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Adjusting 3-screen setup with different side screens

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by ShredatorFIN, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    I just set up my first ever 3-screen setup and it really improves driving experience. I'm very happy with it, I thought I wouldn't get solid 60 FPS but found out I was wrong, didn't even have to drop a lot of detail. However, my 27" screen is in the middle, but my left and right screen are

    1) smaller than the main screen
    2) not the same size, left one slightly (I believe 2 inch) smaller than right one

    That's because they are just some old screens I had laying around, not bought for the purpose.

    Size differences are not huge or anything, and I can perfectly drive with current setup. However, there is slight perspective distortion, it doesn't match 100% throughout screens. Is there a way to adjust screen areas in this kind of situation? (Separately setting pan + zoom level maybe?)

    Maybe an additional non-AC software? I've used the POV setup and Triple Screen setup apps in AC (found on the right edge of screen) but the problem is that all 3 screens are different size, so the perspective isn't consistent, no matter how I tweak it.

    Any workaround to this?
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2015
  2. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    Apparently this is impossible? :/ It's a bit hard to play with this kind of setup, side screens can be only used for approximate reference, not accurate info since the perspective is wrong. But can't afford getting 2 additional 27" screens, so guess I will have to settle with the situation.
  3. GTHQ_koop

    GTHQ_koop Hardcore Simmer

    I couldn't get it working...But I was using 2 very old monitors, ended up buying 2 more 27" and an argument of 2 days with the wife..

    It's more than worth that :D
  4. Silvastone

    Silvastone Gamer

    Hi all,

    Allow me to revive this thread a little bit... I've been going trough the same drama there is a while now. I'd just like to point a beautifull and simple solution LFS has for that... perhaps DEVs or some modder could sort something similar, who knows ;)

    So, I have 27" 16:9 1920X1080 main screen and two 4:3 1280X1024 side screens which I found for a bargain a couple of months ago. On LFS I do not have even to bother with eyefinity or any kind of extend desktop setup on Windows.. All I need to do is to tell the game the horizontal resolution of each screen and voila, it matches perfectly, and I can adjust bezels correction and everything else all in the car. On AC on the other hand I need to setup a huge extended desktop on eyefinity (AMD GPU) and adjust bezels correction on windows than launch the game.. as you can imagine is far from ideal getting bezels correction spot on, althoug is doable to find a good compromize by going trough the process a few times.. nevertheless that distortion kicks in once you try adjusting the angle of side screes on the triple screen app... the triple screen app splits the view in 3 equal parts, which means the break for side screens occur before the edges of the main screen, and any angle or bezel adjustment will take place on the mains screen view.

    If only we could tell the game our screen resolutions individually so this splitting happens on the right place that would solve the problem..

    I am leaving pics so you can have an idea how it works.

    LFS setup:
    lfs screen 1.png

    lfs screen 2.png

    Onboard screenshot where you can see the screen splitting
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
  5. Silvastone

    Silvastone Gamer

    Damn, I'm sorry.. wnated to post more pics but accidentally clicked to post the comment.. so I am continuing from here.

    Onboard Screenshot where you can see the splitting taking place


    and finally a picture from the racing rig, where you can see all matching beautifully, zero distortion and so on..


    So, if someone could figure a solution for us would be greatly appreciatted... It must be doable somehow...

    Thank you so much in advance :)
  6. kilgore74

    kilgore74 Rookie

    Hello guys... Have you found the solution for this problem?
    I've searched through the entire internet and it looks that AC creators hadn't predict such non-standard (16:9/21:9/16:9) setup...

    Anyway I will be more than grateful if anybody share a solution... :)
  7. kikie

    kikie Simracer

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