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ACC Results Companion (V1.9.0)

Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by Doug Duthie, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    ACC Results Companion 0.4.1 - minor update

    Allow the ACC data folder to be set via a field on the settings page, if not in the default location

  2. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    ACC Results Companion 0.4.3 - Prepare for 2019 DLC

    Quick update that should be installed before the ACC 2019 DLC comes along. ARC uses a map to recognise each car and give a friendly name and image to. These obviously need to be predefined. In this update, if an unknown car is received, a template entry is added to the map, with a default image and the Car Name will temporarily be defined as the code supplied in shared memory (if it was a hotlap/online session). If it was a hotstint/offline race, it will show as an unknown car. When the DLC is available, I'll put out an update to put in the correct car names/images. For tracks, Zandvoort if already in there, so that should be an issue (although, I'll need to update the image)

    Why make this so complicated?

    Well, ACC has 3 different ways of coding cars.
    • For results files, the car model is a number (1-18 at the moment)
    • For shared memory, the car model is an abbreviated code (eg Huracan ST for the Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo)
    • For championship files, it is another code (eg Lamborghini_Huracan_ST)
    I need to map these three codes to the car and image in order for the app to display the results correctly

    Also included is a bug fix where a session is abandoned with no laps completed. This tended to confuse the app about the next session.

    Example new car on Hotlap (assuming the Super Trofeo was not defined)

    Example new car on Hotstint

    Update can be found at https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acc-results-companion.28298/
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  3. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    Full support added for 2019 DLC

    I've posted an update at https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acc-results-companion.28298/ to support the 2019 DLC
    • New cars added (images, display names etc)
    • Zandvoort image updated and real race/quali times added from 2019 races.
    • Just for fun, Kunos changed the codes of all cars in shared memory, so you've probably seen some cars displayed in an odd way. The upgrade should fix up these sessions
    • Fixed a threading issue when the results file is picked up
    For all those PM'ing me on RaceDepartment with question, I apologise that it has taken so long to reply. I was being a bit of a numpty and didn't realise it had an inbox


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  4. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    One thing I forgot to mention, I can't figure out how to differentiate between tracks that have updates (eg 2018 or 2019 Silverstone). There doesn't seem to be any distinction in the seasonEntity file or the shared memory. So at the moment, 2018/2019 times will be displayed together.
  5. kuhaufleitung

    kuhaufleitung Rookie

    As I'm not using my C: drive for my documents, the program tells me at the beginning that the necessary folders are not found. After that it gives me a dialog to choose the actual path. The problem though is, that the window closes in 1-2 seconds thus not allowing me to choose anything. Is there a solution to this?
  6. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    It sounds like a bug in the dialog. I'll have a look at improving this.

    In the meantime, find the file ACCResultsSettings.json in the folder C:\Users\<your user name>\ACCResults\ (assuming C:\ is your home drive and \Users\<your users name>\ is your home path). Add the attribute ACCFolder in the json...the value should be the path of your ACC folder


    "ACCFolder":"C:\\Users\\Doug\\Documents\\Assetto Corsa Competizione\\",

    see attached file for full example

    Now when you start ACC Results Companion, it should be able to start properly

    Attached Files:

  7. kuhaufleitung

    kuhaufleitung Rookie

    Thank you for that workaround.
    Well, I migrated my whole user folder to my D: Drive, but I'll give it a try.

    Edit: Looks like it didn't even create one in the first place.
    I also appears that the program doesnt shut itself down correctly.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
  8. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    OK...looks like I've made some invalid assumptions when it comes to cases like yours. Out of curiosity, when you moved you user folder, how did you do this?

    What I'm going to do in the meantime is improve the error handling around this. If it fails to find the right folder, you'll still be able to enter it via the settings screen. I hope to have something out at the weekend.
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  9. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    @kuhaufleitung - Something I'd been meaning to sort out for ages has indeed caused this. I pick up the ACC folder from %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione. This is of course only valid if you haven't moved My Documents. (I'd basically misunderstood what %HOMEDRIVE% and %HOMEPATH% pointed to)

    In 0.5.1, it now looks at <My Documents>\Assetto Corsa Competizione. If it doesn't find it there, it gives you a dialog - there's better error handling around this now so it should cause the app to fail on errors.

    However, this does all cause me a bit of an issue. The user folder for ACC Results Companion is stuck on the C: (or boot) drive in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ACCResults. It should have been in My Documents, but I don't want to move it at the moment as it will break other users' installations
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  10. kuhaufleitung

    kuhaufleitung Rookie

    by doing it like this:

    The only folder that exists is %appdata%, that would be too much trouble...

    Thanks for the quick fix, that was fast.
    Handling file paths is indeed a pain in the ***, actually learned something with the usage of %HOMEDRIVE% and %HOMEPATH%.
    I guess i'll symlink that specific folder then, no problem.
  11. dave967

    dave967 Racer

    Is it now set to capture multiplayer results?
  12. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    At the moment, it only captures multiplayer results from the player side (this shows only the player). I'm working on an update to process the server side results, which has results for all participants within the race
  13. Gary Munson

    Gary Munson Racer

    Hi Doug, I like the app ..I have two issues at the moment when selecting track one is as show the other is an unknown track ?

  14. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    Hi Gary,
    Damn - I thought I'd got rid of that error :(

    Basically, bad design choice on my behalf. I'd named the backup files based on their type, session, car and circuit etc and delimited these elements by an underscore. In order to display nicely on the backup screen, I parse the filename so it looks nice with car, track etc. All worked well until ACC 1.1, when Kunos decided to rename all the shared memory codes for the cars - they now include underscores. This makes the parsing fall apart and so thinks part of the car code is actually a track.

    So if you ran a hotlap, practice session or anything online between ACC 1.1 and me releasing ARC 0.5.0, and you looked at the backup tab (I think), you would have got some invalid tracks added (911_gt3, amg_gt3 etc). I'd fixed this with 0.5.0 and thought I'd purged the bad tracks (but clearly not). In the next hotfix, I'll tidy these up, but in the meantime, just ignore them

    The "UNKNOWN" track was intentional. It was supposed to scoop up sessions where the track couldn't be determined (there was an ACC bug where the session file became corrupted, but that might have been fixed by now). I'll prevent it from being displayed as it is confusing
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  15. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    Should be addressed in update 0.5.2 out now
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  16. WesCoraX

    WesCoraX Rookie

    Hi Doug, I'm trying to work in something smaller, but only for MP server. However, I'm not an experient developer so this might be longer for me than for you so maybe we could change ideas and help each other.
  17. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    I'm in the middle of adding support for server result files. I've got a fair idea of how I think it could be used, although I would certainly welcome fresh ideas.

    One problem I'm going to come across quite soon is lack of test data. I have a small number of files kindly provided by a couple of people. I occasionally run my own test server, but I've only enough resources to support running a single car, so it is of limited testing value. Things I'm keen to verify are
    • if the file format has changed at at
    • all the penalty types that might be issued, and their codes. I'm particularly interested in penalties that are served, those ignored (and what happens next) and DQs, along with what happens if a player accumulates multiple penalties in a laps for example
    • Results with the new cars/tracks to verify it all works
    If you have server results files (since ACC 1.1) that would certainly help.

    The use cases that I anticipated where
    • ACC Results Companion run either directly on a server or a PC with shared access to the results folder for league administration/private servers (ie allowing for ACC client not installed locally)
    • ACC Results Companion run on a PC not directly connected to the server, but able to process results files copied on to it. Again, this use case is probably league admin/private servers
    • ACC Results Companion run on PCs with ACC client installed. Able to process server files copied to them. This use case is for players who participate in leagues/private servers and which to view their results (providing the server admin is willing/able to supply the results files)
    I'm excluding public servers as a use case. I don't think it would be practical to obtain server results from them

    Let me know your thoughts
  18. Orcajavi

    Orcajavi Racer

    After a while, yesterday I was finally able to test your application for multiplayer mode (it's the only mode I play in ACC). It is very comfortable to see the times and liters of fuel and I hope to see in the near future the rest of the cars on the grid.
    Can I help you with something?
  19. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    Hi Orca
    Unfortunately, I’m restricted by the information that ACC provides. For multiplayer, it doesn’t provide client side results (with the full field) and the shared memory interface only gives information for the player(not strictly true, but the information for other cars doesn’t give me enough for my purposes).

    The only real hope for full field results on multiplayer, is looking at the server side results, which I’m currently working on. However, this is only going to be useful if you can get hold of the results files from the server admin (which probably won’t be the case for public servers)

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Orcajavi

    Orcajavi Racer

    I'm a community administrator and I have access to session results files.
    If I delete the steam id, I have no problem sending you the files.
    In the day to day we use public server. On Thursdays we use private server, I can send you both files if you need them.


    Reading the message again, I have understood what you want to tell me. It will not always work because it is necessary to have the server file. But for a league it may be interesting to obtain results in a more visible way.

    On the other hand, I wanted to tell you that currently, in many career sessions, repeat lap results and in a 9-lap race, ACC companion says that I have taken 12-13 laps.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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