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Ahvenisto, what a brilliant circuit!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Orne, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Orne

    Orne Alien

    Technical, elevation changes, off camber turns. Yes please! If Nordschleife and Bilsterburg had a baby, it would probably look something like Ahvenisto !

    Comparing this to youtube videos I'd have assumed the builder used LiDAR but alas it was eye balled , done by hand.

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  3. Half of the track is very accurate (The middle section, called suolenkki in Finnish) but unfortunately there are couple of sections way off. Both of them are quite crucial sections because it changes the way you drive through these places. I'd love to see an update someday because it's a really good base to build!

    The track is scarily wonderful to drive in real life. :)
  4. matz_AUT

    matz_AUT Hardcore Simmer

    Great find!
    Looks like a real gem, and wonderful setting in the woods
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  5. Orne

    Orne Alien

    Ahh ok. Good to know. Hopefully a LiDAR will appear at some point.

    Oh no doubt, this track seems seriously scary in real life ! I drove the F3 historic version of this track a while back which is some what different than the modern version it seems. I find this version more intriguing.

    Seven laps in and baking the tyres !! haha

    Love, love, love these technical tracks. I was driving the GT3 RS in this clip, although I find the Carrera S more intriguing and challenging as it lacks all the extra downforce that comes with the GT3 RS. Load transfer is bit more challenging in the Carrera S at this track, at least for me.

    The Lotus 3 eleven is a beast at this track.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2017
  6. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    I like that mod a lot, track is super exciting, and I'd like to point out that visually it is very appealing, really well done model IMO, I'm not sure if it is not missing some objects, but what is there, is really good. Blast to drive around. Not sure about racing, seems really tight with a lack of straights and even micro straights, there is one micro straight, or maybe two.

    Speaking of inaccuracies, have you driven it with VR yet @Nahkamarakatti ?
  7. Oh YES baby! VR will show you elevation changes just like they are irl. The steep uphill after pit exit is awesome when at first you see only sky but after the crest all you see is barriers right in front of you. :)

    That place is real scary when you drive it for the first time in real car.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2017
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  8. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    I have had similar experience with my local track :) Really looking for bigger angle view and better resolution VR with no screendoor effect. It is amazing how flat screen does not capture the sense of elevations.
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  9. I will use the momentum to tell all the track modders that I've taken tons of images from the pit area including buildings for possible track making purposes.
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  10. Cyberdelique

    Cyberdelique Gamer

    yup awsome track, exept AI exiting from pits get stuck at pit speed all along, making it unusable for me who loves playing complete weekend vs the AI
  11. Orne

    Orne Alien

    The A.I. are messed up for sure. They could be better although given how technical this circuit is I wonder if A.I. could ever drive it reasonably well without excessive braking entering the corners. This is definitely not a beginners course. I'm left foot braking and using the throttle under braking the balance the car out in most cases.

    Although on this historic F3 version the A.I. seem to get on quite well. Ran a quick ran in the MX5, A.I. seem quite decent.

    Elevation changes don't feel anywhere near as dramatic in this version as they do in the version I originally posted. I prefer the more sterile surroundings of the modern version. The polygonal people ruin the immersion a bit IMO although I'm not a fan of people at any of the tracks.

    Last edited: Jun 1, 2017
  12. Fat-Alfie

    Fat-Alfie Hardcore Simmer

    I was going to send you a PM @Orne, about a circuit that I am working on that I think you would like (if you like Ahvenisto) but I seem to be blocked :( (not sure what I have done)

    Battenberg Ring
  13. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

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  14. Blizzier

    Blizzier Racer

    Very interesting circuit. Now it needs to have working AI, valid timer when starting from pits, track objects and voilà.
  15. Fat-Alfie

    Fat-Alfie Hardcore Simmer

    Working AI - yes (10 cars currently)
    Valid timing - yes (Hotlap and Race)
    Pits - not yet
    TSO - not yet

    It does give excellent racing against the AI already (I test mostly with the 908LH), and I can also understand why racing was cancelled here in 1956 :eek:
  16. Orne

    Orne Alien

    hahah I appreciate the thought. You should know I lurk in the "What are you working on " thread at RaceDepartment :cool: so I've had my eye on Battenberg. It looks verrrrrrrry nice. Can't wait!:eek:

    Is the hedgerow around the edge of the track permanent or do you plan a more varied foliage layout trackside ?
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2017
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  17. Orne

    Orne Alien

  18. matz_AUT

    matz_AUT Hardcore Simmer

    can't stand those card board style low resolution people either...but then, what will you do, they just want to watch me doing my thing:D
  19. Orne

    Orne Alien

    hahaha. Tracks with no people feels more natural to me for some reason. I'm weird like that.
  20. Blizzier

    Blizzier Racer

    So I'm waiting for working Race Weekend update and then I'll try again. Kunos spoiled me in terms of cars and track quality so I'm expecting the same from modded ones.
  21. fr13del

    fr13del Racer

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