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AI Very Fast In Practice Sessions

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by SebiTheJoker, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. SebiTheJoker

    SebiTheJoker Gamer

    Hey guys. Have you encountered the same thing in your game? On Nurburgring for example, the first 10 AIs in free practice 1 and 2 gets ~1:55:200 lap times while i can only get down to 1:57:150. BUT then comes the Qualyfing sessions and the first 3 AIs barely manages to get 1:57:100 to take my first place. Is this normal or it is something wrong?

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  3. Andi Wreckit

    Andi Wreckit Rookie

    Same conditions in both sessions? Maybe track temp has changed or something
  4. SebiTheJoker

    SebiTheJoker Gamer

    I know it can be a possibility but given that i m not a bad driver, i think i would've felt those changes as well. But it seems a little drastic going from 1:55 to 1:57 between sessions, that s why i asked. No dynamic weather either, in race weekend we can't select the time of day, just in quick race we can. So there are little variables in place to make so much difference.
  5. Ne Roberts

    Ne Roberts Gamer

    I've noticed the same thing in the original Assetto Corsa, so perhaps it has something to do with the way they create their AI.
  6. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Racer

    They could be using low fuel during practice and full, or mostly full, load for qually. As I recently learned from a dev in another thread, Blancpain rules don't allow fueling over the two qual sessions- so they always start qualifying heavy.
  7. SebiTheJoker

    SebiTheJoker Gamer

    I and other people would really like an explanation regarding this behaviour :)
    I am not the best driver, i sim-race since 4 months ago, started with rFactor and PC2. I can manage 1:35:200 with boatley on misano. I play on 95 difficulty. In practice some AIs can beat the world record but in qualyfing are still fast but not that fast and in race they are rather slow/passive sometimes. The thing is i have the fuel tank almost full in 60min races BUT i had the best AI battles that never happened on PC2, Forza 7 or any other game. Other than this and sometimes ai crashing into you for no reason i dare to say that they are almost on par with rFactor2 AI.
    Also i would really like them to crash sometimes like in F1 games, to make the race more unpredictable and fun like IRL too
  8. former gamer

    former gamer Rookie

    You're not alone. In qualifying and practice, they ai does pretty well and I was impressed. It stumped me that people kept saying ai is not fast. But when the actual race came, ai just used standard racing lines with the standard grip racing slow braking and acceleration. If the devs can make the ai the same as all, it might solve the slow ai complaints. I should probably make a short video showing the differences between ai if the devs want.

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