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ALOOG 1 - Public Server - MR[A] - Planning & Chat

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Andy-R, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    A place to chat about ALOOG server 1 races or request cars & tracks.

    To find us type "aloog" into the search box
    at the top of the multiplayer server list page.

    ALOOG1 is a public multiplayer server made available by the ALOOG community. To get involved with ALOOG or to help us keep the servers running visit www.aloog.net.

    We regularly change the car and track (often every day) and are open to suggestions from the community. All mods used on ALOOG1 can be found at www.racedepartment.com

    We use some of our own user created skins on ALOOG1, all skins can be downloaded from the link below
    (just extract to your AC main folder.) Feel free to provide us with some of your own skins.

    Racing is available 24/7 but the server is normally busy Monday-Sunday from 6pm GMT onwards.


    We limit the players that are allowed to join ALOOG server 1 to Minorating grades A & B only, you can find more information about Minorating
    here> http://www.minorating.com/
    or here> http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/minorating-com-guide-thread-unable-to-join-servers-tagged-mr-abc.28370/

    We welcome all drivers fast, slow and anywhere inbetween and limit to grades A&B only to try and provide the most fair and enjoyable racing we can.

    You can check your lap times on ALOOG1 here:
    Lap Stats >


    Lap 1 of a race on ALOOG server 1
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  3. beiacos_gr

    beiacos_gr Simracer

    i suggest Monza and all gt cars (Bmw,Corvete,Ferrari,Lotus,Mclaren,Mercedes,SGC) :)
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  4. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    the exige scura and 240 are too fast i think

    server has changed to:
    8 laps - nurb sprint - e92 s1, 1m, evora s & alfa 4c
  5. juandb78

    juandb78 Racer

    I am a bit tired about gt cars. Ac has plenty of options but the mayority of servers are up with gt2 or gt3.
    I am racing in race2play with the mclaren f1 gtr and it is awesome.
  6. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    let it be said, as much as i strongly dislike modern GT cars, if there is consensus i will host them. definitely not in any of the combinations that are already widely available though. the main reason i got involved in hosting/admin work in the first place is because there was a lack of choice most of the time. @beiacos_gr i guess there probably arent any other servers hosting that combo so if others in here show support for your choice i will consider it for tomorrow.
  7. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    No GT cars for me, please. This is a chance to go for cars that get way too little attention in the main stream servers. That's the advanteage of a group like this :) KTM and that Lotus was just fine last night!
  8. Andy,

    Are the Exige 240R and Exige Scura that much quicker? My lap times in these cars at several short tracks are not that different, and in fact I am quicker in the Alfa Romeo 4C at one or two than I am in the Exige 240R. Those two cars fit in nicely on the Freude am Fahren server, so I am puzzled why you think they are too quick to be included. I suspect that you are a pretty good driver of those two small Lotus cars, but (for example) I find them to be quite a challenge. The BMW M3 E92 is a lot easier for me to drive than the Exige 240R!

    This is just an observation. I would just like to see as large a variety of cars in this group as possible
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  9. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    +1 for too many GT servers. But, the problem is that many casual racers can´t race a roadcar, therefore they don´t join the servers. Next problem is that so few roadcars actually match up, and lastly, I think people in general tend to avoid singlecar servers just because they don´t have a choice. A shame, and that´s a reason why I think we should be allowed to select among "free" liveries on a server, the same way as when presented with free seats in the list of cars. That way casual racers would still have some personal prefs tended to, although it´s superficial.
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  10. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    ok i will add them in now Chris. we will see. i actually only tried the e92 and evora and then went on RSR times and previous experience to rule them out. changing now.
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  11. Thank you, Andy. I look forward to jumping on the server this evening :cool:

    EDIT: For the record, the following show my own lists for these cars (fastest first) at several different short tracks to date......

    Vallelunga Club (0.77s difference across the range)

    Alfa Romeo 4C
    Lotus Exige Scura
    Lotus Exige 240R
    BMW M3 E92 S1
    Lotus Evora S
    BMW 1M

    Silverstone National (0.86s difference across the range)

    Lotus Exige Scura
    BMW M3 E92 S1
    Lotus Evora S
    Alfa Romeo 4C
    BMW 1M
    Lotus Exige 240R

    Silverstone International (1.25s difference across the range; 0.66s without the 1M)

    Lotus Exige Scura
    Lotus Evora S
    Alfa Romeo 4C
    BMW M3 E92 S1
    Lotus Exige 240R
    BMW 1M

    Magione (1.9s difference across the range; 1.17s without the 1M)

    Lotus Exige Scura
    Lotus Exige 240R
    Lotus Evora
    BMW M3 E92 S1
    Alfa Romeo 4C
    BMW 1M

    Based on that, it looks like the Exige Scura is the fastest in the group....but my results only tell a fraction of the story. You will also notice that the BMW 1M sits very low down in my list, but I suspect that it should be a bit quicker than I can currently drive it. The ironic part is that this car is probably one of my favourites in the entire Assetto Corsa list! In fact, it's worth noting that my times in the 1M S3 are actually quite close to some of the others at three of those four tracks, although that is with the default turbo boost pressure.

    What I am trying to say here is that RSR times are not rock solid predictions of how fast certain cars are compared to each other. Driver skill and style are also part of the equation. The BMW 1M feels like quite a handful for me, but then my strength is generally "stability and consistency", and this car is anything but stable when taking corners!

    Finally, it's worth noting that I have made one or two tweaks to a handful of these cars since I posted some of those lap times, so I may see some overall improvement at Nurburgring Sprint. We will just have to wait and see what happens :)
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2015
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  12. GTHQ_koop

    GTHQ_koop Hardcore Simmer

    Got my last DTM race this evening, from next week on I'll definitely drop in some time :) (I'll bring my own beer and SM-whisky offcourse ;))
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  13. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    yeah your right in a way they mostly dont match 100%. i tend to put myself in 1 of the slower cars if alot of the guys on arent particularly quick. i know that doesnt stop others who are quick taking a fast car but if someone wants to drive around on their own way out front thats up to them :p im sure most of the alien drivers would choose a slower car, im sure they would rather a challenge than drive on their own. i think of these 6 cars atleast 3 are slightly easier to be fast with.
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  14. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    Interesting combo, hope the cars stay long enough for me too try it out! Will try to join this weekend! Do fancy racing road cars...
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  15. Jadonyx

    Jadonyx Hardcore Simmer

    You can add Exige S and Exige S Roadster too. With 1,1ton and 345bhp they fit perfectly. And I dont understand why if server has BMW 1M and M3 its never add their S1 versions. Its not Evora S1 where near 60 bhp add, just some suspension tuning. You can have great BMW 1M vs BMW 1M S1 races here. And why such no love to Evora GTE? I miss it in MP races. Its very very beautiful and great driving car.
  16. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    i want to change atleast track or cars each day for some variety Ricky. i can keep this car combo for the weekend if people want but i will definitely change atleast the track each day. i dont think i have a particularly short attention span :p but for casual racing i really wouldnt enjoy having to race the same car at the same track over and over for days on end.
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  17. Hany

    Hany Alien

    From fastest to slowest but still fun to drive if the faster guys pick the slowest car:

    240r, 4c, e92, 1m

    Exige s and scura are a different class.

    Edit: e92 is already faster than the 1m.
    Remove the 1m and use the e92 s1, 240r, 4c and the evora s
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  18. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    we raced the exige s and exige s roadster with the bmw and alfa 4c last week and it was much too fast im afraid, evora is closer for sure. there is no 1m s1 so it has to be the stock version, the s3 1m is waaay too quick for these cars. as it is the evora s is 1 of the quicker cars available, the gte would certainly be too fast
  19. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    Hany if your joining us later im giving you a fiat 500 :D

    what about e92, 1m, 240, 4c & evora s?

    ^ im going to go with these cars. no more changing for today.

    feel free to make requests for tomorrow (be it track change or change of everything)
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2015
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  20. Hany

    Hany Alien

    Haha i would love too but i have to work :(

    e92 s1, 240, 4c and the evora s
  21. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    ^thats an even number of skins for each car so ill drop the 1m i think.

    changing now
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