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XB1 ACC Supported Wheel Update? Fanatec?

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Jake Lambie, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. Jake Lambie

    Jake Lambie Rookie

    hello all, new to forum, new to Sim world as ex racer.

    invested decently in the Fanatec gear, received ACC for xbox one today... and you can imagine my disappointment when Fanatec no talk to the game :( - I got the wheel working on Forza.

    anyone know work around? surely update in the future to make it compatible? or am I being a noob? wheel base is ClubSport 2.5

    appreciate help and advice. cheers - Jake.
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  3. ohjeah

    ohjeah Simracer

    You have an Xbox licensed steering wheel connected to the wheel base? Propably yes as you mentioned Forza working, but just making sure..
  4. Jake Lambie

    Jake Lambie Rookie

    Yes sure do. Works perfect on forza. Pedals and steering do nothing in ACC. Gears and all the other things work
  5. @Jake Lambie

    Have you been into options and configured your wheel?

    The default controller setting in the game seems to be handset.

    In Options/ Controllers, you need to change the setting to "wheel" and then assign each button to a function.

    For example (PS4) I had no throttle to start with and the gears were set to X and O.

    Hope that helps.
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  6. Also close the game out,Re set your wheel and launch the game with your wheel. It seems to not be able to support controller and wheel simultaneously like other games do?
  7. I'm having same issue with Fanatec hardware. Button mapping etc works, but getting no input to pedals or steering. Got it to register gears though. Just bust one of my universal hub buttons now though......took the attitude 'If I hit the button harder it'll register', but apparently didn't help. Ill fix that and have another go at launching in a few minutes or so.
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  8. I Have the Fanatec also and the Rumble motor on the brake pedal is spinning continually and i'm trying to figure out how to disable it Also about half the buttons on my wheel will not map?
  9. Leon Mason

    Leon Mason Gamer

    I’m getting exactly the same issue! It’s so annoying, I have been waiting and waiting for this since it was announced and it’s broken at launch! You’d think steering input bugs would have been ironed out. Wish I had got it on PS4 Pro now and just accepted the crappy resolution to at least play it!
  10. Manfredb762

    Manfredb762 Rookie

    My Fanatec also Not work, no detection
  11. Manfredb762

    Manfredb762 Rookie

    I have the Same Problem with My Fanatec, please help. New Game, but i cannot Play
  12. Circled area seems to be the issue....On Steering Wheel option but left column showing steer stick (right stick/left stick)
    Throttle/brake (normal/reverse)
    Neither setting makes any difference for steering/brake hardware.
    Fanatec CSW 2.5 / Fanatec V3 brakes.

    Attached Files:

  13. rich1e I

    rich1e I Racer

    Guys, make sure to report the bugs you encounter so they can take notice easier and fix them earlier.
  14. Monoke

    Monoke Gamer

    The game contains Fanatec sponsorship and yet doesn't work with their wheels right out of the box. I feel like I'm the lead role in a black comedy.
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  15. Bug sheet sent in.
  16. Seb007

    Seb007 Gamer

    I had the same problem (Fanatec CSW V2.5 and CSL Elite pedals) and could solve it like this:
    Unplug the USB cable from the steering wheel in the game and then plug it back in, my pedals have already been recognized and I can also steer.
    But the force feedback, sorry what do I want with great physics when the FFB is so terrible?
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  17. I'll try that work around in the morning.....got to try to fix one of the Fanatec Universal Hub button boxes first.....seemed to smash it while trying to get the game to recognise anything. At least I got the game on disc, I can always use it for a frizzbee.
  18. Biganda

    Biganda Rookie

    No force feedback at all for me on Logitech G290.
  19. Same for me.:D
    I can still feel it several hours after I've finished too!

    You have to choose another button.
    For me, the Up arrow won't cycle HUD, but O does.;)

    I hated it yesterday and today I'm get t in g us ed t o t he f ra me r ra te.
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  20. @Totall Wrytoff At least you've had a chance to t e s t t h e f r a m e r a t e :mad:
  21. muck7race

    muck7race Rookie

    Had the same problems but find a solution.
    Once in the pitlane remove usb connection from wheel not from Xbox. connect again. Then steering and pedals are working. Go to settings an define shift pedals.
    If you then have still problems with the steering and force feeback (uncontrolled movement) go to Settings at the steering wheel and chose sen = 900. there might be a problem caused with sen = Auto. Back to the game and have fun. Might not be the easiest solution but it works.

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