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AI pace comparison

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by stephen_b, May 6, 2019.

  1. stephen_b

    stephen_b Racer

    Public holiday here in the UK so with time on my hands decided to see which were my good and bad tracks relative to the AI. All times were set in a 10m qualifying session. If I didn't set a representative time I restarted and tried again. I was driving the Lambo on the safe pre set with some tweaks specific to qualifying, low fuel, most powerful fuel map, slightly lower ride height etc.

    Weather: Clear, 27c | Track: Optimun | AI: Skill 100, Aggression 50

    Paul Ricard
    Pole: 1:54:069 BMW
    31st: 1:56:436 Me
    Diff: +2.07%

    Pole: 1:30:711 Me
    2nd: 1:31:365 Lambo
    Diff: -0.71%

    Pole: 1:48:063 Lambo
    16th: 1:49:710 Me
    Diff: +1.52%

    Pole: 1:34:245 BMW
    26th: 1:36:063 Me
    Diff: +1.92%

    Pole: 1:44:373 BMW
    26th: 1:46:671 Me
    Diff: +2.20%

    Pole: 1:53:895 Lambo
    27th: 1:56:643 Me
    Diff: +2.41%

    Pretty consistent with my pace differential to the AI varying by no more than 1% bar Zolder where it appears the AI are unusually slow. Paul Ricard is where I feel most at sea, my line is completely different to the AI in the last sector, yet suprisingly it is not my worst track. Maybe I'll repeat this in wet conditions, suspect the gap would go up substantially based on what I've seen of the AI thus far in the wet!

    Anyone out there got a bogey track they just can't get the hang of?
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  3. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

  4. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    I think the comparison would be better if you did it against the world record, since it would be a more consistent benchmark. But I think it is consistently a second off apart from Zolder, there it is way off pace.

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