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AI difficulty unbalanced & too difficult vs PC version

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by MBK72, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    Here is some more PC vs Xbox One AI difficulty comparison.

    For tl;dr here is the short version - Console difficulty level Easy = PC 88%, Medium = PC 91%, Hard = PC 95-96%, Alien = PC 100%. Effectively console players do not have the option of the easiest 80% and 85% type difficulty levels, which make the game more accessible when starting out and mean you can race without concern for setups etc.

    Long version with screenshot data:

    I carried out this test on the PC and Xbox One using as close to the same track, temperatures and cars as possible. I say as close as possible because it is currently impossible to create the exact same conditions,

    Temperature: although I set the same time of day and temperatures there was a 4 degree difference in track temperature.
    Cars: On PC custom car grids can be set freely, on the PC version I chose only GT3 cars. On Xbox One there is only the option for Same Class, so with my car set as the Nismo GT3 and same class selected the Xbox One version selected both GT3 cars and some GT2 and other similar cars.
    Using Brands Hatch Indy and the GT3 class in a quick race weekend with 5 minute qualifying cars here are the screenshots for the qualifying lap times at various difficulty levels. There is a lot more data you can dig into here about individual cars too if you wish.

    PC AI 80% - no Console equivalent available

    PC AI 85% = no Console equivalent


    PC AI 88% = Console Easy difficulty

    Console difficulty Easy

    PC Difficulty 91% = Console Medium difficulty

    Console Medium difficulty

    PC AI 95% = Console Hard difficulty

    Console Hard difficulty

    PC AI 100% = Console Alien difficulty

    Console Alien difficulty

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  3. Snackman

    Snackman Gamer

    Great post.
    gregack and MBK72 like this.
  4. AssettoBob

    AssettoBob Rookie

    Brilliant work.

    Some (not all) of the races on console are currently impossible to win.

    There are lots of threads here about the difficulty of the AI but I can't find any response from Kunos. Does anyone know if they have acknowledged the difficulty discrepancies between PC & console ?
    Busted Gears and MBK72 like this.
  5. Snackman

    Snackman Gamer

    The only official word is in Stefano's Chit Chat video. A rebalancing of the AI is planned but first they want to update the console version to a "decent playable state".

    I wouldn't expect an update regarding the AI soon.
    Busted Gears likes this.
  6. Faultier

    Faultier Rookie

    Thanks very much for the thread and the unbalanced AI is the reason I left out the carrer so far.

    This is waaaaaaaaay too difficult and also unfair (race with the M3 E30) and should be patched sooner
    than later.
    MBK72 likes this.
  7. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Hi everyone! We don’t want to make the game ‘easy’ by any means, but we do recognise that the AI may need tweaking, especially on Easy mode. Our team are aware of this request and are working on a solution.
  8. WNCmotard

    WNCmotard Racer

    Something I've discovered the past couple days is that the AI is inconsistent. What I mean is that if I get a really good start, I'll rocket right by all the AI cars before the first corner, and then run away. However, if I'm having to work through the pack, it feels like the AI difficulty (and their corresponding speed) gets ramped up quite a bit. At least it feels that way to me.
    ashasha likes this.
  9. Plato99

    Plato99 Simracer

    I'm getting discrepancies between classes / tracks.
    On Monza, the classic F1 AI is almost unbeatable. On Brands Hatch in the Alfa 155, it's like taking candy from a baby. They are literally pedestrian.
  10. BBernes

    BBernes Racer

    On the Nurburgring they are slow as snails
    On other tracks they are difficult, maybe i an just to slow on anything but the Nurburgring.

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