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AI hav become too hard

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by frodesa, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Well you are not the only one having trouble, I consider myself pretty good, I win league races etc. But I can't compete with the URD Mercedes CLR from LeMans 1999 that I just tried on Nordschleife Endurance (green track, 100% AI) and i'm pretty sure no one is able to compete with them, they have more grip than the player (this is to compensate for slow cornering of AI)
    I got it down to 90%, and still had trouble to compete with them, but they now got some weird slow cornering issues so they are somewhat slow here, fast there... hmzz, I guess around 93% seems like a good setting for me. They are definitely extremely fast. Also GT3 or the URD DTM cars on some tracks are just mindblowingly fast at 100% and I encountered no one who can beat them actually, simply the laptimes exceed the top human rankings. I somehow got the feeling AI performance also has something to do with CPU performance but that might be totally wrong. Since I swapped my 4-core to a 6-core i7 they seem to be faster, but with latest patches I just can't beat them at 100% anymore. I have to say, some configurations of track/cars are quite easy at 100%, but not the cars I usually drive. With everyone still claiming AI 100% is easy, and I'm one who generally wins a lot of races I just have to ask, I say 100% is way to fast for me now so they are NOT EASY ;)

    I even got a little mad not being able to win anymore at 100%, but that's just bull**** of course, but somehow I now feel i'm not good enough... I need proof, some very good drivers out here.. show me how to drive that LeMans Mercedes against 100% AI on green track!
    Last edited: May 5, 2016
  2. pika4u

    pika4u Hardcore Simmer

    I'm happy that AI is faster than me. I'm not a pro nor an alien, so a sim with slow AI wouldn't fit my taste.
    Better struggling mid-pack for the whole race rather than stay ahead since the 2nd lap. It won't be fun at all, at least for me.
    I'd play NFS Shift for that.

    Of course AI at 80% must be beatable by the average Joe, so the sim can be seen more as a game and give fun to everyone.
  3. ALB123

    ALB123 Alien

    Does anyone know how AI works in Assetto Corsa? I'm not asking for the exact algorithm, but I'd like a better understanding of HOW it makes decisions and things of that nature.

    I'm slightly aware of the Fast_Lane.ai. From what I understand, track creators or additional modders create an ideal line using one of the Developer Tool apps in Assetto Corsa. Please correct me if I'm wrong in my understanding of that. That Fast_Lane.ai, however, is not artificial intelligence. It's a path for the AI cars to follow around a track. If that's all there was to the AI in Assetto Corsa, racing the AI would be beyond boring. So, what dictates how the AI will deviate from that ideal driving line? We all know that on the first lap the AI usually drive two by two at least through the first corner which allows us to speed between them passing several cars. So, we know that the AI doesn't immediately shoot toward that Fast_Lane.ai ideal driving line otherwise there wouldn't be that space between the 2 by 2 AI drivers.

    Once the AI drivers get settled in it can sometimes feel like a game of follow the leader, but AI drivers will pass each other (especially when running a 'track day' with several different cars varying in power by great degrees, ie. a BMW e30 M3 vs. LaFerrari). So, does anyone know WHAT conditions make the AI decide to pass a fellow AI driver? Furthermore, WHAT conditions make the AI driver in a faster car stay behind a much slower AI driver and decide NOT to pass? We've all seen situations where a huge traffic jam has occurred because one car is holding up 10 others. This is what I'd like to learn more about. The decision making process of the AI drivers. What kind of calculations are the AI drivers doing besides trying to adhere to that Fast_Lane.ai driving line? Are they capable of anticipation? Are they more or less likely to try passing a slower car based on an approaching braking zone? Will they ever adjust their braking point depending on the situation or do they always adhere to strict rules about braking and taking corners?

    If anyone has knowledge on this stuff I would love to hear more about the "brains" of the AI drivers.
  4. pika4u

    pika4u Hardcore Simmer

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