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ACC Results Companion

Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by Doug Duthie, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    I hadn't anticipated that anyone would blacklist local results - this had the effect of blacklisting all local results as they use the same identifier. 1.12.5 includes a partial fix
  2. JakubFranek

    JakubFranek Gamer

    Oh shoot, I raced on Paul Ricard recently but it looks like the session did not record. And I did not realise Hotlaps don't give fuel data, that actually makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.
  3. N.Madeira

    N.Madeira Rookie

    Users are extremely ingenious @Doug, they will concoct the most incredible things just to make your life harder :cool:
    It seems to be working now and the app is a lot but a lot faster.

  4. Niko31

    Niko31 Rookie

    Hi @Doug Duthie ,

    I've downloaded last version v1.12.5 and my lap times in single player are not taken into account ;) ...
    ... but it seems that it's not the case of all times ...

    Let me show you.
    In circuits tab, for Kyalami, here are my best lap times (you can see my best is 01:43:455 in Mercedes AMG GT3) :


    But, if I look in the race I just finished, you can see that there is a lap of 01:43:371, which should be my best in circuits tab as it is a valid lap:


    Here are my diagnostics if you want to have a look : iMLGyxg65Qw2OF-z2897Ou3R0QE285HF71f8FuO85UY


  5. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    OK - I'll have a look
    Niko31 likes this.
  6. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    @Niko31 - it's a bit difficult to see what is going on as there don't seem to be any log messages for this session - I'm not sure if hiding the log page suppresses the file file being written to...something else I must check.

    However, I did spot something interesting from the results. It looks like only from lap 272 to 305 were the full details available (tyre pressures etc). Given this was a 9 hour race, is this a session you completed in a number of sittings and resumed the race each time?

    If this is the case it might explain the situation. Resumed races are a bit of an odd case. Kunos provide the race results for the full race, but these are just very basic details. All the extra details (tyre conditions, damage etc) are only available for the current part of the resumed session via UDP/Shared Memory. When the race finishes, I try to merge the two sources of information. Given the fastest lap was #265 (ie before this sitting) this will get taken from the results file, not the UDP information. I have a feeling, the fastest lap information just gets taken from the UDP session. If this is the case, I'll have to make sure it also takes into account the results file information.

    I should be able to fix up the leaderboard/circuit records so that records missed in this way are taken account of
  7. Niko31

    Niko31 Rookie

    Yes you're right. This session is a saved game I resumed, so that's the reason why information are more complete from lap 272.
    You don't see other sessions (from lap 1 to 272) because I deleted it to avoid kind of "duplicated" sessions because the last one includes all previous ones. But if you tell me it's better to keep it to keep best lap times, I can keep it in ghe future.
  8. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    OK...that makes sense then

    Whether you keep or delete the old partial sessions is up to you. The benefit is they give more information but the downside is you have duplication. I don't have a reliable way of matching old partial sessions into the completed race. I toyed with the idea of manually matching partial sessions, but this is fraught with difficulties as you could resume a race many times giving you orphaned partial sessions. If I get time, I'll explore this further
    Niko31 likes this.
  9. Niko31

    Niko31 Rookie

    OK, thanks Dough.
    I think I didn't notice the saving lap time issue before because it's not very common for me to do best lap in races. I usually do it in qualify.
    For the moment, I will keep old partial sessions to keep my best lap times in case I perform again a best lap time in race.
  10. Yatzeck

    Yatzeck Racer

    Hey guys! This the first time after install ACC Results Companion and... appear window "Configure ACC Broadcast - invalid port configured". I went over this by typing in the standard port and password. However, when you run ACC Results Companion and ACC in the Companion, there is no data there (I mean: no personal data). What am I doing wrong that I don't have any personal data in each of the tabs? In the settings I can see my profile credentials but under all the tabs, after chose some car or circuit there is nothing...
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2021
  11. Niko31

    Niko31 Rookie

    Hi @Yatzeck,
    ACC Results Companion records your ACC sessions while you are running it. So you have to launch ACC Results before each time you launch ACC.
    So it's normal if you have nothing after installation, it doesn't retrieve pre-installation results.
    Hope it helps.
  12. N.Madeira

    N.Madeira Rookie

    well, have an interesting on the leaderboard.
    This user showed up today:

    As it is clearly an invalid record I blacklisted the record.
    When I did this... my own laptime disappeared from the leaderboard and appeared on the Blacklist alongside Red Terrier. hummm interesting...
    Decided to remove my user from the blacklist

    However, when I do this... the user Red Terrier is also removed from the blacklist...

    I've exported diagnostics in case you need it under User ID mC6mB9IMyO8nSlvqRZw-Y6XIBSqArzlnhWan8fFoFyU

    Have a look @Doug when you have some time.
  13. N.Madeira

    N.Madeira Rookie

    Another things I just noticed now... when removing my user from the black list it asks for confirmation, but as you can see from the screenshot below, my name is not populated on the field $PLAYER_NAME$

  14. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    OK - It looks like I should be excluding records where a time isn't put in. I'm guessing Red Terrier was another participant in a MP session you were in. At the moment, you cant really blacklist other users that were in the same session as you as the identifying key is the same (I don't use driver name as that is fraught with other problems). I'm going to be removing the ability to blacklist these type of records for this reason. Blacklisting was only really there to blacklist records from other users that may have been manipulated or more likely incorrect due to a bug in the global leaderboard.

    BTW...internally, you are always $PLAYER_NAME$ and it just translates that on display
  15. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    @N.Madeira - actually, so that I can test that I have this bug closed off, can you export diagnostics

  16. N.Madeira

    N.Madeira Rookie

    @Doug Duthie, Off course.
    Exports with UserID mC6mB9IMyO8nSlvqRZw-Y6XIBSqArzlnhWan8fFoFyU
  17. Cirith Ungol

    Cirith Ungol Simracer

    Hi Doug !

    I've a weird bug in the "Leagues" tab, everything was working well until I added my last race. In this race instead of having my 3 letters shown as "PAP" it was reported by the game as "Pap" and it made 2 different entries in the standings :
    All the races were done on SGP and I suspect they may have changed the way the acronym is reported, but all other drivers in the standings are fine.

    Cheers !
  18. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    Silly question - does the name you registered as on SGP exactly match your ACC driver name (including the case) ?
  19. Cirith Ungol

    Cirith Ungol Simracer

    Yes it is, both first letter are capitals and the rest is lowercase. In my driving profile in the game the abbreviation is set as "PAP". This is SGP :

    And this is the game:

    Cheers !
  20. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    Well, something I learned today was that the server entry lists override the player's driver name in ACC. I think SGP is reporting your short name as "Pap" rather than PAP...generated from your name perhaps. I was relying on matching the reported driver name in the car to the player's driver config. However, if they don't match, I don't know for sure which the player's driver is. This was a mechanism I had to put in to recognise the player in a team of drivers. If a match isn't found, as well as the name appearing differently in the results, the unmatched sessions don't make it to leaderboards/fastest laps.

    I'm currently working on a solution to this. I think I have a way for single driver teams (as I know the car). Multi-driver teams are going to present a bit more of a challenge and I'm exploring some options for that.
    Cirith Ungol likes this.
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