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AI hav become too hard

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by frodesa, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. frodesa

    frodesa Gamer

    After the last patch the AI have become a lot faster even at the lowest difficulty level at 80 %. If I race gt3 class before the patch at difficulty level 80 % I would get an easy win. But now I struggle to keep up with the AI. I dont mind making sure the AI can deliver a challenge for the aliens out there, but I do think the lowest difficulty level has become to hard. Maybe the lowest difficulty level should be lowered to 70 % or even 60 %?

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  3. Kevin Knorpp

    Kevin Knorpp Racer

    This AI is the best. In other sims I literally have to avoid driving some combos more than once a month to avoid getting too fast for the AI. I don't know what the solution is and I am not familiar with the mechanics of how 80% slows down AI (for example, in ISI motor sims the cars' performance is affected at anything other than 100% I believe ; which I don't like and often have to handicap my own car, etc. or push AI% to the max especially at modded tracks, etc. with sucks). But this AI is amazing. Funny thought that just popped into my head is that now maybe it's slower guys who have to go online to find matching ability where it used to be the fast guys who had to join leagues to find competition.
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  4. Chazz Ranger

    Chazz Ranger Alien

    Or just practice more and get better? :rolleyes:
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  5. Goettens

    Goettens Simracer

    Some people can't reach a certain skill level even with a lot of practicing. I am one of these people.
  6. Stereo

    Stereo Alien

    80% means the AI will only use 80% of the car's grip when braking and cornering. If you have ABS on, beating the AI at braking is trivial on low levels - brake in a straight line, start braking later than the AI does.
  7. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Can you elaborate where the AI is too fast for you? In which situations are they stomping you? Shouldn't be on the straight where both of you just floor the pedals.
    Do you lose the car (like spinning or going green)? Or is it really consistent driving and they are just doing too well even in the corners?
  8. jim jones

    jim jones Simracer

    I say race at 100%, after a couple of weeks 90% will feel too easy.
  9. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    You shouldn't tell yourself that, that's just not true. Find your weaknesses, work on them, practice, and you'll certainly have a chance against the AI.

    And I personally can't agree with the topic, the AI has become faster where previously they were unnaturally slow but they're far from unbeatable and they do mistakes. I'm not the best driver and I find they give me a good challenge from 90-100% depending on the cars without ever appearing unfairly fast (which they in reality are since they have very fast reaction times). And winning isn't everything, if you had a good challenge and fun to get to 10th place in a full grid or whatever then the AI is already doing a good job. I'd maybe concede that Kunos should think about additionally offering lower AI difficulty percentages but that's about it.
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  10. Stereo

    Stereo Alien

    Well, that compensates for inability to plan. Humans can come up with creative passing opportunities, AIs have whatever has been programmed in and that's all they'll ever know how to execute.
  11. Salajutsu

    Salajutsu Hardcore Simmer

    I don't want to assume, but I'd imagine this is a game (type) you haven't been into for very long. I could be wrong and I apoligize if that's not the case.
    Sim racing is a skill and enjoyment practiced for the course of YEARS to achieve satisfaction, and competitiveness. Months and weeks aren't enough.
    It's a niche category that has a learning curve well above most games. Keep learning and pushing further.

    In essence, while the AI at their lowest is faster than before (and maybe by a large margin) it's best to understand where your own skill could be improved.
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  12. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    I guess that's true, one of the major issues with the AI in Assetto so far (but not just in AC) has been that they can't look and plan far ahead and reaction times could sometimes make up for that though not all the time. But it's been getting better with the 1.5 patch, they feel more natural. Racing on tight circuits is actually enjoyable now.

    Edit: Nice little showcase how the AI can handle the Nordschleife for example now and also does make mistakes. Challenging for sure but good fun.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2016
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  13. Goettens

    Goettens Simracer

    Something that still remains is that they can't overtake cars that are ok on straights but slow on corners, piling up behind them. I'm racing mixed GT2-GT3 right now, there's a group of around 9 cars battling in front, and there's a huge line of cars far behind because of one slowpoke Lamborghini.


    They are also very kind for giving room to overtake them.
  14. Kevin Knorpp

    Kevin Knorpp Racer

    Not that it applies to you, but practice alone doesn't guarantee anything. It's HOW you practice. And, depending on definition, testing is different than practice. Testing setups. Testing lines. Testing techniques. Experimenting. Of course I believe most people use practice and testing interchangeably because it is during practice session that many test. But practice is also practicing execution of your lap plan.

    Anyway, I'll never forget my first 500 lap practice session (driving only ; no setup testing). And there were still plenty of tenths still to find. I actually couldn't wait to get back to that track. That was a major milestone in my sim racing career and really opened my eyes to the possibilities. And still the more I learn and try the more I have to learn and try. And that is amazing. Just like how physics are amazing.

    But just practicing doesn't guarantee speed.
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  15. 500 lap practice session?? :eek:
  16. Lord Kunos

    Lord Kunos His master's voice. Staff Member KS Dev Team

    next week I'll be running some low AI settings to see what kind of laptimes they do compared to their 100% counterpart. I admit I never test anything lower than 94%-ish so it could be very possible something got broken down in the 80%.
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  17. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    If the OP says the AI is too fast then it is, end of...

    Punters need to be able to have fun with the sim no matter what their skill level.
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  18. f1webberfan

    f1webberfan Simracer

    Since the game tracks your laptimes anyway ... why not feed them to the AI so it can be automatically adapted to your skill for certain categories (since we have them already even if far from perfect)? Forza series boasted of something like that (I think it was in Forza 5), for example.
    I'm sure that even on 100% there is a limit for laptime for the AI so this won't be like the AI is cheating (for example Abarth 500 SS making under 2 min. laptimes on Imola). And if you are still too fast - well you can just switch to a higher category/faster cars/track combo. :D
  19. frodesa

    frodesa Gamer

    Just drove the AMG GT3 around the nurburgring gp sprint and the silverstone national and the AI was much harder at the silverstone. I think thats due to the lack of hairpins.
  20. Lord Kunos

    Lord Kunos His master's voice. Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I think the AI is generally stronger the more it comes to put the power down... and less good when it comes to let the car go smoothly around corners. So hairpins are usually the places where they are pretty good, especially with insane cars (ie. C9/Exos @ Magione = simply impossible for me)... in slow cars that need to maintain momentum they tend to generally suck (ie. 595 et simil).

    Sadly I am not really familiar with any of those 2 tracks, but from what I read I suppose it's your driving that can be marginally better in one track to give you that impression.

    EDIT: And of course they are bad in groups of corners that need interpretation too.. such as Eau Rouge where you sacrify top speed in the right hander to get out fast in for the long straight after.. AI GT3 leave >1s there sadly because they cook the 2nd corner too hard and get out of shape (and wrong gear) for the exit.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2016
  21. fabT

    fabT Alien

    Something i've noticed about AI is that it tends suffering lower grip, especially on slow tracks.
    For instance at Magione i usually struggle to keep AI pace at about 96% on "optimal" grip preset, whereas i can match / outpace AI at 98% on "fast" grip preset, which is just slightly less "grippy".

    Also: it seems fastest AI cars does not suffer much from tyres wear, which is strange given the above observation.

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