress of my event hotlap sessions, but the invalid laps in between are not useful for that. And maybe optional have a heatmap too, like in the leaderboards. It looks cool when it goes from red to green with the progress in the sessions.

    Little bug i found: The delta columns in that tab are always based on 0 seconds, not the real laptimes, so the delta is always something like +110.
  13. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    I'll add these to the work queue. If you're interested in progress, it probably also make sense if I give option to exclude in/out laps as well.

    As a bonus bug, it seems this screen still displays the overall lap record, rather than the class specific one :(
  14. Hi @Doug Duthie,
    I have been using your app for a very long time and I like it very much. I play generally only single player hot lapping and use the ACC Result Companion as a storage and later analysis and comparation.
    For a very long time I have a very strange issue where after I pause the game for some time and then when I return the frametimes start to pulse like a cardiogram, but the fps is contatnt. And recently I realized that this happens only if I use some telemetry app. It happens with with ACC Result Companion and with Sim Dashboard PC app also, but it does not happen with SimHub.
    I am not sure if the apps are the problem or the broadcasting mechanism of the ACC itself. May be they receive the telemetry data differently I dont know.

    Can you give a little help or advice please :)

    Here is a link to my thread with more details and history https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/gpu-frame-time-pulse.64873/
    If you like we can discuss this in private messages in order to keep the app thread clean.
  15. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    I haven't experienced any framerate pulsing myself (I don't monitor frametimes, only FPS though) and I haven't seen any stuttering. I've tried to make ACC Results Companion to be frugal with resources, but it will inevitably have some impact on resources. In terms on impact, it does the following while running
    • Polls ACC shared memory every second. Other than a minor systems overhead this shouldn't impact ACC at all
    • Logs when cars cross line and have accidents. These should be few enough not to be an overall impact
    • Asks ACC to send all sorts of messages on the Broadcast UDP interface. The most frequent will be the realtime updates/ realtime car updates indicating where each car is etc. By default, it asks for updates every 100 ms. You can change this here
    • upload_2020-7-30_22-50-25.png
    • If you increase it, there is less load on ACC but gap times will start being less accurate, and if you raise it too much, I'll start missing cross line events
    • If you use ACC Results Companion prior to V1.6.6 I think, there was a bug in the sample UDP client code which caused a resource leak in ACC after half a dozen sessions, - I'm not sure what effect this would have in ACC (the main visible issue is that ACC results Companion connection requests would take longer and longer, then timeout)
    • I could be wrong, but I thought SimHub used only shared memory (maybe its changed since last time I used it though) so that might explain why that is immune
    • Have you tried Crew Chief ? That also uses the Broadcast UDP interface, but I believe it doesn't connect via an interface based on the Kunos sample client so it would be interesting to see if that has the same problem or not
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  16. Thank you very much for your reply. I'll test today to play with the update interval to see if it will change something. Will also try crew chief to verify if I get the same effect.
    I know that fetching data increases cpu usage, but I am sure that there is plenty of cpu power free (my cpu is 16 cores 32 threads). What I think is happening is may be some kind of internal lock in the ACC engine.
    Btw, I forgot to mention that pulses are approximately pulse every 200ms (5hz).
  17. Today the game got updated to 1.5.3
    So I tested again Crew Chief, ACC Companion with different refresh (10/100/1000ms), SimDashboard
    I could reproduce the pulses only with SimDashboard, the others were fine!!!
    I am completely sure that before I also got these pulses with ACC companion only ... very strange, may be they changed something in ACC 1.5.3

    So your app is clean :). Sorry for loosing your time and thank you for the wonderful app.
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  18. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    ACC Results Companion V1.6.9 Released (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acc-results-companion.28298/download)


    Car/Track History Enhancements
    As well as a couple of fixes (Real world delta comparison broken & records not updated for class), the following enhancement has gone in. You can now, exclude invalid laps and In/Out laps.



    Also, you can view lap times as a heapmap


    Manually Invalidate/Clear Invalid Lap
    This is intended mainly for server results file imports where not all invalid laps are reported as such. If you verify (eg via replay) that a lap is invalid but isn't flagged, you can manually invalidate it so it doesn't appear in the leaderboards.


    There is also a Clear invalid lap just in case you want to revert a change.

    Note, as the DB writes are now asynchronous now, the update may not be visible immediately. Click on the session again to refresh the laps after a seconds or so.

    Real life race records
    As mentioned above, some of the Cup records have been corrected.


    The control should update if the class filter is changed (to display records for class) or for the class of the highlighted car. It is proving problematic to obtain results for all classes. Not all classes run at all of the ACC tracks, and even where they do, the results provided are very inconsistent (some don't publish qualifying or race or both). Also, it is not always clear if they run on the same version of the circuit. If the class results are not available, the the overall record (effectively GT3) results are displayed

    In terms of coverage:-
    • GT3 - all track records available
    • GT4 - All bar Kyalami and Laguna Seca available
      • Note: Paul Ricard is included but i think they use the Chicane Montreal so it isn't a direct comparison
    • Cup - Laguna Seca, Misano, Paul ricard, Suzuka and Zolder not available
    • Super Trofeo - I couldn't find any results for these
  19. Thomas Fun

    Thomas Fun Racer

    Oh it is already done and just works perfectly, thank you!

    And I just discovered the F1 style lap/sector times on your screenshots, I had no idea that this existed. :D
  20. Justin w

    Justin w Racer

    I was wondering would this still work as I run the server from a remote desktop would it need to be installed on my pc or remote one??
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