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DOCS ACC Shared Memory Documentation

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Fernando Barbarossa, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. pankykapus

    pankykapus KS Dev Team Staff Member KS Dev Team

    If I'm not mistaken, the only track with meaningful (or any) difference is Silverstone 2018 vs the rest.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2021
  2. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    I think it was originally announced that as well as Silverstone, Paul Ricard, Spa and Barcelona were modeled with different surfaces. IIRC, two of these were roughly the same, one was somewhat faster (I can't remember which one, or by how much) and Silverstone was a couple of seconds slower. Anyway, some people just like to categorise things...even if just to benefit from the placebo effect

  3. XzzDSA

    XzzDSA Racer

    To me it's not so much the track surface that matters, rather which BoP is used. Currently, to my knowledge, there's no way of identifying which BoP is used, other than knowing which track is being used.

    As an example, if I set up a server using the track Silverstone. How do you know if you're going to be using British GT bop or GTWC bop? Not only is the info not available in the shared memory / broadcasting API. It's not seemingly clear ingame either.

    Maybe I've misunderstood how the BoP works from track to track. But would be nice with a clarification on this, in that case.
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  4. pankykapus

    pankykapus KS Dev Team Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Shared tracks between the two series always use the GTWC one, it's in the changelog I think.
  5. expor

    expor Gamer

    Great, weather forecast available :D Just waiting for the new documentation to update my app!
  6. TheBigO

    TheBigO Gamer

    Same here, same here for the AI based Engineer...
  7. expor

    expor Gamer

    Doc is updated in start post ;). Almost done implementing it :D.
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  8. Malc2169

    Malc2169 Gamer

    How are you guys getting on with ACC_TRACK_GRIP_STATUS? I am expecting to extract a single digit integer, but am getting something weird like 1101162087 and it is throwing off rainIntensity, which oddly enough matches exactly what I am expecting to see for Grip Status!?
  9. expor

    expor Gamer

    And I'm done :D

    Please read the documentation carefuly. It seems like you did not add the new data members from v1.7. It's working fine for me!

    Attached Files:

  10. Malc2169

    Malc2169 Gamer

    EDIT - Oh, FFS, somehow I managed to delete the float Clock from the declarations! I need to give this sh*t up...

    All good now :/

    I don't think it's that - I have checked and checked again to ensure all the 1.7 and 1.7.4 new stuff has been added.

        Public Enum ACC_TRACK_GRIP_STATUS
            ACC_GREEN = 0
            ACC_FAST = 1
            ACC_OPTIMUM = 2
            ACC_GREASY = 3
            ACC_DAMP = 4
            ACC_WET = 5
            ACC_FLOODED = 6
        End Enum
        Public Enum ACC_RAIN_INTENSITY
            ACC_NO_RAIN = 0
            ACC_DRIZZLE = 1
            ACC_LIGHT_RAIN = 2
            ACC_MEDIUM_RAIN = 3
            ACC_HEAVY_RAIN = 4
            ACC_THUNDERSTORM = 5
        End Enum
            Public MissingMandatoryPits As Integer
            Public directionLightsLeft As Integer
            Public directionLightsRight As Integer
            Public GlobalYellow As Integer
            Public GlobalYellow1 As Integer
            Public GlobalYellow2 As Integer
            Public GlobalYellow3 As Integer
            Public GlobalWhite As Integer
            Public GlobalGreen As Integer
            Public GlobalChequered As Integer
            Public GlobalRed As Integer
            Public mfdTyreSet As Integer
            Public mfdFuelToAdd As Single
            Public mfdTyrePressureLF As Single
            Public mfdTyrePressureRF As Single
            Public mfdTyrePressureLR As Single
            Public mfdTyrePressureRR As Single
            Public trackGripStatus As ACC_TRACK_GRIP_STATUS
            Public rainIntensity As ACC_RAIN_INTENSITY
            Public rainIntensityIn10Min As ACC_RAIN_INTENSITY
            Public rainIntensityIn30Min As ACC_RAIN_INTENSITY
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2021 at 3:22 PM
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  11. pankykapus

    pankykapus KS Dev Team Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Grip is only half the equation in the wet. It only goes down when the slippery rubbered "wet" line is simulated, when it washes off, the base track grip returns to normal. Then the positive rubber effect (adding grip) starts again when the ideal line dries up, regardless of water being elsewhere on the track, hence how it can go from "greasy" to "fast" instantly once the whole track dries up.

    Anyway, the reason the integers were added now was to make the status consistent (and to not have it quantified, and because it doesn't tell the full story in the wet)
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  12. expor

    expor Gamer

    With the newly added rain intensity there seems to be inconsistency with what's reported ingame. For example the game shows [LIGHT_RAIN, DRIZZLE, DRY] (based on icons and testing) but the shared memory reports [DRIZZLE, DRIZZLE, DRY]. Is there any reason for that? It seems the 10/30min forecast is always (?) correct, but the current weather seems off.
  13. XIV-V

    XIV-V Gamer

    MFD tyre pressures are described in documentation, but I dont find them in simhub available properties. Did I miss something ?

    Another question : could it be possible to have last psi at cold in shared memory ?
  14. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Simracer

    I think it must be the tolerances are slightly different for rain (it isn't that the current weather is off) - I've seen Dry, Light Rain, Medium Rain in the MFD, but Dry, Light Rain, Light Rain in shared memory. It's probably just at the point of tipping from one to another
  15. RadstaR

    RadstaR Rookie

    How you count weather forecast time (5, 10 minutes), please ?
  16. AL612

    AL612 Rookie

    It's the fields in the graphics shared memory file:
    rainIntensity, rainIntensityIn10min, rainIntensityIn30min

    They were added in the 1.7 patch.

    The first post in the thread has the details.
  17. expor

    expor Gamer

    Yeah actually they're hard coded and I made a mistake, should've been 10 and 30 min. If the multiplier is available you can make it dynamic but for me that's not relevant.
    RadstaR likes this.
  18. RadstaR

    RadstaR Rookie

    Ah ok.
    Yes, this 10 and 30 mins forecast is affected by time multiplier. But, how to get time multiplier ... :) Maybe in next SharedMemory update :p
  19. Jim Britton

    Jim Britton Hardcore Simmer

    Bah, so rain in 30 mins actually means rain in 3 mins if the time multiplier is X10? But we have no way of knowing it's X10? That's, er, disappointing.

    Anyone looked at the yellowSector data? It's really noisy - if cc announces each change in these values it would be spamming nonsense messages all the time. I'm trying to filter it and discard noise but I think it's a losing battle - the data is almost useless, I don't understand how it can be so messy.


    I'm also seeing unexpected data for the MFD tyre pressures. They're either all identical or the left front and right front are identical, and the lr and rr are identical. I've been back through my code again and again and can't see an error, I think the data maybe be just wrong. Does anyone know if these values are always psi, or would the exposed data be in kpa or something depending on localisation?
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2021 at 3:29 PM
  20. expor

    expor Gamer

    Indeed, we don't have multiplier information so 30min forecast might be 3min forecast.

    As for flag data (incl. yellow flags) they're working perfectly fine for me. So when a sector flag (or double yellow) is raised it sets the GlobalYellowFlag to 1 and the correct sector flag. They also get cleared as soon as ACC withdraws the flag. MFD tyre pressures also work fine for me (always in PSI) so you must have an error in your data mapping somewhere! Did you crosscheck the pressures are floats? I initially made a mistake of just making them int without thinking of it...
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