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ACC setup guide?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by warth0g, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Zeraxx

    Zeraxx Racer

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    LATE4APEX Alien

    Thanks for that info.

    I usually want to decrease higher speed understeer, by moving the aero towards the front from default, by lowering the front ride height or lowering the rear wing attack value, or both, and noting the result in the very useful and informative Kunos FRONT AERO VARIATION tool.

    The only data I have access to, is the value in that tool, and if the result of my changes is a logical change in how the car feel's/drives, I have no reason to doubt what I'm doing is correct.

    I also follow an standby old setup law, make changes big enough to be able to actually see the results, that might otherwise be masked by other variables. .
  3. LucaBenj

    LucaBenj Racer

    I'm a mechanical setup donkey. I am truly a great incompetent on these engineering matters. So I just use the basic, conservative presets. The only problem is that I do not understand the basics of tire inflation logic, depending on the track asphalt temperature. In certain conditions I can thus, for example at Monza, turn with my lamborghini on 1.47.5. Other times I can't seem to go below 1.50.

    So, on my performance, I can't see how much my psychological and emotional state affects, and how much mechanical component. So, I limit myself, to fully understand the behavior of the car with the setup values I have available with the default values.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  4. Bobobski

    Bobobski Rookie

    Interesting thread – Reminded me that I was thinking of taking a deeper look at ACC’s data logs – At least that will be my excuse to get out of this weekend’s family commitments :)

    Seriously though, in addition to some of the already very good points covered in this thread, I would say that one of the most basic mistakes is to jump into setup tweaking way too early.

    Personally speaking, I like to look at it like this: In general terms, ‘performance’, i.e. the thing that leads to faster lap times is essentially made up of the following three basic things:

    1. Track Competency
    2. Driving Effectiveness
    3. Vehicle Tuning Efficiency

    Put simply, the fastest guys on the track will be those individuals who have been most successful at pushing all three of the above to their limits.

    If you agree that the three elements above are essentially the three pillars of performance, and then you accept that the quantitative expression of this is to all intents and purposes a ratio (i.e. you can get better or worse in each, and they all add up to equate to your overall performance), then you will hopefully see why jumping straight into vehicle tuning is probably not a good idea; how do you know it was the setup tweaks that made you faster (maybe you just got better at finding the limits of the track). Even more fundamental: how do you know how much overhead is left in the system (i.e. how far you’ve managed to push the limits)?

    Luckily, this is where the data logging feature in ACC can help, and why data analysis can be such a useful tool to have in your toolbox - When all things are said and done, it’s not only about tuning the car, it’s also about tuning, you.

    With that in mind, I would say that the main advantages of data analysis to the sim racer are the following:

    · Provides you with a baseline to objectively compare and contrast the evolution of your performance (including any setup change that you might eventually make)

    · Helps you to identify and separate the various performance factors mentioned above, and therefore make a more objective/data driven decision on how close you are to the limits (or even if you are stepping over them)

    · Provides an objective environment to compare and contrast your own performance with those of friends/team mates, or even your enemies, if they are silly enough to let you have their data logs :)

    · Can be used as a post-race analysis tool which, in conjunction with video replays, help answer questions like: why did I lose control on that corner? Why did I run out of fuel, I thought I put more than enough in? - And so forth.

    Last, and by no means least: but don’t you need a degree in vehicle data analysis to fully benefit from this, I mean, what’s with all the histograms and wiggly lines in Motec i2 Pro?

    Firstly, you're not limited to using Motec i2 Pro, there are other analysis tools out there (examples of which can be found in this tread). However, what I would say is: if you have the time and are particularly keen on going the extra mile (or, are just interested in how these things work in real life Motorsports), then Motec i2 Pro is pretty much the industry standard, and as such, has a relatively large user base - That means lots of tutorial, guides, and other such things that should hopefully more than satisfy your curiosity.
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  5. Perell0ne

    Perell0ne Racer

    I agree, that's why for the moment I'd stick to point 1 and 2 of your list. Hope to start tweaking setups once I'll be faster than now. To help on this ,I make use of the CC (Car Control) widget that ACC provides. I take occasion to give a question to the fastest guys out there: is it CC a reliable tool?
    I mean a very fast lap will show "perfect" or "very good" at every turn? Or it can be a perfect lap also if showing you other colors than green?
  6. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    CC is very reliable
  7. Perell0ne

    Perell0ne Racer

    Then there’s a lot I’ve to learn about tracks and driving, cause I still miss the ability to repeat corners the same way several times in a row and, for some, I never nail it, no matter how I approach it. Wondering now if it’s achievable a “full green” in each corner with stock setup just by driving properly. Or if I cannot nail some because setup do not allow.
  8. Stains

    Stains Simracer

    I'm really trying to drive the 991 cup car in heavy rain but am 4 seconds slower than the Ai at 93% where in the dry that's my level, the tyres go cold within a lap or two, how can i keep temps up in heavy rain?
    Can anyone share a good wet setup for the 991 cup car please?
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  9. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Simracer

    Or just some general setup advice for rain driving like " raise the ride height about x mm" or sthing like that?
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  10. Shooter80

    Shooter80 Racer

    I'm not one of the very fastest, but I think I'm about quick enough to qualify to answer. If I'm doing qualifying practice, or nailing a qualifying lap before a league race, my CC will go down, driving a car for every last tenth without regard for tyre temps/wear/life and an extra margin for safety (handily my team brought a few race-prepped spare cars and snuck them into the garage) does make the CC algorithms frown a bit, but for the most part, it doesn't object to appropriate driving during a race stint, so yea, it is something that imo gives good value to pay attention to, and to try improve at while driving.

    Roughly what CC range are you currently frequenting? 70's, 80's, 90's?
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  11. xXTRebUChtXx

    xXTRebUChtXx Gamer

    Check out this video series about how setup work can be done:
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  12. Pier84

    Pier84 Simracer

    Guys, does anyone want to share some setups for the Huracan? Any track is fine!
  13. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris Simracer

    Thnx alot
    awesome videofootage!
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  14. warth0g

    warth0g Hardcore Simmer

    Attached is the best setup guide I’ve ever found and I still use it today. This is the one that was developed for GTR2, so it’s specific to that sim. But it’s still useful for ACC. It lacks a few things however, like the suspension settings so it’s not perfect (and I therefore never the touch those settings because I don’t understand them).

    In my ideal world, Kunos would do a version of this that was tuned to ACC, or perhaps some knowledgeable member of the community. Obviously it would be great in-game, but it would be fine as a stand-alone PDF too.

    I can dream, right?

    Attached Files:

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  15. Perell0ne

    Perell0ne Racer

    I’m in the 90s now. Actually going down trying to improve my time in Barcelona...
  16. SliderX

    SliderX Rookie

    I don't understand why if RH affects the aerobalance so much, but the tuning step is a millimeter, not tenths.
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