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All things considered, what makes the best racing sim ?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by ValseTriste, May 1, 2018.

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  1. ValseTriste

    ValseTriste Rookie

    Last edited: May 3, 2018

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  3. ACorsa1

    ACorsa1 Gamer

    Well we can't really sensor free will, or freedom of speech as you're suggesting having the forums for only bug reporting or setups.

    We can encourage positive engagement, accept criticism and all have meaningful conversation although we may disagree occasionally.

    I agree mostly with your post, specifically about realism as no matter how good sims get, they'll never fully recreate a real racing environment.

    But, they are coming pretty damn close if you look at code replicating tire models, grip levels, weather and of course laser scanning.

    To answer your question, what makes the best sim?

    For me it's immersion.

    The more I feel like I'm there, the more I smile.
    And that's what we're all here for right? Entertainment.

    Of all the sims, AC has given me the most entertainment for my dollar, rFactor2 is very close though.

    I suspect that ACC will take over as my main driver, I guess we'll know here in a few months.

    Happy Racing!!
  4. dajdosta

    dajdosta Racer

    Perfect sim with everything implemented doesn't exist therefore you cannot postulate a definition of a best sim which is true for everybody because people have different priorities. Some people will like Sim A because of its features, others will like Sim B...
  5. dajdosta

    dajdosta Racer

  6. rycil

    rycil Simracer

    What makes a sim immersive then?
    Last edited: May 1, 2018
  7. ValseTriste

    ValseTriste Rookie

    "The more I feel like I'm there, the more I smile." Elegantly put and I happily agree that AC does that more than any other racing sim to date from the level of immersion it offers.

    Being relatively new to AC I have to confess I was completely ignorant of the fact that ACC was planned, I was merely looking for a general discussion category for the post regardless of platform and subject and not understanding the meaning of Asset Corsa Competizione I landed here, anyway great news about a sequel, can't wait...

    Same to you !!
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  8. ACorsa1

    ACorsa1 Gamer

    Sense of speed, Life-like graphics complimented by real sound samples, and Physics that replicate their real world counterparts.
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  9. ValseTriste

    ValseTriste Rookie

    I have to take complete responsibility for the weakly worded title, I couldn't change it once posted, apologies.

    It was meant rhetorically as my intention here was merely a personal rant in favour of the overall quality of AC as a product to provide a permanent reminder to all of us to just try to think twice before publicly bringing into question its level of realism. It is a blessing that a few are able to do so for the benefit of all but the vast majority of us just aren't, me included :)

    Happy continued racing to all !!
  10. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Scratch sense of speed. The sim will put a picture in front of your eyes that looks like what you'd see IRL and that's it. If that's not enough for you, "added" sense of speed through motion blur or stupid FOV settings is minus-sim.
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  11. dajdosta

    dajdosta Racer

    Is there a problem with a sense of speed in VR as there is on 2D screens?
    I guess not?
  12. ValseTriste

    ValseTriste Rookie

    I have only tried VR on the PS4 and it was very interesting and definitely achieves its goal of providing a visual 3D world (regarding sense of speed I dont remember actually noticing a difference with 2D) however its current lack of pixel resolution combined with the increased awareness of the lack of other sensory information left me personally preferring high quality 2D screens, so despite VRs advantages I find it too disconcerting and ultimately and ironically less immersive...

    For centuries, having images framed around us is something we take for granted so a wonderful sense of immersion with screens is possible, especially with force feedback technology in the equation but being part of a 3D world with no sense of smell, touch or above all the sense of physical forces is all new and without that extra sensory information I'm not entirely convinced. No doubt technologically at least some of those senses can already be provided for but then we are losing the point in the context of a racing sim for 99.9% of us in our homes and for our simple pleasure :)
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
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  13. dajdosta

    dajdosta Racer

    Unfortunately I never played racing sim in VR, just played few hours of some space station sim, some FPS and watched some demo at a friends place and I have to say that it can not be compared to 2D screens. It is (literally) new dimension of immersion. I felt like I was there. I got my first computer in 1986 so I am pretty used to 2D screens but I totally understand people who say there is no going back from VR. It is like going back to driving with non-FFB wheel.
    Pixel resolution or stuff like that I didn't even notice. It was irrelevant.
    This was all with Oculus Rift, maybe people who weren't impressed tried some lesser headsets.
  14. Typer

    Typer Simracer

    Not that I necessarily disagree, but to play devil’s advocate, AC is roundly praised for its FFB, which AIUI includes (optional?) feedback that you wouldn’t get IRL, to make up for the lack of g-force.

    Also there’s Lock to Horizon settings, which are another concession to the inherent differences between real life and simulations.
  15. ValseTriste

    ValseTriste Rookie

    The Oculus may be superior to the PS4 VR, have not tried it yet, just that for me the gain in VR ironically exposed the lack of other sensory info to the point of somehow being less immersive overall.

    Being in a room in our homes immersed in a world framed within a screen is an incredible illusion that doesn't particularly disorientate, literally being immersed in a visual 3D virtual world yet still being able to sense our real surroundings for me definitely is so in the context of the thread it seems to me a step forward and a bigger step back, just my two cents though of course and I may well be in the minority.

    Each to their own, whatever works, VR is great fun too and clearly a massive commercial success, just prefer the old school way, as is often the case I confess.
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
  16. a game that simulates actual racing and not just physics
  17. Stereo

    Stereo Alien

    For me the big thing for immersion is not getting anything wrong. Once I see something wrong in one place I start to wonder about the rest. It's fine if things are just left out, but eg. if some of the cars just don't work right, I have to question whether the game is really doing any of them correctly.
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  18. ValseTriste

    ValseTriste Rookie

    Hi there, thanks for the reply as it is perfectly relevant to the thread which hopefully you read as my original post here was about this and I wrote:

    "How many of us have real life experience of what we can do for example in AC, concerning the whole package of cars and tracks I would imagine absolutely no-one, most probably even the developers themselves ?

    So basically, to question for example the physics of a specific car, on a specific track, under specific conditions with a specific setup without that exact real life experience is nonsensical and to do so with even less specificity is obviously even worse. But those extreme few who do have the relevant experience are hopefully vocal about it and will continue to contribute to the sim, its priceless info to us all !

    The rest of us have to just trust the developers, it is simply a crime of arrogance and ignorance not to, and appreciate the fact that we are lucky enough to have a multi-platform racing experience available to us which for me at least, with iRacing a close second, is the best out there ! Just my two cents."


    Surely we all represent either the first or the second example, there is no in-between, so if you are one of the few that represent the first (I wish I was as I have huge regrets at never investing in racing lessons, track day experience etc etc) then absolutely go ahead and contribute, it could not fail to be welcomed by all who are passionate about whichever sim you are referring to.

    But if like me you're of the second example then, respectfully, you are of course instead just sharing you're opinion with a negative slant which is entirely fair to do but it unfortunately won't serve any real purpose or get heard. With some effort to empathise with developers it is also easy to understand why not.

    By contributing to the forum myself with this topic I am of course voicing an opinion, but it has only a positive slant in the context of the site and that would surely always be welcome, get heard and hopefully spread some joy and clarity for all !

    Btw the phrase "it is simply a crime of arrogance and ignorance not to" was of course a general statement, which despite being as honest and accurate as I think it could be, was not aimed at anyone on a personal level so not be be taken personally, just food for thought :)

    Happy continued racing to all !
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  19. In my opinion, I do not think that the physics and the FFB in ACC are going to be a problem after the great experience in this aspect that has been AC.

    However, and I always indicate the same in the forums, an online competition system included in the simulator, with championships, classifications, licenses, ratings, etc ... is what a race simulator should have already We not only simulate driving, but also competition and also increase the level of immersion.

    There is always talk of improving physics, increasing circuits, increasing cars ... to me (it is my opinion) having 400 cars and 300 circuits and not having a competition system ... it's like having the best time attack simulator.
  20. ValseTriste

    ValseTriste Rookie

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