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Generic Allow clutch to be bound to a button!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ax53, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. ax53

    ax53 Rookie

    Now if you're a bit odd like me and learned to cope with mouse steering after having your G25 break on you, you would be very sad to notice that there is no way to grant you control over the clutch unless you pound out 300 dollars on a high end steering wheel. Especially when drifting is among the car activities you enjoy the most and clutch kicking is one of your most predominant techniques to kick the tail out a little bit further.

    So please, please add the ability to assign a button input to the clutch!
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  3. ax53

    ax53 Rookie

    And a side note here, please make the currently mandatory traction control which is constantly present for us mouse drivers optional. Believe it or not us mouse drivers can handle a bit of oversteer ourselves..
    I'm currently struggling with wheel emulators to get past these two annoying, game breaking features. Thanks
  4. x2611

    x2611 Rookie

    I agree.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
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  5. Astral_Magi

    Astral_Magi Rookie

    X would be a good button for clutch on PS4. If I could move traction control to triangle and get ride of the abs toggle for drifting. Handbrake and clutch would be able to be pushed by the right thumb at the same time easily.
  6. fredzy

    fredzy Rookie

    Basically what we all want is a thorough custom button mapping feature.
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  7. Sranec123

    Sranec123 Rookie

    Only for information... you can assign clutch for button.. but you need program called "
    Conventional Game Input":) in this program you can make something like "virtual axes" which can be used as clutch in Assetto corsa
  8. JohnSpeed

    JohnSpeed Rookie

    Hey, Kunos! So I belive it's impossible to do? I realy need this function too.
    Sranec, CGI possible to download this program, or this is a feature of the unix or something?

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