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Advise on GPU for triples 36” 3440x1440 on Ultra

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by RelentLeSS 2, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. RelentLeSS 2

    RelentLeSS 2 Rookie

    Hi All, I am hoping someone can help me here.

    Right now I have a computer setup as follow:
    I9-9900K stock clock
    GTX Founders Edition 1080 8gb
    Triples screen: Asus XG35V 3440x1440. Só in surround mode I have a resolution of 10320x1440

    When I run ACC in order to get at least 45 FPS I have to run all in low graphics. GPU load = 100% and CPU = 15% average. Single run with no other cars on the track. Basically the game is unplayable for me.

    So I was wondering:
    1. Is this an issue and there is a fix I can do (I can’t find anything on forum or internet)
    2. If I buy 2080TI would I be able to run on my triple on ultra and maintain 60fps? Anyone with this same monitor setup running the game on ultra who could provide the feedback would be really great.

    I don’t want to jump in onto a new expensive card just to find out it also does not work.

    Thanks in advance

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  3. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    I'd say wait for the next generation of GPUs. They should be around the corner in 2020 anyway. 2080Ti is really not worth the money trust me, I have it myself. Would not have gotten it in the first place but my old 1080Ti sadly had memory issues and died so I pretty much had to get one.
  4. budgetek

    budgetek Gamer

    I have RTX 2080ti and tripples 7680x1440 (g-sync) and the sim runs smooth around 55-60 fps full grid, all cars visible. Combination of high and epic settings, accept mirrors. All looks exceptionally good by me.
    RelentLeSS 2 likes this.
  5. RelentLeSS 2

    RelentLeSS 2 Rookie

    Thanks for the reply. I am certainly going on that direction. Too bad though, it looks really nice one one monitor in ultra and it sounds great.
  6. RelentLeSS 2

    RelentLeSS 2 Rookie

    That gives me a close indication. So in my case I don’t think I would be able to run on ultra even with 2080ti.
    Thanks for the reply
  7. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    I highly doubt you will even be able to run on ultra @ 60 FPS with a 3080 Ti (whatever next gen is named). You are demanding to run 15 million pixels which is equivalent to running almost 8x1080p monitors.
    GCCRacer likes this.
  8. Stains

    Stains Racer

    Just curious, why did you get 3 3440x1440p screens? 2560x1440 x 3 is really pushing it with today's hardware.

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