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Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by max21, May 11, 2020.

  1. max21

    max21 Racer

    ACCtracker is a web server that makes the results of Assetto Corsa Competizione SERVER SESSIONS directly available on the Web.

    Being a program dedicated to servers, it does not require the presence of the full game, but only of the server part. It is also possible to publish the results of several servers at the same time indicating the respective directories of the results.

    The name is a tribute to the legendary sTracker.

    The program requires .net Framework 4.5 and .net Core 3.1, both should already be installed on Windows 10, in case they are missing you can download and install them from the Microsoft website:
    Installation is very simple, just extract and run ACCtrackerSetup.msi .

    After that you will find a shortcut on the desktop "ACCtracker Manager", run it.

    Here you will have to enter:
    • the port to which the server responds, by default 51051;
    • choose the type of session storage:
      • Memory: all sessions will be read and loaded into memory when the server starts;
      • SQLite: each new session will be permanently stored in a SQLite database.
        • note: after ACCtracker has loaded the jsons in SQLite mode, the data is permanently stored in the ACCtracker.db3 file located in MyDocuments \ ACCtracker. Hence .json files can be deleted without loss of information.
    • the name you want to be displayed to recognize you on the home page;
    • directories with session results, normally it is the directory called "result" located in the server directory;
      • you can insert multiple directories if you have several servers running at the same time;
      • to add a directory press
      • to remove a directory use the delete key.
    Once you have entered the data, press the button

    to start the server:


    The server will first read the results of the sessions already present and then monitor the directories previously indicated to add the results as soon as a session ends.

    You can immediately try viewing the sections in your browser by pressing the button


    Click on "View Assetto Corsa Competizione Sessions":

    here you will find the list of sessions collected by the server, you can select them by name, track, maximum date and type;
    click on one of them to see the ranking:


    and here, by clicking on the single crew / car, you will find the details of the laps:


    any penalties are also listed :

    That's all!

    Once the server is running, you can close the manager program.

    Remember that to expose this web service outside of your pc you will have to:
    • configure the winwdos firewall to allow incoming tcp connections on the desired port;
    • configure your modem / router / firewall by mapping the incoming port;
    • use a DDNS (Dynamic DNS) to be reachable from the web.
    Last edited: May 15, 2020
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  2. max21

    max21 Racer

    ACCtracker 0.2.0

    • option of storing sessions in a SQLite database; allows better memory usage if you have many sessions;
    • review of the ranking according to the penalties;
    • identification of DNF sessions.
    • Setup now install into x64 folder.
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  3. max21

    max21 Racer

    ACCtracker 0.3.0


    • added driver's best lap in Ranking detail page;
    • added "Performance analisys" section in Ranking details. In this first version, I ask you to check the accuracy of the data and report errors, thank you!

    • fix a an exception occours in Ranking details where there is no valid lap for a determined driver;
    • fix some minor bugs.
    Performance analisys section in Ranking detail page: it displays data useful to improve the performance of a driver in the competitor's confrontations.


    • first of all we find a row with the best lap and the relative driver split times;
    • the following lines contain, in order of increasing difficulty, what we could define the objectives achievable by the driver indicating both the absolute values and the delay with respect to them:
      • "driver's theoretical best", displays the driver's best time that would be if he had fully exploited his current driving skills by making a lap with his best split;
      • "same car model session best" displays which is the best session time obtained with the same car model;
      • "same car model session theoretical best" displays which is the best session time theoretically obtainable with the same car model;
      • "session best" displays which is the best session time;
      • "session theoretical best" displays which is the best theoretically achievable time regardless of the car model.
  4. crimespree

    crimespree Racer

    Great Work! I noticed the Paul Ricard Circuit name was spelled incorrectly, "Rricard".
  5. max21

    max21 Racer

    Thank you very much, i will patch it in the next rel.
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  6. a.hab.fan

    a.hab.fan Rookie

    Hello...I'm not able to install this, I have both .Net Core 3.1.4 and .Net 4.8 installed and on installation I get as pop up message indicating that I need to install x64 Microsoft.Asp.Net.Core.App version 3.1.0. It asks me if I want to install now and I did which is how I got 3.1.4 installed.
  7. max21

    max21 Racer

    Try to:
    uninstall Net Core;
    download and install https://dotnet.microsoft.com/downlo...etcore-3.1.4-windows-hosting-bundle-installer
  8. a.hab.fan

    a.hab.fan Rookie

  9. max21

    max21 Racer

    RD is the right place.
  10. max21

    max21 Racer

    is it possible to move this thread in ACC Tools section?

  11. max21

    max21 Racer

  12. mha

    mha Gamer

    Can I ask you how you identify DNF sessions? Also, could you find out which penalty types do exist?
  13. max21

    max21 Racer

  14. max21

    max21 Racer

  15. max21

    max21 Racer

  16. max21

    max21 Racer

  17. pastranario

    pastranario Racer

    It's great, can you customize it even more, example wallpaper, and other things?
  18. S4rdus

    S4rdus Rookie

    is there a walkthrough to set up the tracker on a dedicated server? I can't figure out how to sync the results folder of the server with my local one.

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