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ACC Results Companion

Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by Doug Duthie, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Hardcore Simmer

    @Niko31 / @unpierrot - sorry about that. It looks like the msi was corrupted. I've rebuilt and re-uploaded

    Let me know if you have further difficulties
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  2. Niko31

    Niko31 Rookie

    @Doug Duthie ,

    Yes it is working fine with the new package, thanks ! Consolidation race results is working fine. Just one remark, not a big issue for me, but it seems there is a refresh issue on "consolidate race results" action. After doing it, the UDP session is still appearing in the list, although the consolidation is working. It is disappearing after the next action you performed. But as I said, it is working, I think it's just a list refresh issue.

    And you were right about my races on the previous screenshot, I can not pair it because as you said, the UDP session did not correspond. I think it is happening each time I quit a race and restart it.

    Thanks for everything you are doing on ACC Result Companion.
  3. unpierrot

    unpierrot Racer

    @Doug Duthie : New upload is working fine.
  4. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Hardcore Simmer

    Yes - you're right. It looks to be missing the refresh after it completes (I think I put this in as a development/testing option originally so it wasn't fully refined).

    I'll add it to the queue of things to be fixed
  5. CookieMobster

    CookieMobster Rookie

    Hey @Doug Duthie , can you help me with a problem?
    I uploaded my documents folder to onedrive, and after discovering problems with it, I unuploaded all my folders. However my Companion App isn't working still as it can't record new sessions. Below are my log reports
    Thank you!

    Attached Files:

  6. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Hardcore Simmer

    Can you export the diagnostics (instructions at https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/acc-results-companion.172267/page-34#post-3324812) and I'll have a look

    EDIT: I've just had a thought. Did you change the location of ARC and or ACC? ARC stores it's location in the registry (in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ACCResults). If you move the folder, you have to update the UserFolder key to point to the new location. In addition, if you move ACC data folder, you'll have to update the settings page in ARC to point to it
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  7. CookieMobster

    CookieMobster Rookie

    Hi Doug Duthie, thank you for the reply.
    I checked the UserFolder key and it's point to the current location of my ACResults folder, however it's still not recording sessions at all, so I cannot export diagnostics for them. However, in my most recently recorded session, the player they chose as "Player Car" is wrong and is not me. Diagnostic File: 3E26JWjPqKZFjiZnPz47x7xtQy3mZQHjeooYUFmW34U

    Edit, User ID is : 3E26JWjPqKZFjiZnPz47x7xtQy3mZQHjeooYUFmW34U

    I posted this issue on reddit a few days ago, and they told me it might be because uploading on OneDrive messed with file permissions? Is this a possible diagnosis.

    Below I posted pictures of my "settings" page on ACCRC, my UserFolder key, and my ACResults documents directory
    Thank you again!

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  8. CookieMobster

    CookieMobster Rookie

    Hey @Doug Duthie , I forgot to mention, but I did make new folders in an attempt to fix this issue, however, even when I changed my settings page to direct to the correct folders, no session was able to to be recorded (As displayed in my logs in my previous post)
  9. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Hardcore Simmer

    I can't see anything bad in the logs. Can you explain what to did before it stopped working? Did you copy your documents across to OneDrive or did you point OneDrive to include C:\Users\XXXXXXX\Documents\? If the latter, make sure the ACCResults and ACC folders are configured to be available offline otherwise you'll get strange results. There isn't any issue running ARC from a OneDrive folder (I do this myself).

    Next up - I couldn't see much happening from the diagnostics uploaded other than you replayed a lot of backups (was this in an attempt to re-create a database?). I can see you started a practice session in the AMG/Nurbugring at 17:58 and then it looks like it disconnected at 18:00. It doesn't seem to have recorded any other activity.

    Can you upgrade to the latest version (1.16.8) as this has some memory fixes - If you click the "Install Latest Update" button in the top right, this should do it for you. Next, when ARC starts, change the logging level to SuperVerbose on the Log page

    Check your Firewall/Antivirus. Check ARC isn't blocked from file/directory access or accessing port 9000 (this should be fine as I do see some broadcast messages)

    Now start a session and run at least one lap and exist the session. Check the ARC log page - wait until there are no new log messages. Now export the diagnostics again and let me know the time you started and finished the session and how many laps you ran.
  10. CookieMobster

    CookieMobster Rookie

    Hi @Doug Duthie , I updated ACCCompanion and changed the language to SuperVerbose and now it appears to be working correctly, thanks for the help!!
    Diagnoistic ID: 3E26JWjPqKZFjiZnPz47x7xtQy3mZQHjeooYUFmW34U

    To answer your questions above: I pointed OneDrive towareds XXX\Documents\, and then Companion App stopped working so i unsynced Documents from OneDrive but it still didn't work, which brought me to this forum.
    Yeah I replayed the backups to re-create a database

    Thanks again!!
  11. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Hardcore Simmer

    I'm guessing ARC or possibly ACC wasn't fully able to access information until OneDrive finished syncing.

    Is everything ok now, or do I still need to look into anything?
  12. CookieMobster

    CookieMobster Rookie

    @Doug Duthie , everything is fine now thank you so much for your help!
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  13. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Hardcore Simmer

    ACC Results Companion V1.16.9 Released (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acc-results-companion.28298/download)

    Important Stability Fixes

    This release includes 2 very important stability fixes

    Free UDP Connections
    This is my own fault for taking the Kunos sample code and not paying too much attention to how it cleaned up the sockets when done (it is merely a sample and not production code after all).

    Basically, when a UDP connection attempt was made, and failed, the socket was not being freed. Given ARC polls for a UDP connection, the available sockets would eventually be consumed if left running for a long time. The result would be that eventually, sessions would not be recorded.

    This fixes that and also counts the number of UDP client connections made to ACC in the SHM widget (Broadcast->UdpConections).

    Leaderboard Widget Memory Leak
    If using the Leaderboard widget (I acknowledge that few people do), this had a memory leak when the leaderboard was rebuilt. This happened every time a driver joined or left the session. For multiplayer, this was especially noticeable as the entry list changes frequently. The net result is that after as little as 2 or 3 sessions, an out of memory condition would be reached which would crash the leaderboard and potentially crash ARC as well.

    This release fixes the worst of the memory leaks (the leaderboard isn't constantly rebuilt and manages resources a bit better). After this release, I'll double check other potentially areas

    Other Stuff
    Various tooltips fixed and the brake bias for Honda NSX EVO fixed (The SHM documentation was incorrect)

    A quick reminder, if you have an issue with ARC, you can provide diagnostics (instructions at https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/acc-results-companion.172267/page-34#post-3324812) - be sure to let me know on this forum so I know who the diagnostics are for and what the issue is

    Thanks again for all those who have donated - I really appreciate it
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