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Acm league racing - win your dp2 copy in the blietzkrieg series i

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by ihlades, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. ihlades

    ihlades Gamer


    We at www.assettocorsamods.net have been having racing for a while and decided to kick it up a notch. We've been doing league racing - one great season - and club racing every Wednesday and Saturday night, where we have all kinds of fun car&track combinations.

    AnguDz44o000152N6IH4mOOm8MKNdT2fuq-XVF9rtiM3.jpg As7FA7NPlpPAzQObRzVitBBZc7dnnucVkQvwsyRUlEvD.jpg
    Ai5iwffFR05FJPQZxQW__lzx2w2Wn_XwZL4e1ECaCQk1.jpg AljkTuE_BDo1bi1pP4sDV39wrUi4fftyYMmPs_1HdwXj.jpg

    Now, in anticipation of Assetto Corsa v1.3 and the second Dream Pack DLC, we are organizing an instant action four-race series that takes place this week. We're giving the Dream Pack DLC as a prize on Steam to the winner, so make sure you join the racing.

    The first 8 from each qualifying race go through in the final, so you must race in only one qualifying event. More details in the dedicated forum: http://assettocorsamods.net/forums/blietzkrieg-series-i/

    Here's the complete schedule:

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  3. luchian

    luchian Simracer

    Quali Race evening 1 : registered racers = 0

    Two more to go:
    Quali Race evening 2: registered racers = 0
    Quali Race evening 3: registered racers = 2

    Forecasted final presence : 2

    Looks like winning this DLC will be easier than taking candies from a baby :D.
  4. Atrax

    Atrax Racer

    Wish i saw this sooner. Hope you'll do it again sometime. Maybe give a bit more time for people to see it.

    See you on the track!
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