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AI is so much better than original AC

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by tlsmikey, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. plaid

    plaid Alien

    How much fun a game is in singlelayer doesn't depend entirely on the gameplay and AI though, its a bit like in a shooter or RPG, where you have a storymode campaign and a world is alive to a certain degree that offer a longterm goal and a story and characters that make you care.
    The storymode could translate in a interestingly designed career - so not like current and past sims - a world feeling alive by just making races feel like real races, so instead of deserted track with a few pitcrew robots, you could experience a real race with crowds etc. and especilly a team you can relate to, like a good actor for the radio communication and part of the pitcrew appear more like human beings.
    Could be worth a few less polys on the cars and scratching something like clowds casting shadows or other effects not changing much regarding immersion. Only examples Im aware of that get both things somewhat right are the F1 games and maybe the older DTM race driver games.
    In AC: Surely I don't bother with the career or really feel immersed.

    Now add a really good AI and there is a game worth 50€ for the singleplayer.
    Multiplayer is far more rewarding gameplaywise, but I never played an actiongame online that felt really immersive.
    If the offline experience depends entirely on the gameplay and AI its definitly rather meh and its harder to argue that its worthwile.

    Edit: There are of course still many advantages of AI racing, like deciding when you race, which cars, tracks etc., but the rating system could improve big disadvantages of online racing, like big differences regarding skill and people ruin the race intentionally or by being bad (->better race offline). So overall public servers could be worth a try and you don't depend on a league.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  2. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    In AC I use the AI as a "sparring partner" for when I am preparing for a multiplayer race. I find the AI in AC to be a lot of fun as "traffic" on the track but not much more, as they still behave in silly ways, like giving you too much room when you're close to them and crashing out as a consequence, or slowing down when you just want to let them pass, or running out of fuel and in general having completely wrong pit strategies. The formula that works in AC is 1) use AI for training 2) use SRS or a league for actual racing. I am waiting for ACC to have multiplayer races before I buy it, because I expect a similar situation with the AI. Having said that, an AI without the above issues would be awesome.

    Also, I would love to have AI cars in multiplayer! AI cars in multiplayer just solve the problem of servers with few people on. You can race with another 3-4 people and still feel you're doing a proper race.
  3. V4p1n6Skull

    V4p1n6Skull Rookie

    Hi there,
    IMHO the AI has to be more work on.....
    What i mean is, the ram your car like Crash Kids. The best place to see this , is the Warmup Round. Drive at first or third place in the warmup on Nuerburgring.
    They ram like hell into your car for nothing.....They drive like Kids on there first Race on official Streets.
    OK for Multiplayer is it irrelevant, but for the Carrear ? Hmm hopefully Kunos will do something on that.
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