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DOCS ACC Shared Memory Documentation

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Fernando Barbarossa, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Tom Shane

    Tom Shane Racer

    Thanks for your time! Just out of curiosity, did you try the scenario I described before, with the Custom Race settings from my post? Because in other situations it works as expected.

    Anyway, without Kunos supporting their "API's", I decided I'm not going to waste my time and start new long-term project. I made this mistake before and I'm not ready yet to do it again. :)
  2. f.e.negroni

    f.e.negroni Racer

    Yes. I tested the scenario you described: launched ACC and immediately set up a custom race with the same settings. Take a screenshot of your other game settings too please and I’ll try again.
  3. Tom Shane

    Tom Shane Racer

    The other settings are both assists and realism to PRO preset.
  4. Tom Shane

    Tom Shane Racer

    In the race shared memory reports laps as Valid even though the car left track or crashed. In-game list of laps after race displays the in/valid laps correctly. For the qualy and practice shared memory works fine in this regard.
  5. hoxiu2

    hoxiu2 Rookie

    hey, thanks for the document! I'm facing an issue with wheelSlip. How can I convert it to percentages (like it's in F1 2019)? When car's speed is 0 the value is around 0.04. During some slides it shows over 300. All other variables are aligned so I ruled out a mistake in the byte offset.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2020
  6. Tom Shane

    Tom Shane Racer

    Filippo, I'm still trying to figure out why the SM reports TireRate and FuelRate 2 for some sessions. I've downloaded your software from github and built it. Unfortunately I'm not sure how to run it, so it can output some data I can check. If I just run compiled exe there is an Error: open serial port com2 in the console. I'm clueless. :)

    f.e.negroni likes this.
  7. Tom Shane

    Tom Shane Racer

    Alright, I mobilized all my remaining intelligence and made your program work. In the attachment, there is the output. It also recorded TireRate and FuelRate as 2.0 and StabilityAid as 1.0.


    Why, I'm still not sure.

    Attached Files:

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  8. f.e.negroni

    f.e.negroni Racer

    Thank you for not giving up. I only develop in my spare time (not much right now) and documentation is seriously lacking. I hope someone will help me on that front. I’m glad you managed to get it working and it shows the numbers as yours. I’ll give it another go myself. We will get to the bottom of this I assure you :)
    Tom Shane likes this.
  9. Rollo Tomaso

    Rollo Tomaso Rookie

    Hello, dear developers and community!

    I am currently developing a dashboard app, which supports AC and ACC, so i have a few questionsg.

    1. Is there any kind of Setup Debug in ACC?
    2. Does Physics engine work at fixed rate or it's FPS dependend? If rate is fixed, what is the frequency?

    ... and some requests

    1. compared to other sims (iRacing, RaceRoom Racing Expirience and even EA F1 series) AC lacks very important data: ingame time, or session time.

    2. also it would be great to have all the setup data, but first of all gear ratios.

    3. engine torque

  10. Toon Knapen

    Toon Knapen Gamer

    hello all,

    I'm developing a strategy tool that I now would like to connect to ACC. Especially for endurance races, this provides more insight into the race. But therefore I need to access the sector-times of all cars in the session, the time they drove into the pit and out of the pit. Is this kind of information also available somewhere? The shared memory interface currently only provides only data on my own car AFAICT?
  11. Doug Duthie

    Doug Duthie Racer

    Hi Toon,
    The Broadcast interface gives you what you are looking for...you get sector times for all cars and their current location at any time (Track, pit entry, pit lane etc). There is a sample C# app in the steam folder for ACC

    ACC Results Companion
  12. Rollo Tomaso

    Rollo Tomaso Rookie

    Hello developers!

    When can we expect updated documentation on Shared Memory for update 1.3.10?
  13. Tom Shane

    Tom Shane Racer

    SPageFileStatic.numCars in multiplayer reports number of cars at the time of joining session and is never updated when people join or leave. I know the purpose of this page is to provide constant values, but I think it would be worth a consideration to move it (add) to SPageGraphics.

    SPageFileStatic.smVersion reads 1.8 but in the documentation it is versioned as 1.3.
    SPageFileStatic.acVersion reads 0.7, but the application is now 1.3.x
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  14. Tom Shane

    Tom Shane Racer

    Kunos (@Aristotelis @pankykapus, @Minolin) , I know you all are now (and always) very busy, but could anyone stop here for a minute and tell us if there is a plan to support (fix, improve) shared memory for the game in some time frame?

    If you would like a compilation of current problems and suggestions, I could take care of it, if it would be any helpful for you.

    cestcomi likes this.
  15. Ensi Ferrum

    Ensi Ferrum Racer

    I am a bit busy lately, but hope to find some time tomorrow to have a look at the SharedMem.
  16. Ensi Ferrum

    Ensi Ferrum Racer

    New documentation is up.
    See 1st thread.
    I recomend to have a look at the example as well. It is not on the latest state, but a good starting point to understand SM implementation.
    f.e.negroni likes this.
  17. RadstaR

    RadstaR Rookie

    Is SPageFileGraphic.iclock really INT (Time of day in milliseconds) ?
    Because i get wrong values with this definition. I can read it correctly as FLOAT (Time of day in Seconds)

    EDIT: In 1.3.10 changelog is ...
    - Steer angle and clock added to shared memory.

    New Steer Angle is not different from SPageFilePhysics.steerAngle ?

    I'm sorry for the questions but I'm a beginner in programming
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2020
  18. Ensi Ferrum

    Ensi Ferrum Racer

    You're right, clock is float - time of day in seconds.
    My fault, remember that Copy - Paste is EVIL

    Corrected version is now up in the first thread.
    f.e.negroni likes this.
  19. Rollo Tomaso

    Rollo Tomaso Rookie

    Hello Ensi Ferrum!

    Thanks for the documentation update. It's great, that now there's 'float clock' in Graphics, BUT there has to be similar fiel in Physic, since it's updated more frequently than Graphics!
  20. Tom Shane

    Tom Shane Racer

    The purpose of this clock is just getting time of day. It's not a timer of any kind, it is also influenced by session time multiplier.
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