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ACCDirectorAssistant Broadcasting client

Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by gvann, Apr 10, 2021.

  1. gvann

    gvann Rookie

    Hi all,
    Finally here is the first release of the tool:

    To use it just download the .zip folder, extract it and execute ACCDirectorAssistant.exe

    Here is a little guide, the screenshots are from the last version but very little is changed and the setup is the same: ACCDirectorAssistantHowTo

    Here some of the changes (the ones I remember off top of my head :p):
    • Now you can leave the application open when you from a session to another (like from qualifications to race), off course you still need to close and reopen it if you start a new race session altogether.
    • I added the option to send custom replays. The hightlight shortcut still has some problems that I hope to figure out, but also the kunos' application has problems on the replays so I'm afraid it is something they have to fix in the game itself.
    • Now the selected pilot always shows up in the Assistant tips, so you can select the camera tips relative to him.
    • If I player leaves a session it should be properly removed from the leaderboard.
    I'm really sorry for the big delay but right after i finished with the university I started with my new job and I've been kind of busy. I'll try to update this tool as you'll give me suggestions and point out the problems (there will surely be some). Please consider I'm only one guy so don't be mad if you find some problem that I can't fix immediately :p

    If you have a github account and want to point out some problems or issue, please consider using the issue session on github so I can track them more easily than here on the forum :)

    Also, if you are a programmer as well and you want to contribute to this project, or use it as a base for yours, the github is there for you!
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2021

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  3. Festa_PWR

    Festa_PWR Alien

    Awesome looking so far.

    We`re running some testing at the minute and will have some feedback for you soon ;)
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  4. great
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  5. Festa_PWR

    Festa_PWR Alien

    One random thing. It seems to be doing something funky with the replay feature.

    It`s hard to know when you are in replay mode, so maybe add an icon or something?

    The replay also seems to go on for a loooooong *** time and the sound is disjointed. Even when clicking replay in game, it does nothing and pressing drive or return to garage also seems to not do anything.
  6. PCR_Chrupek

    PCR_Chrupek Rookie

    Hello Sir

    First of all, great work. Somebody long time a go was making the same tool but he abandom that and app is bugged as hell.

    I have some advice for you as caster:
    If camera switch - make blokade for at least 5/7 seconds. Sometimes auto camera jumps very intensive and you can't see anything on track.
    When camera switch there is some (not sure I'm going to discribe it well) glitch - looks like many cameras at once. Maby upper solution will solve the problem.
    If possible, make some custom stable camera for each track (i can help with that)

    Program it self:
    Track map (as you can set in game) - how it can work. Every drivers is dot. You can click on driver and change camera (type of camera can be set randomly or you can choose wich camera will be used as standard)
    Lap View - blue colors on drivers that are overlaped.
    Highlights don't work for me, don't know why (I mean, nothing show up on that section)
    Leader board - Class sorting. Can't check it now but would be nice if delta says gap to position, not to the car (makes a lot of troubles when cars are overlaped)

    Sorry if this is quite chaotic informations :)

    If need help with future testing, type me on discord: SN_Chrupek#8871
  7. gvann

    gvann Rookie

    Thank you very much for your feedback, I'll look into that :)

    That's interesting, I'll definitely investigate that one!

    Thank you very much for these suggestions, I'll consider them :) For the highlights as I written in the document I know they still have some problems but I hope to solve them soon.

    If you want to give me even more precise feedbacks, when you feel like you have done enough testing on the application, consider taking the survey I created: https://tinyurl.com/ACCDirectorAssistantSurvey
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2021
  8. PCR_Chrupek

    PCR_Chrupek Rookie

    Morning. All above is enought for first time. Was testing that app today morning once again and nothing more was found.
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  9. gvann

    gvann Rookie

    Hi all and thanks to everyone who downloaded my application :)
    I'm about to finish my thesis and I'm gathering all the data, if you still haven't taken the survey I kindly ask you to spend five minutes of your time on it, I would really appreciate that :) Here is the link: https://tinyurl.com/ACCDirectorAssistantSurvey
    If you already did it I really thank you, you helped me a lot!
    In a few days I will have to close the beta and the application will stop working, after that I'll try to fix some of the problems that emerged, integrate some of the feedbacks and I will release the finished version on the here on the forum, so keep an eye on that if you are interested :)

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  10. PCR_Chrupek

    PCR_Chrupek Rookie

    I'm waiting all the time :) take your time and make it well to have respect for eternity ! :)
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  11. PCR_Chrupek

    PCR_Chrupek Rookie

    Hello, do we have any update? :)
  12. isdin19

    isdin19 Rookie


    Enviado desde mi SM-N975F mediante Tapatalk
  13. gvann

    gvann Rookie

    Hi! I hope to upload an update in the next few days, probably during this weekend :)
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  14. Nathan Prisk

    Nathan Prisk Rookie

    That's great news and I hope you get the qualification you want ! Is this something you plan on developing post your award?
  15. PCR_Chrupek

    PCR_Chrupek Rookie

    Simracing community is still waiting :)
  16. gvann

    gvann Rookie

    It's finally here, I edited the thread so you can find the dowload link a the start of the page. I'm waiting for your feedbacks and suggestions :D And I hope to manage to address them in less than an eternity ahaha
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  17. PCR_Chrupek

    PCR_Chrupek Rookie

    Can we have a talk on discord? please let me know because your app is very good and I want to help you to improve it even more ;)
    I tested it at few sessions and have to say. Like it very much :)
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  18. Gerson Lizama

    Gerson Lizama Rookie

    Could you make a Discord for this software? It be great to have channels to offer suggestions and to talk with other users as well
  19. gvann

    gvann Rookie

    Thank you :) send me an email (the address is in the howto guide)
  20. gvann

    gvann Rookie

    It could be cool, I will consider it :)

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