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PS4 ACC T300RS Not Working

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Graveltrap, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien

    Reports of T300RS wheels not working over at GT Planet, anyone have problems over here?

    Buttons function but no wheel or pedal input.

    Link to GTP thread

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  3. LoFacc

    LoFacc Rookie

    Yes lots of issues with my TS300RS. Just installed ACC on my PS4, with the default setting the car is impossibile to drive, super direct steering, enormous force feedback while driving straight, almost impossible to control. Tried lots of different setting in the option menu, but nothing.

  4. On xb x same here but TM TX-
  5. Biganda

    Biganda Rookie

    Exactly the same for me with G290
  6. Managed to solve it- XBOX 1 X . Start game with wheel not the controller. In game select game mode I just tried practice mode. In this stage my wheel didn’t work. Buttons worked but not steering or pedals. Disconnected the usb cable from console - connect again wheels and pedals work??? Changed mode on the wheel - “press mode button and left on Dpad. Adjusted steering lock and FFB IN SETTINGS. Drove 7 laps on Nurburgring GP. Exited game and deleted it from console. Turns out I could not live with 30fps. I thought I could but it was undrivable. One miss too much information- at least that’s my opinion. Glad for all of you who can live with it and hope you will enjoy it.

    Back to AC Og for physics and FFB and PCars2 for dynamic weather

    peace out

    See ya again on next gen consoles.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2020
  7. No issues here I start the PS4 with my wheel as my 1st control like I always do & it worked as expected.
    Only thing that's not working is I can't setup keyboard for extra buttons.
    I did find my wheel won't rotate when looking over my car but I do know the TM wheel doesn't have a right rotate pad so I am missing function the wheel has.
    I been told this is due to Sony so thrustmaster say.

    Bar that all is good so far.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2020
  8. Biganda

    Biganda Rookie

    Did you get the Force Feedback working? The game isn't running at 30fps, it's way lower than that in this release.
  9. ffb works but are pretty weak, i adjusted it to what i sort of had in OG AC. And i felt nothing but vibration. Cranked it up to 50 and got some feedback but i can’t appreciate it due to the FPS. Don’t know if you are right about it being lower than 30 now. I have WRC7 and 8 and it feels sort of the same and they are locked on 30Fps also
  10. Biganda

    Biganda Rookie

    I have absolutely no feedback at all on G290 whatever I try.

    The frame rate is unplayable, it can't be right, there is no way this game would be released with the frame rate like this surely. It literally refreshes in blocks.

    Waited all day to play it, spent an hour and 45 minutes fiddling about with wires and settings, and now exited feeling very frustrated and let down.

    It feels like "Formula One Grand Prix" on the Amiga!
  11. I know. But it is what it is- either way this is what we got. No use complaining about it. I’m gonna give it a shot in a few weeks and maybe look at it from another perspective but right now I’m just frustrated and disappointed. Some people here are in the same situation and loves it so I guess it’s all down to personal preference.
  12. Biganda

    Biganda Rookie

    I honestly don't believe the frame rate is normal my friend. I won't be playing it again until its fixed, they've got 13 days before I get a refund.
  13. xtro

    xtro Gamer

    Hi guys from reading some of these posts it sounds like you (t300 owners) might need to do the following

    1) start the game with your wheel
    2) in the options menu select the wheel tab as your controller and set it to 900
    3) on your wheel base double check that it's at the proper rotation ... Press Mode + arrow left right until you see 4 blips (900 degrees) on the big red light.
    4) in the options menu assign shift up down etc as necessary

    When first loading the game the rotation can be all off the first time .. it was 40 degrees for me and my wheel base was at the 1st bleep which is like 180 degrees. That would explain the very heavy and super twitchy feel.

    You shouldn't have to do 2-3-4 again.
  14. Dropveter

    Dropveter Rookie

    I updated the firmware to version 31 and switched the wheel from ps3 to ps4 and it works like a charm
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  15. Draganter

    Draganter Rookie

    im having issues with the ffb I updated the firmware to version 31 and it worked and solved the problem
    but then when i went back into it a day later the ffb is gone again and i cant get it to work anymore ive tried everything and its only on this game
    i just cant understand why we cant have presets for every wheel like in GTsport
    im on t300rs in case anyone was wondering to me this game feels rushed and very unfinished i guess i will just stick with GTsport
  16. Jon Legg

    Jon Legg Racer

    If you have a TH8 shifter or similar plugged in, it prevents the wheel from registering.
  17. Draganter

    Draganter Rookie

    i unplugged the shiftier and it did nothing even turned off the controller before going in the game and just had the wheel
    got on assetto today and the ffb was so strong i forgot how good it was compared to other games i had to turn it down
    the first is perfect with ffb im not sure why they cant give us that
  18. Jon Legg

    Jon Legg Racer

    Do you have the most up to date firmware on the wheel? You’ll need to plug it into a PC to update.
  19. Draganter

    Draganter Rookie

    Yes my wheel is updated something is just broken its only this game
    AC1 works fine GTsport works fine project cars2 works fine f1 works fine dirt rally 1&2 all work
    ITS JUST THIS GAME we need a bug fix for this game to be usable i was so exited for this game now i just feel burnt
    ill just stick with GTsport and keep checking back for updates in hopes they fix it

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