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ACC Telemtry App, RacingSimTools.com

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Zeraxx, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. max21

    max21 Gamer

    It would be much appreciated!
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  2. JohnSousa

    JohnSousa Rookie

    How can I buy the actual application? I don`t want to buy something that has to use the cloud or even the internet.
  3. JohnSousa

    JohnSousa Rookie

    How can I buy the application itself? I don`t want to buy something and have to use the cloud or even the internet, ant the way it is now, It`s very intrusive.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
  4. Doc3d

    Doc3d Gamer

    Once the app is downloaded I don’t think you need a active connection to use it, or did you mean buying a physical copy? As far as I know, it’s download only
  5. Zeraxx

    Zeraxx Racer

    We do not offer an offline version at this time. The app does require you to login to verify your account every time you start the application.
  6. Zeraxx

    Zeraxx Racer

    We have been getting a lot of requests to show how you can use the software in ACC, so here is the video!
  7. max21

    max21 Gamer

    I'm just saying: WOW! Thank you sir.

    If you manage to get the pre-filled data of the car parameters and read the setups this app will become a killer.
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  8. Bealdor

    Bealdor Rookie

    The manual has been updated for V1.0.23.

    The following changes are included:

    1) Updated chapter 1.3.1 (iRacing car parameters) with a new method to estimate tire diameters.
    2) Updated chapter 3.4 (Gearing) to include the power band guidelines.
    3) Updated chapter 3.7 (Track) to include the new track map modes and comparison functionality
    4) Various typo and grammar fixes

    You can download it via the "Help" button in the app or from the following link:
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  9. Koppel

    Koppel Rookie

    I updated the software. Now it wants me to log in but I cannot remember the username. Can you help me recover it?

    Receipt from Racingsimtools
    Receipt #1187-5216
    October 12, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
  10. Zeraxx

    Zeraxx Racer

    You have to log in once every update, then it will auto login you in. Please send me your First and Last name, and your registered email you used when you created the account with RST to Support@racingsimtools.com and I will verify your identify and send you your username, you can then use the "Reset password" within the app to reset your password.
  11. Zeraxx

    Zeraxx Racer


    - Fixed issue where returning to the pits via the pause menu in Project Cars 2 would cause outlap data and flying lap data to be merged into the same lap if your pit box was placed after the start/finish line.
    - Fixed issue where Next Session Car Params were not properly saving some damper parameters entered by the user.
    - Added safeguards to try to keep RST Software from creating several new sessions while the user is driving if they are missing UDP packets due to network environment issues.
    - Fixed Air Density Data Label to show [kg/m³] instead of [C].
    - Fixed Autoscale on the Camber Temp Graph.
  12. Zeraxx

    Zeraxx Racer

    -Revamped all graphs to now include the ability to select x-axis as Time or as Distance.
    -Added an additional "Comparison View" for damper histograms which makes it easier to compare and analyze symmetry.
    -Fixed PC2 Lap Logic issues with skipping sessions offline and some online sessions not recording.
    -Added option to Preferences window to allow iRacing users to choose default file extension for open dialog (.ibt/.lap)
    -Added a "Calculated" Ride Height data channel for F1 2019.
    -PC2 Car Selection Drop Down is now hidden when other sims are selected.
    -Users can no longer open "Next Session Car Params" when no game is selected.
    -Added options for the user to select a default directory for saving/ loading .car and .lap files
    -Added a packet density metric, this is located in the bottom right of the UI and will tell you what your sample rate is.
    Damper Histogram Alt.PNG
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  13. maxcoslo

    maxcoslo Rookie

    but now there is no car to select in "Next session car Params"
  14. Zeraxx

    Zeraxx Racer

    Yep those values were never meant to be used for other games, people were not understanding and still using them for other games so we removed them.
  15. maxcoslo

    maxcoslo Rookie

    And now that I can do with the program if I do not know the fundamental data of the car?
    How do I know the diameter of the wheels or the other data that are on the first screen?
  16. Zeraxx

    Zeraxx Racer

    In our manual everything is explained on how you can get all that information. It’s a great read, it’s about 200 pages not only about how to get all the car params but also theory, examples of what to look for in the data etc.
  17. Bealdor

    Bealdor Rookie

    Hey mate,

    The manual explains how to determine the correct tire diameters:


    That said, most cars in ACC seem to be modeled with 690mm front/700 mm rear tire diameters.

    Track width and wheelbase can be easily found on the internet (check out conceptcarz.com or ultimatecarpage.com) for most cars. I'm currently building a database for all ACC cars though, so you won't need to find that info yourself in the future.
    A track width of 1.6m is close enough for most GT3 cars btw.

    Attached Files:

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  18. maxcoslo

    maxcoslo Rookie

    Yes I read the manual but I bought the app also because I didn't have to go looking for some data
  19. maxcoslo

    maxcoslo Rookie

    but the length is not the wheelbase and where do I find this data?
  20. Bealdor

    Bealdor Rookie

    Have you checked the websites I posted? Because you can find wheelbase data for most cars there too. Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo for example:


    Sometimes even the manufacturers themselves publish this data. Most of the time you can just google "car name" + wheelbase or +specs to find the data you need until my sheet is ready.

    In the rare case that you can't find any wheelbase data at all, 2.70m seems to be close enough for most GT3 cars.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019 at 3:56 PM
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