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ACRL WEMSA Series - LMP & GTE Multiclass!

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by PetrolHead247, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Season promo.png

    ACRL is pleased to announce our latest series, called "WEMSA". This is a combination of two well known real life endurance racing series, named this as we will be racing around some of the most famous tracks with two classes of cars, included the IER P13C LMP car and a collection of 3 GTE cars from Ferrari, Chevrolet and Porsche!

    ACRL is a long standing league that has been around for over 6 years, and is open to all skill levels. We have alien level drivers who have competed in top level esports series such as the SRO AM and Silver ACC series, as well as newcomers to simracing.

    We have a pre-qualifying system for all of our full-time series. This means your fastest time in the run-up to the race will decide what server split you are put into. This also means you can sign up to the league and compete at any time!

    Interested? Sign up on our website here!

    Also come and say hi in our Discord!

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  3. R1 Barca promo3.png

    Welcome to the first round of the ACRL "WEMSA" series at Barcelona, taking place this Sunday, 28th June! This is a multiclass series including the IER P13C LMP car, and the Corvette C7R, Ferrari 488 GTE and Porsche 911 RSR GTE cars. The event will be co-ordinated using a server side app which controls qualifying and the rolling start of the race. Instructions of how this system works can be found on our website at acrlonline.org

    Entries are completely open throughout the season. Simply sign up on our website and qualify for the event by setting hotlaps on our pre-qualifying server. Our season is fully flexible, allowing you to attend whatever races you like!

    Server splits are done depending on the fastest laps set during pre-qualifying. These PQ servers are open the whole week in the run-up to the race on Sunday.

    Race Format
    Practice: 60mins, starts 19:00 CEST
    Qualifying: 35mins total. First half LMP class only, second half GTE class only
    Race: 80mins
    No pit stop rules






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