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Ae86 Nordschleife under 9 challenge. [Xbox version]

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by notnilc20, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. notnilc20

    notnilc20 Rookie

    This is under the special events using the legendary ae86 NOT tuned version. I feel like i'm going as fast as i can but i'm 18 seconds off the bronze medal. My best time is 9:46....i felt pretty good but being 18 seconds off the bronze makes me wonder where I can shave off that much time? I watch youtube vids but they are racing on pc version. Dont know if xbox and pc vary that much but some areas i notice they can go flat out but if i try in the same area i cannot keep control. I must be doing something terribly wrong......what are some of you guys times? Thanks and remember to always have fun.

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  3. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Maybe ask the PS4 crowd if anyone over there has done it and if they did before or after the update. I had a similar problem with the F40 challenge being over 3 seconds off. I went away drove some slower more comfortable cars and returned calm and patience and on the first lap thrashed the time by over 2 seconds and my third lap I was having so much fun I embedded the F40 into a wall. It could be an update thing or it could be just time for you to take to a relaxing car on a different track and relax and come back to it. Good luck, and here's hoping you XBox guys get the update soon. :)
  4. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    What time do you need to beat?
  5. notnilc20

    notnilc20 Rookie

    Thanks for the advice Horus. Yeah, I probably should do that but I did jump up to the Lamborghini Huracan and it spoiled me with the traction contrl and abs etc...then I went back to the ae86 and had to learn how to drive again....haha....there's just something about the raw-ness of the ae86....no driver assists full manual, no abs, always an underdog, etc etc....that just makes me love driving it. Also one is sitting in my garage too so i'm a little biased for sure. but maybe I should at least try different tracks...i'm just obsessed with the ring right now. Also yes.....i'm looking forward to this next update for xbox version....i can't help but feel I'm playing a broken version of the game right now being the only version that's not up to par. Don't get me wrong though coming from Forza series which now feels like Outrun compared to this gem. I am so glad I came over to this side of the fence. Now if we could just get this multiplayer up to speed. :)

    Well.... 9:28 is the bronze I believe. So if I could even get close to this I would be satisfied. Under special events there is an event called ae86 under 9 challenge or something to this effect. Gold is like 9:11~ish...getting sub 9 mins with this car i think is impossible. The tuned version it is possible but not the stock version ae86.

    Fwiw i run a custom rig with real race seat, tx wheel, t3pa pro pedals w/ conical mod, th8a shifter, a Buttkicker 2 to boot, 52" hdtv mounted right behind my steering wheel....

    Thanks for listening.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2016
  6. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    I dont think its possible. I only did one lap and got 9:38 if I remember correctly and that is pretty much the time im gonna be able to do, maybe a couple of seconds. Im not a fast driver though but I dont think anyone can get gold on it now, if anyone feel like it, prove me wrong.
  7. RoccoTTS

    RoccoTTS Hardcore Simmer

    It's better to forget all these special events and career mode, don't waste your time on it.
    I'm doing race weekends and hot lapping and when custom championships coming to AC next year i will setup my own career.
  8. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Yeah, some of them are broken. When they change the tyre model they need to rebalance challenges too.
  9. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    I tried it yesterday or two days ago. Did 9:16.0 with just one messy lap. That's over 3s off my PB from 1.8 so I doubt there's any change regarding pace.

    I'm not able to check it and forgot to take a look when I drove it. Are you sure it's on V10 now? Because it was released on V7 already and I think they would put that into 1.10 changelog.
  10. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Really? Did you change anything in the setup or did u just drive it as it is? Yes, its a long track and a slow car, but Im usually not _that_ far off pace.
  11. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    Loaded the same setup as I've used to beat it in 1.8.
    You would have to search for another one of those under 9 threads if you are interested in it. I posted it in there, it's not one of those recent threads though. I'd post it but I won't be around my PC for the weekend.
    It doesn't make the car 20s faster than default though. ;)
  12. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Wow, I just looked and it was possible to change tyres.. I thought it was only street 90s so didnt bother to check. Im not sure exactly how much faster it will be with regular street though..
    V8_KB likes this.
  13. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    Right, I don't remember which tyres are set as default.
    I think there was a video of someone doing that event on console in that other thread, but I'm not completely sure about it.
  14. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Street 90s is default. :)
    V8_KB likes this.
  15. notnilc20

    notnilc20 Rookie

    V8kb that is pretty impressive time on stock ae86....and you did it on a messy lap? ?? Dang i feel slow. Is there anyway you can post the vid? I must study your technique. Is this xbox one version under nine challenge? Wow...

    The tires didnt seem to matter much to me but again, i'm not a world beater either. Thanks guys and post your times....under 9 challenge NOT the tuned version ae86.
  16. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    I did a lap with regular street and got 9:27:455, bronze.

    It was in the challenge.
    Hmm.. you are on xbone.. Im not sure if your current version is faster or slower than pc atm.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2016
    notnilc20 likes this.
  17. notnilc20

    notnilc20 Rookie

    That's great.....thanks for posting that....i am on xbox but i'm probably just not as fast as i'd like to think I am......i'll just have to practice, practice practice. Keep posting your times and i'll try to get faster as time goes on. Maybe with the new xbox update i'll magically gain 20 or 30 seconds ;)
  18. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    I'm on PC.

    And by messy I don't mean something like crashing every two turns, just lots of small or big mistakes. Like I was braking far too soon for couple of corners, caught the grass with two wheels on the corner exit.

    About the video. I'd first have to do another lap or two because I don't have any saved ones. Then there's my crap upload speed, it took me almost an hour to upload a 1min video for the weekly challenge.
    Can do if you want though, I'm not sure when I'll have time for that so you would have to wait couple of days.
    Hopefully someone will do it earlier for you. Or just search on YT, I'm sure there are some vids with that event.

    One tip is that the car is very tail happy under braking, use a little bit of throttle to balance it out (left foot braking).
    notnilc20 likes this.
  19. notnilc20

    notnilc20 Rookie

    V8 it's ok i don't want to inconvenience you about a video. Maybe if i can figure out i'll post one of mine up and you guys can tell me why i'm so friggin slow :) of course it's my understanding that on consoles you can't view the whole replay anyway? What's up with that?

    anyway youtube has a few vids but they are all pc and one is ps4 but he uses the tuned version. I'm sure someone will post something up from xbox soon.

    About your tip it is spot on....this is when the car gives me the issues high speed braking right after a bend....car is unstable and i can't use too much braking or else I'll lose control but while trying to stabilize the car and keep it off the grass i run out of track and miss the next corner. i guess I'll have to learn how to left foot brake....thank you again for your time.
  20. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    I can confirm the Xbox and pc versions are as good as identical for this challenge, in terms of tyre model, times required, wheel feedback and how the car handles.

    I ran the laps on Xbox (9:31.8) and on pc (9:32.2), same driver, wheel and setup etc. If I find a way to go quicker I'll share a video with the telemetry on screen. Finding the 3 seconds for bronze is challenge enough.

    @notnilc20 with the standard setup the (Street) tyres go cold within a few corners, difficult to tell on the Xbox as we don't have the telemetry until v1.09 releases. Try 26 front and 28 rear, that should keep the temperatures in the green throughout the lap and solves a lot of the oversteer problems. I've tried a few other setup changes but none have made a big difference. Maintaining momentum is they key but it is easier said than done. As already mentioned trail braking helps with stability and I notice one of the top pc times was achieved using ABS so that is another option to try to tame this machine.
    notnilc20 and kofotsjanne like this.
  21. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    I dont think anything else than factory is possible to use when doing challenges? :/ Its important to also change tyres from street 90s which is stock to regular street, I got around 10 seconds by just that change.
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