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PHYSICS Aero. I believe I can fly…

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Aristotelis, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. 775kg (average of what you quoted) @ 250kph = ~2.6Cl. Chris mentioned a very similar Cl (2.7) though did underestimate the subsequent force as pointed out in the post immediately after that it would be closer to 500kg at the speeds Chris mentioned.
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  2. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

  3. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    Insects are awesome:D
  4. Achokaracho

    Achokaracho Racer

    I've one question.
    Does the aero effects the cars all the time, or as in other Sims only at 130kph and higher?
    Mid to high-speed?
    Or in low speed corners like Monza T1?
  5. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I don't think there are sims that have the aero influence only at 130kph or higher.
    In any way ACC is influenced by aero all the time continuously and not even in linear way everytime. The equations are linear but some cars and some aero features have different influence depending on speed.
  6. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Racer

    Hello guys,
    I want want to ask whether what i'm saying is true or not.

    • going through eau rouge i feel like cars like audi are bottoming out,so i increased rear ride height by 1mm and stiffen rear arb to avoid rear body roll and keep diffuser stable.Is this logical or correct to stiff rear ARB to maintain diffuser downforce?
  7. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    ARBS do not engage on full vertical motion, only on roll. I would go in that order:
    1. higher wheel rate
    2. stiffer slow bump dampers
    3. higher ride height
    4. less bumpstop window and stiffer bumpstops
    5. ARBS (maybe)
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  8. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Racer

    Nice thanks for info,i never felt such thrill in previous version by going through eau rouge but now idk why it is not as easy as before especially in Audi.
  9. Marceline

    Marceline Gamer

    Is it normal that in aston's rear ride height has almost 0 influence in the front aero variation from 55 to 90 goes from 0.1 to 0.3
    And with max wing goes only up to -1.
  10. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    The Aston has no rear diffuser so probably normal
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